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  1. That sounds like a mechanical failure. If Keith Courage is still fixing systems, I highly recommend speaking with him! Not sure which site he frequents these days, but I think he's at the PC Engine Software Bible Forum: https://pcengine.proboards.com/
  2. Yeah, there's a high score table, so I suppose there's that at least. Don't remember if I reached the top of said table, and I suppose I should do that before calling the game "beaten". That said grinding for score in this game is tedium. It's really irritating that if you go to the effort of clearing the initial set of bricks (before the first forcefield barrier in Level 1), your reward is...absolutely nothing! And yes, the audio is such a bizarre combination of fancy digitized stuff on the title and splash screens, and totally archaic 2600 sounds during gameplay (that rapidly become annoying). A very strange mix. The worst part of the level-select deal is that, from an interface perspective, it leads you to expect you'll get Levels 5-8 next. But nope, just the bare minimum from your friends at Atari and US Gold!
  3. My times for the week: Atari 7800: Jinks - 25 min. Midnight Mutants - 66 min. Tank Command - 14 min. Saturn: Mortal Kombat II - 13 min. Jinks would have a lot more charm if it went anywhere or had a meaningful goal. Once you've cleared all 4 levels on one credit, it feels pointless to continue. Too bad, as I have some affection for its vaguely Video Pinball-esque gameplay.
  4. Bought Stadium Mud Buggies and Party Line. Thanks for making these available. Looking forward to the non-ECS Mind Strike. I hope Body Slam and perhaps the two Learning Funs await in the future.
  5. I got my cart on Friday and have played several games -- Tank Command, Midnight Mutants, Jinks -- for between 5 and 30 minutes. I saw the corruption on the title screen of Jinks, with the vertical band of garbage that others have mentioned, but otherwise have had no gameplay issues or crashes so far. However, I've noticed that the display of the cart's name in the menu is somewhat corrupted -- has anyone else encountered this? As far as I can recall it's happening there and only there: That said, I'm using a SanDisk adapter for an unbranded 2GB MicroSD card that was apparently made by Kingston (SD-C02G), so I realize I'm not exactly using the ideal setup. If a bit of graphical corruption in a menu is the only price to pay for that, I'm OK with it.
  6. I use Taiyo Yuden, now manufactured by CMC I believe, but using Taiyo Yuden's equipment and protocols (as I understand it). TYs are the best-tracking, most-reliable CD-Rs I've ever used -- better than Mitsuis, which used to be the gold standard. There have been retail games that I own but play as burned copies instead, as the CD-R copies simply read better.
  7. The struggle for me would have been determining the cut-off. We use the platform hardware for console games, but every arcade game is potentially unique, and some may have been released post-crash using pre-crash hardware (either in terms of capabilities, or literally in terms of "take this board and make it into something else"). Of course all arcade games are out-of-sync with the console mainstream anyway. Take Markham: a 1983 release on hardware that's extremely similar to the Master System! In any event however you decide to cut up the baby, I trust in your Solomonic wisdom.
  8. Oh man, you're doing something I always meant to do but never did -- explicitly differentiating within the database (or spreadsheet) between pre-crash and post-crash arcade games. I feel your pain, or at least empathize with the headaches involved in your effort!
  9. My very modest time for the week: PlayStation: Star Ixiom - 12 min.
  10. Yeah, it's kind of a weird place for it, since it looks like a heading -- but IIRC it's a required page for Strategywiki so I figured I might as well use it! BTW if anyone wants to do the world a huge solid and contribute to the wiki, I pieced together screenshots for Level 1 of the Novice adventure, but didn't get any further with it. It'd be awesome to have full maps of all the non-random adventures (Novice, Tower/8, Tower/12, and Tower/20), but it'd be the kind of thing that should be done during downtime at a night watchman job or during a cross-country train trip, as it's a slow and vexing task.
  11. Yeah, still not the biggest fan of this game, despite the excellent production values. It's not a question of disliking hard games or needing to "get good" -- I've made it through a few loops, after all, which is more than enough to form an opinion. I just find that it doesn't build fast enough, and the gameplay drags. Will have to try Mystic Castle. I think I bought the board but never did anything with it -- that was about when I started to get burned out on the Intellivision homebrew scene, with so many releases coming out (many of them piecemeal) and not a lot of urge to play them, especially since none of my Intellivisions are working 100%. I'd like to get back into it.
  12. Thank you very much! BTW totally agreed that the sound exploit is extremely useful -- it's actually mentioned on the Walkthrough page of the StrategyWiki site, under "Dealing with traps": "Use a treasure - When using a treasure, a long chime sounds. As long as that sound persists, traps are ineffective. It's a really good idea to keep at least one treasure on hand at all times for this reason, as it's the best way to bypass a trap." You can also use a Wand or Holy Hand Grenade for the same purpose, since the sound they make lasts for about a second or so -- enough time to get past a trap that's blocking your progress.
  13. I think chopping up Sega Ages Vol. 1 into its components, i.e. the individual Japanese releases, is pretty reasonable. I doubt there are any differences whatsoever in the gameplay, though then again now I've got some weird ping in my memory banks about OutRun being 60fps in the US version but only 30fps in the Japanese one, or something like that...hmmm...
  14. My modest times for the week: NES: Batsu & Terry - 1 min. Saturn: Crows: The Battle Action - 5 min. Sega Ages: Galaxy Force - 5 min. Tryrush Deppy - 24 min.
  15. Not much for me this week: PlayStation: Mitouhou e no Chousen: Alps no Hen - 63 min. It's tough to understand how to play a game when it's giving you onscreen advice in a language you don't speak! But I somehow want to crack this bizarre mountain-climbing experience...
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