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  1. What a way to get in front of the ball for the inevitable setup by 8bitmicro, there. Sheesh.
  2. ...and there's more: 7th Former eBay Employee Charged In Cyberstalking Campaign Targeting Natick Couple
  3. Well, someone got at least five ... I'd settle for just the one I'm waiting on to arrive.
  4. Only parts of macOS ("Darwin") are open source. And there's a stated license attached to those bits. The referenced hardware tie-down isn't directly involved in that licensing. I don't mean to derail the thread. Given that (some?) source to the Phoenix cores have been posted to the repository -- unless I misrecall my past glances -- I assumed a predefined license attached to those materials. It seems odd to open a repository without having licensing set in this day and age.
  5. OK. What is the exact license? Is it posted alongside whatever's up on the Phoenix repository? Yes, rather than seek for myself, I'm bothering you by asking those questions. If the relevant details are there, just point me in that direction.
  6. Can you please unpack that a bit more? What exactly is the license associated with the open sourced components of the Phoenix?
  7. The IIIxe was the best! Miss mine. Do you happen to know off-hand what the situation is like for syncing or just uploading apps onto Palms with modern operating systems? May be interested if there's a community behind keeping them at least minimally cooperative with something more recent than say Win9x.
  8. That's it. I'm done. You win this exchange with that one line. Hats off to you.
  9. Now is not the time to revel in the past glories of segmented LCDs? I guess I know the answer to that question. So, you're an optimist, then?
  10. How do really feel about these mini-arcades, hmmm... ? (I just realized my young son has these. Double-hmmm!)
  11. Now that's how one does a Marketplace posting. 👍
  12. I'm going to have to take your word on the above, but it seems right to me. If you ever do get around to evaluating the color output from the EM1 relative to the heavy sixer and junior, please post your findings.
  13. There's no argument here. I will reiterate that it was and remains my opinion alone. There is no testing of anyone, at least by me, and that was never the intention of my words. I have no idea to what you refer in the final sentence. Given it seems to have occurred in the past, it's probably better to leave it there.
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