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  1. No, I got that. The point I don't think I made clear is that opening with (and reiterating) "am I wasting my time here?" signals something else entirely.
  2. I see. If its purpose is to serve as an archive, is the question whether it's not needed given the lack of direct submissions? What I'm trying to wrap my mind around is the basis for your sense it might be a waste of your time/resources/whatever. Is there a target submission or usage rate that you feel warrants continuing with the site? Or is this a gentle reminder that the site as such exists?
  3. (Don't traffic on Facebook, so this is news to me...) I guess I don't understand the question w/r/t time-wasting at first glance. I had taken the primary purpose of the site as making ADAM software accessible to others. Granted, I haven't plumbed the depths of what's there now, but is it possible there are few contributions made thus far because the bulk of it is already available there? It's also unclear to me where the "here" is that people put things on rather than post them to adamarchive.org ... Facebook? AtariAge? Elsewhere? I assume you're scooping those materials up and placing them on your site manually (maybe not), so I don't know whether the problem is lack of input or lack of interest on the part of others to cross-post to your site without your direct intervention. Or am I missing some larger issue?
  4. The box was fashioned years later. You are correct that it was not part of the original distribution.
  5. It is the "Go to this post" link in the Text/PLAIN message part. AFAIK, there's no way to receive "just" plaintext email now for notifications as with the prior version of the forum software ... or at least I can't seem to locate a configurable option to enable such. I posted an issue ticket in another forum here about that. Notifications are sent multipart text+HTML now. I typically use (AL)PINE, and when unavailable, any other agent configured to prioritize the text body over the HTML, where possible. The issue doesn't stem from choice of email reader, though. I'll PM you a complete example email.
  6. Not sure what to screenshot here; it's every following message I receive that exhibits this behavior when the update notice points to a particular comment within a thread rather than an entirely new thread (i.e., this is easily reproduced). I could screenshot the plaintext multipart-MIME message body, but it's not going to show much other than the malformed URL given my choice of MUA. But I can send that if you think it'd help (or I could send a dump of the entire email as received?).
  7. There's a small issue with links generated for the text part of emailed notifications for followed threads. It seems that ampersands are escaped as HTML entities within URLs ... actual example from followed thread mailed to me today: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/293304-colecovision-hover-bovver/?do=findComment&comment=4309876 Following the link generates 'Error Code: 2S136/C'. Unescaping the URL manually like so produces an address deemed valid by the forum backend: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/293304-colecovision-hover-bovver/?do=findComment&comment=4309876 Now, I'm not sure if the problem is that the URL is being escaped for mailings or that the forum software doesn't unescape them when requested. The former, I suppose, as there's no need to replace ampersands with the corresponding HTML entity for plaintext MIME message bodies.
  8. This seller is fully aware of what he's offering; the "estate sale" explanation is a ruse (I've received that same reply). It doesn't fit with his labels that take liberties with the originals ... and he's recycled several cartridges purchased from me in this way for resale on eBay, so... caveat emptor, indeed. Knowingly misleading the uninformed is good for the bottom line, I guess, which appears to be the most important thing here.
  9. Perhaps post in the "Wanted" forum rather than this thread to improve your odds of a favorable response?
  10. The one pictured just left my possession this past February; it seems to have taken the long way to Mexico through Canada. No idea here, but I can assure you more than a handful of different specimens have turned up on eBay, CIB or NIB, over the past three years.
  11. Not to say that it isn't rare, but there have been multiple copies circulated on eBay in that timeframe in complete or new condition. ...and I know where this one originated.
  12. Many Sierra titles for the ColecoVision share this blue/white label variation. The non-foiled label versions seem less common, though any suggested relative distribution is likely guesswork.
  13. No, it's legitimate as a production sample / review copy / loaner. It's not a prototype per se. It's not worth the asking price.
  14. Blurriest photos ever attached to that listing, but that is the Collectorvision release. It is not from the '80s.
  15. No. There's homebrew packaging for this game (among others) that uses the CBS style.
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