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  1. Nice review, well written as it's easy to read. One thing that the review is lacking is mentioning the sound and/or musical aspects of the game.
  2. Everything you mentioned was included in mine, but not a poster... What was pictured on it?
  3. Ok, after playing this some more I must add that there is slowdown when jumping over barrels when there are more flames and barrels in the game. This is in 50Hz. mode.
  4. Just tried this on a M model Jaguar. At 60Hz. after clearing the level, the screen goes black and stays black, but the game continues to the next level as I can hear the sounds. As mentioned by others, the game slows down to a snails pace when there are more objects on screen. At 50Hz. the game plays flawless at a constant pace, a bit too easy but fun nevertheless! The use of the left/right audio channels is very nice and adds to the "feel" of the game imo
  5. Nice What's also nice is that Star Wars label on the cartridge, very nice! Did you make that one yourself?
  6. Yes, that's it, and watch the radar. You'll see that the meteors come down in "waves" and you can move ahead of these waves by watching the radar.
  7. Yes, N2O looks beautiful on a CRT with RGB scart. The youtube vid doesn't do the game justice as it looks very pale and dull in comparison.
  8. Did you own the unit before and got it back today with a new laser installed, or did you buy the unit with a new laser in it?
  9. Yes, in the beginning I did, but after I got used to the game and got more careful about where to walk it got better. A lot of the deaths are imo mostly my own fault for not paying attention. As I said, the Pro makes it a lot easier and while the character dies often, the game gives enough continues. I also make us of the warps to gather points, keys and lives. I can not say if use of the warps gives more continues though..... TC is a very frantic arcade-style shoot'em up and maybe the deaths are part of the "experience" but I never played the real arcadegame I like the game very much, but it would've been great if there was some background music during gameplay TC was the reason for me to modify two 6-button arcade-controllers for use with the Jaguar. It makes diagonal firing easier.
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