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  1. Really nice video on a subject dear to my heart. As a tennis buff and tennis video game buff, I can confirm that Championship Tennis is way ahead of its time in terms of realism and ball dynamics. It's unfortunate that it's plagued with glitches, quirks, and user-unfriendly elements, and an ugly game to boot, but it's by far the most strategic of the tennis games I've played for pre-crash systems (though the Imagic cartridge for ColecoVision has its charm, and I haven't played the obscenely rare Arcadia 2001 game as of now). Activision Tennis has its charm but the inability to hit a variety of shots or really place the ball takes its toll, and the rallies go on for far too long. I asked about hacking it, in long-ago and more naive days, to address those issues but got no replies. However, as I mention in the thread above, Tennis was actually improved by pirates, who added a scoreboard! See here for more on that. I'll have to play RealSports Tennis again and see if it's as similar as I remember. I still need to beat both games, actually. I absolutely loathe black-box Tennis for the NES -- I think it's an abomination. The Namco game Family Tennis is far superior but never got localized for the US market, though the same engine was used in the very good World Court Tennis for TurboGrafx-16. BTW there was also a Tennis cartridge for the VideoBrain computer that used the side-view approach, but it doesn't appear to have proper tennis scoring (which makes it "not a tennis game" in my book) and is basically Pong. That said the graphics are unexpectedly ambitious:
  2. My times for the week: PlayStation: Disruptor - 17 min. Nintendo 64: Centre Court Tennis - 174 min. Penny Racers - 9 min. Rat Attack - 225 min. Beat Centre Court Tennis on Normal difficulty -- though, since the game doesn't seem to have an ending, I've adopted "reach world #1 and win every tournament once" as a win condition. I also tried out a couple of other games, and made it through six of Rat Attack's eight levels on Expert difficulty.
  3. If it's chess, it's probably me. I've been slowly trying to beat all the console chess games, at least up through the 16-bit era (though I've done some 32-bit games as well), and GG Chessmaster was one of my victims. I posted the win here, and here's an animated GIF of the game (I have the Black pieces):
  4. My time for the week: PlayStation: Epidemic - 311 min. Beat it, though the experience wasn't really satisfying. Thoughts here.
  5. 41. Rise of the Robots (3DO) You know how some games have a bad reputation, maybe due to a difficult learning curve or offbeat approach, but if you approach them with an open mind there's some fun to be had? Yeah, this isn't one of them. Rise of the Robots is an atrocious piece of garbage and the designers should be ashamed, even now. The 3DO version is apparently the worst of all, making you beat the game's (small) roster twice before you can fight the final boss, and soft-locking when you get a GAME OVER. It's cheap, broken, joyless, and loveless. F. 42. Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (SNES) Played via the super-polished fan translation by Aeon Genesis. Like most of the Ys games I've played, it's pleasantly accessible and offers a "quick fix" of action RPG goodness, but the final stages are maze-like, tedious, and needlessly obscure. C. 43. Epidemic (PS1) The original Kileak was humbler but arguably better, as this sequel (aka Kileak 2: The Blood in Japan) gets bogged down by its own ambitions. It controls OK, but the cutscenes are laughable, the labyrinthine levels go on way too long without save points, the puzzles are more irritating than clever, and the combat is one-dimensional. And I hate, hate, hate playing for an hour, meticulously checking every nook and cranny, dealing with the switch puzzles, and being on the verge of uncovering a secret area with new weapons or items -- only to step into the wrong room and trigger a cutscene, boss fight, and end of the level. I like "giant mech in a corridor" games, and I can feel how much Epidemic wants to be a good game, but it doesn't make it. At least it didn't give me motion (simulation) sickness. D.
  6. My very limited time for the week: Browser-based: Doodle Champion Island Games - 7 min. Seems like a labor of love and a neat thing to do -- I just don't feel inclined to invest much time into something so ephemeral and changeable.
  7. Congrats! I actually beat Tank Command quite recently, using a Genesis gamepad to 7800 adapter. It's got some janky aspects, to say the least, but once I got into the right mindset I enjoyed the process of learning the stages and figuring out the best approach. (Basically, keep your cannon in one position 90% of the time, and drive like a bat out of hell.) It reminds me a lot of a computer game, rather than a console game.
  8. My times for the week: Atari 7800: Donkey Kong - 7 min. Ikari Warriors - 3 min. Master System: ALF - 20 min. Double Dragon - 12 min. Secret Command - 2 min. SNES: Ys IV: Mask of the Sun - 299 min. PlayStation: Return Fire - 75 min. Beat Ys IV.
  9. Nice haul! What's going on with that Dreamcast release, "Yeah Yeah Beebiss"? Clearly it's a reference to an infamous, possibly non-existent NES game that was once listed in a catalog. Is it a Dreamcast game hacked to imitate what people thought YYB would be, or a hacked NES ROM bundled with an emulator, or...?
  10. My times for the week: Genesis: Mystical Fighter - 52 min. SNES: Ys IV: Mask of the Sun - 303 min. Played through Mystical Fighter on Normal mode (which doesn't let you see the last stage), and got a fair ways into the fan translation of Ys IV on the SNES (which is a totally different game from Ys IV on the PC Engine CD).
  11. There's also the MemCard Pro, which is a MicroSD-based memory card for PS1 that even has some wireless functionality. I've thought about getting one, haven't pulled the trigger yet. I like keeping around my old PS1 saves just in case but my existing cards are getting full.
  12. I'll plan to! The 3DO version supposedly concatenates the worst aspects of every other port. On Hard, it forces you to fight every character twice (except the final boss), in a ridiculous tactic to make the game longer. And when you get a GAME OVER, either by running out of continues or by winning, the game softlocks -- you literally have to reboot to play again. It's astonishingly cynical.
  13. My modest time for the week: 3DO: Rise of the Robots - 53 min. Beaten on Hard. (An awful, awful game, by the way. Shame on the developers.)
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