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  1. Agreed. This matches with my general observations, as well.
  2. Yeah, not at that price, at $5K more than a water-damaged DK NIB from pixelperfect80s.
  3. Assuming intentional differences, is it typical to expect from among the 1,160+ differences that only 1% (roughly) involve more than a single byte?
  4. The only subsequent dump that varies from the first is "CV Destroyer 5". The remainder are identical to the first one you supplied.
  5. Being left $26 in the hole with a non-functional game is neither a "full refund" nor "pretty great service" for an item listed to be in "good used working condition" imho -- though you don't state the discussion that led to the seller-granted remedy for an item received in a state other than described. I suspect that back-and-forth holds the key to which feedback is most appropriate to leave. For unstated reasons, you accepted the current state of affairs. Whether the cartridge was thoroughly tested prior to sale is anyone's guess and likely a futile exercise to suss out.
  6. Ridiculous when posted at $15K, now raised to $25K same-day. Not even curious what sum he's fishing to get here: WATA DK NIB
  7. I sense the subtext of this thread is sour grapes...
  8. Well, no. Though, I suppose with the current bubble on sales on eBay, in the short term that might bear out.
  9. Yes, this, but that particular one is GROSSLY overpriced.
  10. It's "per se", not "per say". Turnabout is fair play and all that...
  11. Looks like the version that was sold through AtariAge a while back, no?
  12. It's his project, not yours. If you can better it, do. If not, please don't speak for every "fan". Thanks.
  13. Ditto. I took myself off the waitlist in early July after private confirmation there was no difference from the original run, with respect to the game itself. Change of plans?
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