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  1. Art. Go to the suckadelic site for info. This is the fourth I have seen on Ebay over the past few years.
  2. ...which would be useful to those who either avoid Facebook or aren't part of a seemingly private Group there.
  3. My memory might stretch back farther, but this is the third bagged/sealed Bumpman I clearly recall on eBay. One of the other two was in a lot. A typical year usually brings one or two loose copies to eBay, with or within lots. As with most things, timing is pretty much everything to see, let alone bid, on the listings. In all cases, there's more than a fair chance of recirculation at play. For this one, I figured an easy $500 - $600 given the market climate. What is got is quite a stretch, but I've seen far, far worse cases of bid inflation relative to usual pricing over the past year or two for items that are far, far, far more commonplace.
  4. Missed a few, then, on eBay at least, in that timeframe.
  5. Guess someone chose to ignore not selling the "secret" games out in the open...
  6. Hm... Tarzan Prototype Cartridge Set for Atari 2600 SUPER RARE (sold within minutes)
  7. There are no hookups to be had. Just the SGM. OpCode might still be taking preorders for the upcoming run. Anyone know for certain?
  8. In all fairness to you, this was not your approach in the past. Speaking from direct, personal experience, my first encounter with your moderation approach led me to reach out by PM to you to explain grounds for deletion of a post of mine without comment. My request was met with a string of meme GIFs that did nothing to reveal what prompted deletion in the first place, as well as a promise to ban me from AtariAge for raising the topic of moderation. My second encounter with your heavy-handedness later on led me to reconsider my degree of participation on the forums altogether. Good to hear of the change in your response to feedback. In all fairness to this thread, this entire discussion (though clearly of interest to many) is out-of-place with respect to its stated topic, the CollectorVision Phoenix. Is there any way to disentangle one from the other at this point, to regain the original focus of the discussion?
  9. I'm guessing that email address should read "[email protected]"?
  10. Were the Boulder Dash sources extracted from those diskettes, as well?
  11. The bilingual packaging exists, but if that is what's required (which I understand), ping me a month from now for pictures of this particular box ... though I'd expect someone else should step forward before then, as it's not *that* obscure.
  12. Yes, there exists distinct Canadian packaging of Tarzan. Is there, apart from the TeleGames version? I've never seen other than the black-box bilingual release, which may or may not be plastered with an external label for Sydney Games. I can't check my own a/t/m, but I believe the differences are largely confined to the reverse of the box, though I have a sneaking suspicion that the platform banner on the face of the box differs slightly, as well. At least one Canadian 2049er was floating around eBay the past month or so, and it's likely NIAD's filestore contains an image set for its exterior packaging.
  13. 1000x this. It is the behavior I see in the pre-production boards for Fall Guy that have come my way. FWIW, CoolCV displays the pre-game screen in the ROM you posted, @Pixelboy.
  14. I possess several such "black label" cartridges. My assumption is that they originated with eColeco. This is what the cartridge internals should look like, which doesn't match the TeleGames constructions I've seen ... but I could be wrong.
  15. Is it possible to ensure that vital communications are not restricted solely to Facebook? I'm a member of the Club, but left Facebook long, long ago and have zero interest in going anywhere near it again. Thanks.
  16. Couple concerns here: How is one to be certain that the cartridge matched to a two-piece box is original to that packaging unless personally purchased back then or taken from an unsealed NOS copy? When is it reasonable to trust that any second-hand CIB hasn't just been cobbled together from available components? Is there more to the working assumption that the two-piece packaging uniformly differs from other distributions, with respect to the cartridge internals? Just trying to wrap my head around this.
  17. It is not clear what you intend in full by the phrase "these kinds of issues" above, or what level of incidence you consider extremely rare, but I've encountered scores of cartridges exhibiting operational faults unrelated to connection/console issues. Whether original manufacturing error or from the passage of time, it happens.
  18. Idle question: is there a known reason, technical or otherwise, to mirror chunks of ROM data like this, rather than merely fill unused portions with dummy values?
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