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  1. 56. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (GameCube) Beaten with my wife on Easy, then Hard. Despite many problems -- multiple crippling bugs, wildly overlong levels, near-zero difficulty, and stage ordering that makes no sense -- this was an entertaining enough way to pass the time, and adds a couple of decent quality-of-life innovations. Still, Gauntlet Legends was a far better game. C. 57. Tetris 2 (NES) Beaten on Lo speed earlier this year, then Hi speed over the weekend. I wanted a narcotic, calming game, and Tetris 2 is that. But it's no worthy successor to the first game, and the color-matching gameplay is better served by any number of other titles. Cute cutscenes every 10 levels, but why on earth do I have to play through 51 of them (Level 30 > Level 80) to get an ending? D+. 58. Mega Man: The Power Battle (Arcade) 59. Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (Arcade) Played via the GameCube MMAC, obviously, and completed the 3 paths in each game with anywhere from 1CC to 4CC. I think I played one of these games in emulation a long time ago and was intrigued. Now, I'm not. I've never liked the infantilized version of Mega Man to begin with, and while the idea of a series of Mega Man boss battles is a good one, the gameplay is just too shallow and usually boils down to "hit Robot Master with a certain weapon once, switch to Mega Buster for the rest". I'd give the first game a D+ and the second a C-, though if you care about Mega Man lore (I don't), the second does apparently contribute to it.
  2. I didn't know the Time Machine existed -- thanks for that! That said, just hitting F9 allows me to record a savestate immediately after every game event that happens successfully, and since the interval between starting the jewel level and finishing it is only a couple of seconds, it wasn't a problem (all my investigations today took ~20 minutes total). I'll have to check Time Machine out some more, though.
  3. Oh, I used savestates, since I just wanted to see whether there was a difficulty cap. I didn't savestate after each jump, though -- I did the jewel scene in one continuous set of jumps. If I were playing legitimately, I'd estimate I could probably beat the jewel screen on Level 7 (i.e. Variation 4) maybe 1 time out of 20 attempts, and on Level 8, maybe 1 time out of 100. The water height changes so quickly, and even if you make it to the rope, you only have 1-2 seconds before the Inspector severs it.
  4. Poking around a bit in the RAM for this. Score is stored at addresses $A2 through $A4. I think the game variation is stored at address $C6, with values incrementing by two when you hit select (so game variations #1-4 = $00, $02, $04, $06). Setting $C6 to $10 makes the timer go to zero almost instantly. Setting it to $08 makes it tick down quickly (but slower), but I can't see the bricks as they fall. And setting it to $FF makes the game go completely nuts. EDIT: Getting the jewel in variation #1 sets address $C6 to $01, while getting the jewel in variation #4 sets address $C6 to $07. So, $C6 increments by one every time you loop the game. Beating the game for an eighth time leaves address $C6 unchanged, still at $07. So the eighth loop -- or the second one when starting on variation #4 -- appears to be max difficulty. And while the first and second screens are still playable on the eighth loop, the jewel/vine screen is pretty ridiculous.
  5. My time for the week: GameCube: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - 118 min. Finally beat the game on Hard.
  6. My times for the week: Atari 2600: Pursuit of the Pink Panther - 22 min. NES: Tetris 2 - 741 min. Needed a mindless narcotic game, so I beat Tetris 2 on Hi speed.
  7. You can calibrate three types of jumps: straight up, small forward jump (by walking forward and jumping), and large forward jump (by jumping straight up twice). It's a bit like Smurfs that way. Great tip on using the tail to catch bricks. I was wondering what that tail flourish was for! What do the difficulty switches and game variations do? (Does game #2 equal the second loop of game #1 in difficulty, and game #4 the fourth loop?) I know the game gets harder after the first loop -- does it continue getting tougher forever, or does it hit a ceiling?
  8. My time for the week: GameCube: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - 392 min. We've gotten all the Shards and defeated Skorne (in both his appearances), so just a few more levels until Hard mode is done.
  9. My modest times for the week: NES: Othello - 15 min. Game Boy: Tetris - 12 min. Beat Game B at Level 9-5 in Game Boy Tetris.
  10. 49. Mega Man 5 (NES) 50. Mega Man (NES) 51. Mega Man 2 (NES) 52. Mega Man 6 (NES) 53. Mega Man 3 (NES) 54. Mega Man 4 (NES) 55. Mega Man 7 (SNES) All played via the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for GameCube, along with a Raphnet adapter that lets me use an SNES controller with corrected button mappings. I'd played and beaten them all before, except Mega Man 7. The games all blend together so I'm not going to grade them, but what was surprising to me is how much I preferred the original to pretty much all of the sequels -- even the vaunted Mega Man 2, which has some irritating bottlenecks with the Rush Jet. I love the simplicity and the straightforwardness of the original game, and the lack of tedious item collecting, inventory management, and energy-refill grinding. Mega Man 3 was more threadbare than I recalled, with some questionable stage design choices. The second-best of the games was probably Mega Man 5 or 6. And I didn't find Mega Man 7 to be too much fun at all, sadly -- it's got way too much "stop and wait" stage design for my taste. Maybe I'm just burned out on Mega Man, I don't know. I still have Mega Man 8, and the two arcade games, left to beat on the collection. Not feeling too optimistic about those.
  11. My times for this week: NES: Othello - 140 min. SNES: Mega Man 7 - 308 min. PlayStation: Mega Man 8 - 7 min. (played via the Mega Man Anniversary Collection; I think this is still emulation) Beat Mega Man 7, and defeated the CPU on Level 1 difficulty of Othello. (Levels 2+ are another matter...)
  12. My (very late) time for this past week, for lumping in with next week: GameCube: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - 222 min.
  13. Completely forgot to post this week, yikes! Here are my times from this past week, just for the record, so they can be lumped in with next week's times: NES: Mega Man 3 - 200 min. Mega Man 4 - 266 min. SNES: Mega Man 7 - 123 min. Beat the two NES games, and started work on the SNES entry, which I've never really played before (I'd beaten all six Mega Man NES games at least once each before my recent GameCube-collection-based efforts).
  14. I don't think you've posted your Todd's Adventures in Slime World gameplay videos to AtariAge, but I wanted to mention that I've enjoyed them. I know firsthand how hard it is to clear some of those scenarios -- beating Arcade mode was one of the tougher challenges I've ever overcome!
  15. My times for the week: NES: Mega Man 2 - 190 min. Mega Man 3 - 51 min. Mega Man 6 - 180 min. Tetris - 40 min. Beat Mega Man 2 and 6 (playing via the GameCube collection), and got a personal best score in Tetris (somewhere around 310k).
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