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  1. My 2 cents: First of all, we all must think about marketability. Atari 2600 VCS was/is a HUGE PLANETARIAN SUCESS. You can find clones, spinoffs, legal-royalted-versions and like in any dirty place of the world. Ditto for cartridges and accessories. So the popularity of the Flashback 1/2 is immediate - it can sell by tons anywhere in the world. I know of at least 20 (!) people inside my (short) circle of friendship, that already ordered one OR MORE FB2 for them here from Brazil. So we must think - How much known is for the common american and for the rest of the world, the 8 bit line and the 5200/7800? In my humble opinion, I'd love to se an A8 computer or like as the FB3. But I must put my feed on the ground and think that if Atari does something, it must be sold at milions, Atari cannot fall back to the same error of the last-generation Atari - "if you have been thru hell, and came back, is because you loved it!" Why create a product that will not have stellar sellings in USA and outside? There are easier options, all of them cheaper and more marketable. One of them being a REAL 2600 portable, with a cheap LCD (an integrated controller can do wonders) and all the bells and whistles a product like this must have. If people buy the GP32 for atari playing, why not the PortableFlashBack3? But, IF I were Curt, I'd create a system like this: - Nice case, remembering old atari products - No keyboard, you can always use a PS/2 or USB one - Mouse: Ditto. - External connectors (or internal ones, to get cheaper) for everything you can imagine - SD ROM/Flash media, to have some security and be CHEAP - OPEN core, OPEN schematics, CLOSED legal license (not to create copies) - Re-loadable emulation core to a special ASIC/FPGA, which can run almost anything I'll explain better this part: The FB2 is a redrawing of the original 2600 circuits into an FPGA, and later to an ASIC. Ok, but what about an ASIC that would have a kind of "unencrypting feature" or like, that would be needed to run the complete core. Or better, it could hold inside "system modules" like the TIA and like, and accept external VHDL code to connect them and emulate other systems. So everything from Pong video board up to XEGS games could be run, and homebrew hardware/software development would be great. Of course, the best ones on hardware development could be attracted to Atari, as Curt was, to develop the FB4. This is a very interesting propositon, and I think that THIS is the right way to go - a completely reconfigurable videogame, that could run code from most Atari / arcades games from the past, could accept SD ROM cards with recorded games / reconfiguration code / vhdl code - so Atari could keep developing and keep cashing on selling games and reconfiguration code, and accept user changes thru a very specialized compiler or common VHDL code. Since most of the VHDL "fat" code is inside the ASIC chip, you couldn't create a copy of it in an FPGA and sell. Curt, what about that? Feel free to take this propositon to Atari management Greetings from Brazil, Alexandre www.tabajara-labs.com.br
  2. Not fancy but it works: Disassembly the axis, put it in a drill and use a sandpaper to smooth the place where the ball contacts. As I said, not fancy but it works. A trackball in ebay is not so expensive anyways
  3. Don't need to sacrifice, I only want to see the guts Of course, I'm curious, and I still cannot have one, buaaaaa
  4. Anyone willing to open up your flashback 1 and shooting up some photos, for our hapiness?
  5. Since no one until now bought a Flashback 1 in USA to me (In Brazil it costs R$ 155, or more or less $62), PLEASE: Any photos of its' guts? I'm so curious Greetz from Brazil, Alexandre Souza
  6. Curt, sorry to asking such a dumb question since the answer seems to be clear, but a clear answer would help not to harm some hardware ) You said the 2600 chip is 3.3V supplied. But are all the inputs 5V tolerant? Can I just supply 5V for the cartridge (so all the data/adress lines will be at 5V) and for the stick inputs (so I'll have no troubles with the trackball units and like)??? Thanks, and congratulations for a great work! Alexandre, from Brazil
  7. Just for you to have fun...Flashback 1.0 just arrived on Brazil for...eh...$70 :oO OMG! Someone want to trade a 1.0 with me for some brazilian hardware?!? :oP
  8. The problem was with the crystal. Put the darn crystal from another 5200 and it is working right now. Thanks everyone.
  9. Megaboy => Made in Brazil by Dynacon, uses a 6597 Atari-In-A-Chip.
  10. Quoted and added so you can just click and load. Also, had two atari1.jpg and there is a atari2.jpg so changed the link. Anyway, looks good. Something you are creating or reproducing? Corey 851560[/snapback] These are the multicarts I created. Dunno if I can sell them here, so I'm not advertising yet...
  11. You may try change that 74'00 on the left of the board. Or you can send me the game to fix, if I win that (expensive!!! AAAAAHHHH) 7800 you are selling today . Send everything togheter and I fix it for you at no charge.
  12. These are my first try in label manufacturing www.pinball-taito.com.br/temp/atari1.jpg www.pinball-taito.com.br/temp/atari1.jpg www.pinball-taito.com.br/temp/o2.jpg
  13. Dunno about the 6507 -> 6502 change. The Dynavision is ready to have the main CPU changed, but never saw that in other ataris. Of course, I can take a look on that. Pulling the signal low, in this case, you should use a SPDT switch (just like the onyx), disconnect it from the circuit and pull down to GND thru a 1K resistor. Hope that helps!
  14. Seems we need a mini-FAQ on the waiting for the Atari Flashback 2. Seems that it will have a "know footprint on the board", so to have it, it must have a "know-sized hole on top of that", else the "know footprint on board" would have no use Time to gather information to feed the hurries Greetz from Brazil, AS, crazy to put my screwdriver into the new toy
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