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  1. @RT - Have you thought of putting your bBatari instructions/manual into a physical book? Lulu offer a great service, that has been used by a couple of the gents on here:- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/278499-stella-programmers-guide-reprinted-book/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/278820-atari-2600-programming-for-newbies-the-book/ I have both books, and the quality is great.I'd buy a copy.
  2. @RT - Awesome stuff. I will try this later. Thank you so much!!
  3. Hello Random - what do you mean by temporary variables? Will need to hit the docs again to learn more.
  4. Nah!!! One of the compaines listed as a developer for the system is Code Mystics. They are the people that produced Atari Vault for Steam. So, at least that side of things is legit. https://store.steampowered.com/app/400020/Atari_Vault/
  5. Wonder if these are the same people that "invested" in Bitconnect? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK3yuxrmCac
  6. Thanks guys. Digging into the RT bBatari docs some more, I can see that OR (||) has more restrictions on it that AND (&&). Case in point:- if player0x = c + 5 && player0y = d + 5 then a=30 The above compiles fine. Now, just swap the operator from AND to OR:- if player0x = c + 5 || player0y = d + 5 then a=30 The above does not compile. Looks like there are stricter restrictions on OR, compared to AND. Still trying stuff.
  7. Apparently, it can be modded into a real game console.
  8. Thanks for the response Osgeld. Spaces is not the issue:- if x = c - 5 || x = c + 5 then a=28 The above still fails to compile. I also tried:- if x = (c - 5) || x = (c + 5) then a = 28 But still no cigar. Any further ideas?
  9. Hello Guys, I have been using the following without issue:- if x= 49 || x=57 then a=26 But if I use the following, I get a Syntax error:- if x= c-2 || x=c+2 then a=26 I guessing I'm missing something really obvious here, but what have I done wrong. I have checked out http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#boolean, and from what I can see, what I'm doing is good. For what I'm trying to do, it is important that the x value is compared against the result of the c value. The weird thing is that the following compiles without issue:- if x=c+1 then a=14 Is the problem that I'm doing x=c-2 followed by the boolean or?
  10. Someone needs to make a shoot em up called RSI.
  11. Old joysticks just can't take the pounding any more.
  12. Thanks Darrell - will spend sometime later on today on this.
  13. Got mine, along with Stella Programmer's Guide. Nicely formatted. And Lulu seem to offer a good service. Both books are recommended.
  14. Thanks, ZackAttack. I will check that out.
  15. I was just wondering how the backgrounds in Double Dragon are created? they are very detailed, and very colourful, and most importantly, solid. Are they using sprites in an area that is not changed once drawn, as the players cannot move to that part of the screen, so that part of the screen never needs to be updated once drawn? Batari's playfield options are much more limited than this from what I can see, and from what I have been able to produce.
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