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  1. Care to share the controller layout, then, or will it be as with Front Line SCE?
  2. I don't have a horse of any color in this, but this statement vastly oversimplified matters. It is an interesting interpretation of how first sale doctrine present in many regions might apply (or not) by treating the physical mechanism of a solid state cartridge as nothing more than an access dongle, but to my knowledge, one that doesn't fit existing precedent in such a broad manner absent quite a few other pre-conditions.
  3. Neither have I, despite a ship notice from 29 September, about which I've been meaning to get around to ask.
  4. PM sent with requested details. I believe I misexplained what little information I received from PayPal with the refund. It was not manually returned. Payment was not manually approved within the 30-day window, and was thus returned (by PayPal) for lack of action from Cote Gamers' recipient account.
  5. Same question, different spin: my payment from August 1 for a pre-ordered copy was refunded September 1 with no reason given and no response to a direct inquiry placed through the website. I was under the impression at time of payment that the game was ready to ship.
  6. As expected, the preconfigured mapping would only permit 1-player/difficulty-1, then. Thanks.
  7. Without keypad functionality, unless hot-swapping controllers or using something like a Champ Adaptor, how to select numeric difficulty level / # of players to progress to actual gameplay (as with the bulk of 80s-era games), though? The "most games" work and "I chose a configuration that I found to be very common" seem potentially problematic ... curious as to whether that means the start button is mapped to enter a sequence that selects (only) one-player, difficulty-one. That the seller/maker cannot be bothered to list out crucial details is unfathomable.
  8. My understanding is that some "SGM" games are playable on the ADAM in cases where the only thing required is the additional memory space afforded by the SGM, though that recollection could be faulty and even if correct, I'm not certain anyone has compiled a list of such games playable on an ADAM without use of the SGM. (Did the email messenger for the forums auto-translate from Italian? Neat.)
  9. Apparent outlier here: 12.5' w/o 2'-4' allowance above (so 14.5' - 16.5').
  10. The 100 copies include the reservations? Also, use this mechanism for reserved copies or will those who reserved receive separate instructions? Thanks.
  11. No, I got that. The point I don't think I made clear is that opening with (and reiterating) "am I wasting my time here?" signals something else entirely.
  12. I see. If its purpose is to serve as an archive, is the question whether it's not needed given the lack of direct submissions? What I'm trying to wrap my mind around is the basis for your sense it might be a waste of your time/resources/whatever. Is there a target submission or usage rate that you feel warrants continuing with the site? Or is this a gentle reminder that the site as such exists?
  13. (Don't traffic on Facebook, so this is news to me...) I guess I don't understand the question w/r/t time-wasting at first glance. I had taken the primary purpose of the site as making ADAM software accessible to others. Granted, I haven't plumbed the depths of what's there now, but is it possible there are few contributions made thus far because the bulk of it is already available there? It's also unclear to me where the "here" is that people put things on rather than post them to adamarchive.org ... Facebook? AtariAge? Elsewhere? I assume you're scooping those materials up and placing them on your site manually (maybe not), so I don't know whether the problem is lack of input or lack of interest on the part of others to cross-post to your site without your direct intervention. Or am I missing some larger issue?
  14. The box was fashioned years later. You are correct that it was not part of the original distribution.
  15. It is the "Go to this post" link in the Text/PLAIN message part. AFAIK, there's no way to receive "just" plaintext email now for notifications as with the prior version of the forum software ... or at least I can't seem to locate a configurable option to enable such. I posted an issue ticket in another forum here about that. Notifications are sent multipart text+HTML now. I typically use (AL)PINE, and when unavailable, any other agent configured to prioritize the text body over the HTML, where possible. The issue doesn't stem from choice of email reader, though. I'll PM you a complete example email.
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