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  1. You must not have followed the youtube link (within the listing) that establishes a connection back to CollectorVision ...
  2. I'd guess it might do harm to any relationship the seller has with CollectorVision re: supply chain, unless (a) he's getting out of the game and/or doesn't care; or (b) approval was given to list the mystery game. It went quickly at a price below what it might have obtained, so perhaps the idea was to fly it under the radar in a fire sale.
  3. I do believe Antarctic Adventure (at the least) is problematic w/ F18a present.
  4. Huh, thought this was frowned upon: Members-Only Game
  5. That appears to be the C64 version of the cartridge and manual paired with the Atari 8-bit box. I unfortunately already have the C64 version on cartridge, as well, and I'm not sure if I'd be interested in the A8bit box without the corresponding manual.
  6. I might be interested in the the CIB (depending on condition) if L. Tyler is not. I'll get in line. That would free up my personal copy of the cartridge to possibly hand over to L. Tyler. Win win?
  7. Ahem, I was trying to be subtle about what you two have dragged out into the open...
  8. Yes, there's usually a pattern to his listings, though the seller seems to have skipped one or two cycles in the usual routine. There has been repetition / re-listings of certain items that might raise eyebrows (went high with a questionable bid history, then reappeared a month or so later), which may or may not have been discussed elsewhere here in the past. But when this seller lists, it is usually a flood.
  9. The first line of the listing: "I have no idea what I have" ... but let's open things up @ $399.99 ?! Should I laugh or cry? (ETA: I'd rather wager $70 on the frighteningly large collection of pistol holsters from the same seller.)
  10. This is getting released again? (Seriously, search the forums here for Fireman, it's discussed elsewhere. I imagine the ROM is also available somewhere.)
  11. Yes, actually, this very cartridge I have seen exchange hands on eBay over the years on at least three occasions (including the auction from which I imagine you acquired it). I could be mistaken, but that decal is lifted from a replacement set for Expansion Module #2 (the steering wheel).
  12. I'm trying not to appreciate the sly keyword stuffing here (Item Specifics -> Features): https://www.ebay.com/itm/ColecoVision-Controller-Replacement-Cords/333598996135
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