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  1. Thanks, I didn't think of that. I wonder if these have embossed buttons, I will check it out. In the meantime, I am still interested in the original overlays.
  2. Hello, I am looking for some Atari Jaguar controller-overlays to complete my collection. -Baldies -Battlemorph -Blue Lightning Please let me know if you have (one of) these for sale.
  3. If I recall correctly, some years ago was it Carl of Songbird Productions who had a demo/alpha/beta of this game on an alpineboard, but lost it? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Doesn't Tube SE give you codes after unlocking levels?
  5. So how much copies of this game have been sold in total, 500 - 600?
  6. Can anyone confirm if they encountered the same issue as mentioned by @Machine?
  7. As I accidentally discovered last week, when putting Gorf in an audio player, you'll hear an electric guitar soundtrack of several minutes with a voice-over telling you that it's a 3D stooges game for the Atari Jaguar Cd multimedia system.
  8. That looks very nice! Have you also installed a multicolor led?
  9. The original is not that bad imo, but I agree with what you said. Do you play this in 50 or 60Hz. setting?
  10. I should've been more clear. Maybe that Tempest feels smoother, there is less slowdown in 50Hz. and in my experience makes for a smoother gameplay.
  11. Less slowdown in Tempest 2000. The Iron Soldier games play/look nicer in 50Hz. imo on a PAL TV. Full screen with games like Pitfall, Rayman etc. Atari Karts is a little slower indeed, but in 50Hz. the graphics are much nicer (again on a PAL TV). With some games the scanlines are more visible in 60Hz. than others, so that it makes the display less bright. I also noticed that 60Hz. scanlines are more visible on Trinitron CRT's than for example a good Philips CRT, especially when playing up close on a large TV. I have everything hooked up to CRT with RGB-scart, so I can't say how it looks on NTSC displays or upscaled/HDMI displays.
  12. I remember reading the review of FX Fighter in CVG magazine, and bought the game when it came into the stores. We were blown away by it, and thought that it was better than Virtua Fighter (which we had barely played).
  13. These pictures show a horizontally squeezed image. I assume that is not what you have on your LCD tv display?
  14. These boxes look genuine, nice
  15. I think that it works, but for the sake of it, I don't think it works, so I hit the like button on your post!
  16. @ UHATEIT Thanks, but you can scratch my name off the list, as I got my copy from the first run
  17. It's not a great game, but also not bad at all imo. I like the ground missions the most, using airbrake most of the time to take a lot of targets out. The music fits the game pretty good and for me is a huge part of what makes the game enjoyable overall.
  18. Well then, welcome to the club From the US to Europe is quite expensive too + taxes etc, which is the main reason why I don't buy a new Jaguar release very often. In the past there was 16/32 bit systems which made it a lot more affordable to buy the new released Jaguar stuff.
  19. I just checked the site, €63.- for a quality game release like this is not expensive at all!
  20. I must say that the box-art of these games is amazing!
  21. Do you know why you don't see much commentary about it as a game? Because very often a topic about Battlesphere turns into a negative "discussion" about things/facts/history/personal dislike surrounding the game. I see that you played the gold version, and while I have this and the original, I must say that -despite the upgrades- the original version is what I prefer to play due to some minor differences. The networking in Gauntlet mode is much fun imo, but, as you mentioned, can sometimes freeze up. Free-for-all mode is bugfree in my experience, and also much fun. One thing worth mentioning is the excellent music, which suits the game very well and has a unique style that especially seems to apply to Battlesphere. Btw, nice little story
  22. Yes, it's been a long time indeed since you posted on this forum Can you put up some detailed pictures of the "victims"?
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