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  1. Looks very good! With Zarlor, when playing -for example- the second level with fullpower ups, there is a little slowdown on a real Lynx. Do you also have that with emulation?
  2. Is this proof that the Jag-link problem is fixed in Doom?😁
  3. Yesterday I found some time to play this (beta3) and I must say that it is quite an enjoyable game. There are a number of things that should be changed and/or refined imo, but I understand that there have been several revisions after beta3.
  4. I did it...... last week I ordered a copy of DotC from the Atariage store.... We had it on the C64 back in the day, but I never played it. My brother played it and I remember the music being nice. I watched some youtube vids, and the game seems interesting but I think that I really have to "learn" this game. In short: the game appeals to me, but I don`t know what to expect exactly so I am excited to try it out once it`s here😊
  5. This development is fantastic, looking forward to see the end result. It would be incredible if the network mode can be fixed. Great job, guys👍
  6. Yes, I remember that interview. The 3DO uses the shoulder buttons for strafing with Doom, so maybe he was talking about that version and not Jaguar Doom?
  7. Same here, very interesting project.
  8. Nice review, well written as it's easy to read. One thing that the review is lacking is mentioning the sound and/or musical aspects of the game.
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