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  1. So, if I were able to edit post #54 (I can ask Al to reinstate my ability to do so), the ones to add would be: Classic-era: Flag Capture (Game 1) (Dark Chambers is already listed) Prototype: Combat II Homebrew: Defend Your Castle Any others?
  2. Isn't Xenophobe alternating too, despite the split screen?
  3. When that surfaced, it was a really big revelation! I've never actually played the SNES Earthbound, only this one. I beat it back in 2003 with savestates, and am now doing a legit playthrough, though it may take a while as I tend to play RPGs when I can multitask, i.e. if I'm on the phone or watching trash TV with my wife.
  4. My time for the week: GameCube: Defender - 235 min. I've been meaning to start working on more GameCube games, and this was a fine place to start. I'm about halfway through, but only playing on Rookie difficulty at the moment.
  5. My slender time for the week: NES: Earthbound Zero - 20 min.
  6. Happy to do it! I'm glad you posted, as I was wondering where the old site had gone to (I check your site a couple times a week). Do I understand correctly that you're, in effect, relaunching the site (with a slightly new layout) and reposting the previous reviews? And yes, "slow but steady" is definitely meant as a compliment -- so many of these efforts start out like gangbusters, but then burn out just as suddenly, and go on permanent hiatus. It's always nice when the commitment is maintained over the long haul. Sega Masters is another one that's been really good about continuing over the years; I wish his videos got more attention.
  7. My times for the week: NES: Ikari Warriors III - 34 min. Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu - 10 min. Predator - 5 min. RoboCop 3 - 1 min. Silver Surfer - 9 min.
  8. I've had my VCS in storage for a while, but would normally use real hardware if that weren't the case. (I need to get on that.) As it stands, 90% of my VCS gaming is on Stella, with the remaining 10% happening during holidays with my family. I have no problems to report, though I don't play paddle games on Stella -- but that's a "mice and trackpads aren't paddles" issue, not a Stella issue.
  9. There's a homebrew game (Sea Rescue) and an unreleased/prototype game (Shark Hunter). The former apparently received a massive upgrade when it was re-released as a combo cart, High Water Patrol/Sea Rescue Voice Edition; the latter had to be fixed to run properly on NTSC systems and is found on several multicarts. When you come back to the Odyssey², I hope you're able to tackle the board games at some point. I know your focus is on the 1-player experience, but there's so little coverage out there, and they're fascinatingly strange efforts.
  10. 14. Musashi no Bouken (Famicom) I "beat" tons of games with savestates back in the 2000s, and I've gradually been working to replay them legit, including all three games in this entry. This one's a Dragon Quest clone, for which savestates offer little but convenience -- but this time I'm using a more recent and more polished fan-translation, which makes a small difference. Then again, was that constipated mermaid (no, I'm not kidding) really in the original? C+. 15. Devilman (Famicom) On paper this is a bad game in a bunch of different ways -- cryptic, repetitive, very weak in graphics and sound, and with gameplay that's unremarkable at best. Yet I enjoyed playing through it, maybe because it's such an odd duck, or maybe because I remembered just enough from my 2009 playthrough to make the game seem more intuitive than it really is. D+. 16. Ikari III: The Rescue (NES) In which our heroes gain punches and jumpkicks, while guns and grenades get left on the shelf and pulled out only for special occasions. I mean, what's the point? P.O.W. is challenging, and Guerrilla War is fun; this is neither, and certainly not worth the 1CC a purist would demand. D.
  11. My times for the week: NES: Devilman - 235 min. Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust Gaiden - 1 min. Musashi no Bouken - 211 min. Game Boy: The Smurfs’ Nightmare - 2 min. Beat Musashi no Bouken and Devilman -- both games I savestated through in the 2000s, so it's nice to beat them legitimately. By the way, The Smurfs' Nightmare is the actual Game Boy monochrome version (i.e. not the far more common GBC release), or so the ROM file tells me. I'd like to play through it at some point, but -- at least today -- playing on that tiny GBA screen was just not happening. I guess I've gotten spoiled by the Super Game Boy 2...
  12. My times for the week: NES: Musashi no Bouken - 172 min. Ring King - 55 min. Grind, grind, grind.
  13. Neat! Are you using it to capture video, or just as a passthrough?
  14. Episode 599, eh? You do know that the Odyssey² has several games with sharks in them, right? (I'll be sad when Odyssey² month is over! It's been fun to have thoughtful coverage of a system that doesn't get too much YouTube love.)
  15. Outside of a few games of Hard Drivin', Doom, and Virtua Fighter, the N64 was my main exposure to 3D gaming in the '90s. And it nearly put me off the whole thing, as there's something in the N64's way of processing 3D graphics -- probably a combination of anti-aliasing, low or inconsistent frame rates, and whippy cameras -- that makes me feel ill more than any other console of that era. Aesthetically I often prefer the look of the 3D games that came out up to 1996 or so, as in stuff on the 3DO, Jaguar, 32X, and the earliest PlayStation and Saturn games. Somehow those games click with me, whereas with later 5th gen stuff I'd frequently rather jump forward to the Dreamcast era. And anything that uses scaling sprites instead of texture-mapped polygons tends to sit well with me: I think those Super Scaler games from Sega still look beautiful, and "real" to me in a way that a lot of other games don't.
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