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  1. I'm following your hint ... just at the begin with sprite definition ... Joust.AVI
  2. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ... That's amazing stuff to work with ... at the moment I followed the suggestion to use XB and then in case to compile it . At the moment I'm still working on sprite definition ... Please consider I'm really newbie a this is only a pure and unpretentious execize... but your stuff is a enourmous source of info for me ... an heartfelt thank you ... Joust.AVI
  3. Unfortunately you're completely right ... I'm from Milan in Lombardy (Italy) ... I call this moment "the Soft Apocalyse" but it's real and true ... here the lockdown is still complete (almost until begin of May ... as governament stated) only in this week the number of infected/death seem to be stabilized but to much early to say it ... Now ithis plague is turning around the world ... please keep safe and stay healthy at your houses the only way to stop the tsunami take care Francesco
  4. 😟 I Easy to say but I'm a real newbie and I never developed with assembly language, so my insane idea was to start from a semi-finished product and work on it to learn and do something extraordinary for me. I understand that you want to urge me to do everything from scratch 😄... but with a wife and a little girl around who constantly call me this idea more than a program will become a challenge As you will have understood, I am gradually approaching this wonderful world of TI99 not only as a user / videogame player ... I would have a curiosity: in addition to having a fully functional TI99/4A (+ FG99 + 32K exp.) I obviously use Classic99 emulator ... so here the stupid question : wouldn't it be possible to use the debugger to recover the source? sorry for my bad english but I hope I explained myself
  5. thanks a lot would be nice ... my stupid idea is to use it and substitute the butterfly sprite with the Joust one... if you don't have exactly the source code but something similar tht can be used would be perfect... Stupid question ... a sort of reverse engeneering it is not possible starting from the execution of the program ? or from the .bin file ... a sort of disassembly .. thanks once again for your help Regards Francesco
  6. Dear Sirs ... Is there a pious soul among you who would have the program source of the Nature Way cart (naturec.bin) ... I am a true beginner and I would be interested in understanding how the movement of the butterfly sprite was made. Thanks in advance for your kindness and support All my best and stay healthy Francesco
  7. WOW GREAT PRESENTATION! Thanks a lot ... even if in the best case I will understand 1/3 of the all
  8. That's a pity ... please consider me in case you find another ... thanks and regards Francesco
  9. Hello Jumpthecup, I would be really interested in buying your "piece"... Please let me know If it is still available and in case let me know on how to proceed I'm fully available... Thanks and Regards Francesco
  10. yes of course ... I'm sorry since I skipped totally the "real work" .... the hardest part of the whole "cake" ... just as curiosity how long did take this project .. i mean from the concept to the "executable" ? thanks again for your feedback
  11. Thanks anyway .. I had to make the attempt ... I will wait for some new "wonder things" from you ... amaze us again stay healthy and Ciao Francesco PS. I can imagine the effort ... collect orders...prepare the cartdrige ... prepare the shipment ... the delivery .. and maybe even some complaints... I can understand you I would have done the same... 31/5000
  12. Dear Tursi, Any chance for the future for some new Cartridge release ... sorry I arrived only one here in late ... but never known ... anyway how to reach you with a private message ? what is TalkPAP ? Thank you for your valuable work with TI99 Best Regards and greeting from Italy Francesco
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