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  1. calamari


    Ah! I think I've got this figured out! You're talking about what you "expect" the system/games will actually be (MW dictionary says "to consider probable or certain"). You very well might be right about that, who knows at this point. But, I'm not trying to make a prediction, I'm simply stating what I "expect" the system/games to be in order for me to consider buying it ("to consider reasonable, due, or necessary"). Same word, two different meanings.
  2. calamari


    What good is a system if it brings nothing new to the table and doesn't have fun games? My expectations are reasonable.
  3. calamari


    My two cents... I like the futuristic theming, but personally, I don't care about the hardware specs. The 5200 wasn't very powerful and had the best arcade ports. The Jaguar was powerful for its time and flopped (and there was no decent first party content, besides the nostalgic Tempest 2000). I don't care about emulation, as we have way too much of that already. "Accidentally" make it hackable, that will be enough Develop some NEW high quality first party arcade-style content, throw in a few quality remakes of classic games... then I'll buy one. They don't need the old crew to do this, but they need a crew that is willing to take the time to analyze and channel the creative simplicity that made those early Atari arcade games so successful.
  4. v2.02 30Nov10 * Fixed a bug where loading a 1.xx ANT after a 2.xx with colors set in lines 2-24 did not reset the palette for lines 2-24 back to black. * Fixed a bug where loading a 1.xx ANT after a 2.xx did not reset the currently selected line to 1. antic4-2.02.zip
  5. You don't need to tack anything on, just rename atari850.hnd (included in the distribution) to rs232.com and you're all set. Sorry about the delay in answering, I hope 6 years is better than never In YModem-G, data is streamed without any breaks except those generated by hardware flow control. Ice-T will attempt to write to the file to disk without closing the R: port but simply not reading data, assuming that the R: driver will take care of flow control. With the hardware I was developing and testing with - either an Atari 850 or an SIO2PC cable that behaved like a P:R: Connection cable - this was an illegal operation and would crash the Atari. I only allowed this mode because people on c.s.a.8 told me that there is hardware (MIO and BB, I believe) that does allow writing to disk while the R: port is still open, and does take care of flow control. I'm sorry but there was no way for me to test Y-modem-G on my setup at all, or debug this issue. Sorry if I sounded like a jerk. Indeed, universities have that annoying tendency to close students' accounts when they graduate. I don't seem to remember such an email, sorry about that. This bug probably has something to do with the way Ice-T generates keyclicks. Since Ice-T has 3 different keyclick styles (none, simple, standard), and since some keys are accepted by Ice-T that do not naturally generate a click, the keyclick is defeated when the keys are read from the keyboard, and only after checking the current mode is the keyclick generated (or not, in "none" mode). The method by which the "standard" keyclick is generated is by artificially inserting an arbitrary value into the keyboard buffer, then calling the OS keyboard read routine. I'm pretty sure that arbitrary value is a 'j'. The OS read routine is supposed to clear that buffer, but obviously in some case (no idea which) it does not. Needless to say, this never happened to me on any system or emulator I've tried it on. A workaround to this bug would be to use Simple or no keyclick. I've posted the source code to Ice-T for your debugging pleasure in this thread. If anyone can reproduce and explain the "screamin' J's" bug, I'd be happy to hear it. -itay Sweet! I'm totally going to have to try this now... I no longer have dialup, so I'll have to figure out how to connect this mess to Linux and get a terminal. Then I can use ircII or similar to connect to #rgvc. Hopefully my 850 still (ever?) works, especially after sitting in various closets for 9 years
  6. v2.01 29Nov10 * Show hex values of set and selected colors on COLR screen antic4-2.01.zip
  7. Yeah it's written for MS-DOS, using a Microsoft Basic compiler for MS-DOS. Having moved completely off the Windows platform to Linux at least 5 years ago, I don't mean to be unsympathetic to your issues, it's just that I have no real way of seeing them or maybe even fixing them. However, I have provided the source code, so if you wish to submit patches, I'm happy to include them. I have no plans of rewriting the program for a windowed environment, but feel free to do so, the source is GPLv3 As far as a listing of files, my user interface is rather primitive (basically interfacing with the mouse driver directly), and isn't well suited to scrolling lists of files. But, as a workaround, you can load files directly from the command line, so do a "dir *.ant" then run "antic4 filename". Jeff
  8. http://kidsquid.com/old/compilers/5200bas/5200bas.html Allan Sorry, I went with free hosting and now my web page is a steaming pile. Half the pages don't work and there are all sorts of file restrictions. However, at the polite request of an old friend and with the help of VirtualBox I resurrected ANTIC4 and added BMP screenshot output and DLI support (each line can have its own set of 5 colors). So here is ANTIC4 version 2.00. Important to note: the save file format has changed, so when you save your ANT file with 2.00 there's no going back to 1.xx (save your 2.00 work under a new filename and you're safe). Feel free to report bugs via email. Due to switching over to running Linux years ago, I've only tested it in VirtualBox with Windows 98 and DosBox (it's an MS-DOS program). Source code is included and released under the GPLv3, but note that you'll need Microsoft PDS 7.x (or possibly VB-DOS?) to use it directly. Jeff antic4-2.00.zip
  9. Ditto. It's a great program. Hopefully we'll see it developed further. Allan Sorry you guys! I really didn't mean to let it go like this. I certainly didn't mean for it to be considered dead. Please, send me an e-mail next time! 5200BAS is still available on my website, here: http://kidsquid.com/old/compilers/5200bas/5200bas.html Due to this thread, I've put the source there as well, but you aren't going to like it! I wrote it in QuickBasic Extended, and I had to hack around some MS-DOS limitations. The code is a huge mess. My personal preference would be to see the compiler ported to Java or ANSI C. I started on a Java port some time ago, but I cannot find it now. Check the included README for more information about the source code release. So, good luck, and enjoy!
  10. 5200BAS has moved from: http://lilly.csoft.net/~jeffryj/5200bas/5200bas.html to: http://5200bas.kidsquid.com/
  11. Hi, I've moved servers again, but my kidsquid.com addresses are still going, so this move will only affect those using http://lilly.csoft.net/~jeffryj/ Simply replace that with http://kidsquid.com/ and you're all set. calamari
  12. My bad, that was right after OVGE (which was on the 18th), and I forgot to respond to the email you sent me on the 20th (I'm sure some other emails have fallen through the cracks also). ..Al 886409[/snapback] No problem.. glad everything worked out! Thanks, Jeff
  13. I got an e-mail from Albert wanting the carts.. so maybe everything is good this time?
  14. Actually, I did I e-mailed [email protected] on June 20th, and [email protected] on June 22nd, with the same offer (free combats, pay shipping). My e-mails were completely ignored.. so I had to assume they didn't want the carts. Jeff
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