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  1. Got this on the mail... the cart is right but the label... Anyone have an idea? Thanks.
  2. I bought this one just for the Basic XL cart... Only 75 bucks. Well, the xegs it's a nice system anyway.
  3. Sorry, english it's not my main language... but in my country, Mexico, a 1200 xl is rare but with no signs of use is most unlikely...
  4. It's very clean, no handprints or anything, the cartridge slot looks never used and no dust in it...
  5. I have one; 83S DA 011554 113 Tomorrow i post the other one i own.
  6. I just bought a 1200xl boxed, the computer looks brand new with digital prints only on the function keys...
  7. Nop, now it's too expensive to try to complete the collection so i just download the whole thing...
  8. Never seen anything like it... https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-554689545-atari-2600-edicion-latinoamerica-1985-_JM
  9. Mine arrived today... Taiwan serial 72R DA 24115 253
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