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  1. Isn't that just Trevor McFur, the final level?
  2. Peter, if you put a little drop of clean PTFE or silicone spray on the plastic part that gets pushed down when closing the lid, and on the part that is in contact with the eject/open button, there is a chance that your unit closes easily too.
  3. Looks great, and well earned
  4. It probably won't happen anymore? but I still think it would be cool to have Soulstar released on cd as well as it was intended to be. While the Sd-carts for retro systems are very cool, very handy and a way to play games that are normally out of reach, there's something about putting a cartridge or cd game in the console and play it IMO.
  5. Maybe you've done it already, but you could always try and clean the cartridge contacts, first. I had a copy of Cannon Fodder that wouldn't save files, even in the menu the "save" icon was scrambled with a red line. I soldered a EEPROM from a working loose Cybermorph cart, no difference. Gave the cartridge connector a good clean, and the save feature worked.
  6. This evening we played the game, only at 60Hz. After reading your post, I switched to 50Hz. and to my surprise see my name also on the title screen, how cool is that! Definitely "not for resale" this game is
  7. Already got this prize in the mailbox today. I'm stoked to have this, very very nice. I've made a pic of the whole package which is pretty awesome, maybe it might persuade others to participate in highscore contests like this. A BIG thanks to CyranoJ, neo_rg and the Reboot crew
  8. What "tip" did you already use to make the -now working game- work? Which game is it that works after the tip? As you have multiple copies, how many copies of the working game work? Let's work this out
  9. Did not expect that, PM`d.
  10. Wow, respect for the people with these very high scores.
  11. Edit: removed post, had a score/screenshot posted, but in standard mode, will try again
  12. Very nice to see these repairlogs. And the Jaguarkiosk is still badass.
  13. Ha! I understand, it's just that the mute-function is typical Atari Jaguar and sometimes comes in handy (for me a least).
  14. Since this game should match the quality of "shopshelf" titles , will there be the special Atari Jaguar features, like pressing #0 for music mute, the -reset function- and -pause to adjust volume function-? This is looking beautiful, and the music (which is highly recommended for these type of games imo) seems very nice too
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