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  1. Have you tried cleaning the cartridge connector?
  2. Seeing the pictures of the cartridgelabel I'd say it's not original. The orange/white shell look weird too.
  3. I can't answer your last questions guys... I could say some things that I "seem to remember" of how things went but I am not even sure if these memories are correct. The events that I mentioned in my last post were facts as far as my memory serves me.
  4. A few things that I remember: -The author had permission from Jamie Fenton (one of the creators?) for doing the game -The author had a way of saying things and speaking his mind/drawing attention during the making and after releasing the game -Also other -nonJaguar- people entered the Jaguar/Gorf/discussion thread and suspicion arose (see lines above) -Author sent a Jaguar with Cd unit and copy of the game to Midway to show and for approval -No approval, game over Someone feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.
  5. Great playing!
  6. If I recall corect, was there once a little movie posted here on AA showing a guy playing Zero 5 with an incredible fast tapping on the buttons like it was the easiest thing to do. Was that you SCPCD?
  7. As I don't know the rules of American Football, (it's mostly soccer here) I don't understand the game, and these sort of games are not my cup of tea so I won't look into how to play it. The review however, is biased imo in a negative way towards the Atari Jaguar. In short; I don't like the game and I don't like the review🙂
  8. Years ago, when you were still active/occupied with the Jaguar, you were talking about some sort of remake of the Jag Duo that you wanted to do. Was it just joking/wishful thinking, or were you really onto something?
  9. For the Jaguar console/cd combo I use an universal adapter with 1.4A power, for years now. Long time ago, I measured how much Amps the combo would draw and only when the laser was moving it peaked just above the 1.2A. Reckoning that a PSU is a little overpowered I thought that an original PSU should be able to power the combo? but I never tried/tested that.
  10. That's my experience also, the 2MB version has more speech and it is used more randomly, and less repeating the same phrase over and over.
  11. Nice, will try this one out, thanks🙂
  12. Yes, those are nice features imo, just as "0" for muting music and the "reset" button combination being a standard for the Jaguar. Many of the later /homebrew releases don't seem to use these functions though?
  13. I agree with Tommy, for the most part. The lack of background music is unfortunate.
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