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  1. thanks for sharing ... good job ! now let's wait for some top player high score ...
  2. Hi Pete no way to share the code of the demoscene? For me this demo is rocket-science stuff I would be very interested on how it works ... where/what is the starting point to create such demo ... The best for me is a sort of tutoria thread that explain step by step how to create this demo ... but I know I'm asking the impossible ... anyway that would be very helpfull to have a look to the coding ... Thanks once again for your commintent with this wonderfull AMachineMakeEverything system All my best for a great year end... for 2021 better to say nothing Francesco
  3. that's exactly this 512K that make me confused (with all the rest LOL) .... to much wizardry here ... KiB stand for Kbits ? I know that my explanation is at kid-garden level ... but help me and I will grow up quickly ... I'm reading tons of document/books and i need time to metabolize but with practical example everything is boosted... @Asmusr : no way to have an example of one frame from the demo? Thanks for your patience and your time Sincerely Francesco
  4. ... but in which memory area did you stored all the 180 frames. just to simplify ... then you load the first two frames in the buffers and then load/dispaly the name table with the content of the first buffer and then load the second one in the and in the mean time you get a new frame from the "frames staging area" and so on all this into an infinite loop ? something like that? or I'm very far from...
  5. What is meant for double buffering ?
  6. thanks and once again I completely missed the explanation in teh Roto-zoom animation threads... thanks also for the hint but now it's a challenge for me I will do the "graphics" by myself ... thanks once again also for yor patience...
  7. Thanks a lot Rasmus above all for your patience... just to get an idea ... how many "pictures" (frames) did you produced to get this animation and on average what as the "dimension" in bytes... If I well understood you did it with Magellan ... No way to have also the Magellan File? ... Thanks as usual
  8. but normally the "graphics" should be in the source code right? I exactly placed the breakboint at >6020 and the step by step I found that code was little different from the source ... maybe I was wrong... Let me try to compile with xas99 ... but even without the "graphics" do you think that assembly step will work ? Thanks and have a nice weekend sorry for boring you ..would you like to describe high level your source code (like the documentation for the smoothscrolling that was very brillant)
  9. Thanks as usual Rasmus ... that's what I mean for sharing the knowledge! Do you mind if I will come back to you with some questions? Have a nice day/night whatever you're placed .... in the mean time I tried to compile decoder.a99 with winasm99 but no no success ... undefined symbol for FRM2 and undefined opcode XORG I had also debuged rotozoom8.bin but the disassembly is quite different from decoder.a99 Maybe I'm missing something but I was not able to find in the source code the "graphic" part deinition ... where I'm doing wrong... maybe should be better to move the discussion to the Roto-zoom animation thread ? or email thanks
  10. Thanks a lot Rasmus , thanks for your usual support and patience ... from your hints I guess I've understood the main principle of roto-zoom demo ... If you don't mind and you still have the code , I kindly ask you if you can share the code of roto-zoom demo with your illuminant explation or remarks ... I'm very interested on the basis of the demo ... The TI hat-demo works on the same concept of roto-zoom ? Thanks once again for your help All my best Francesco
  11. Thanks Gentelman I knew that I was not alone ... The only point is that my background is very poor so please I kindly ask you for some "high-level" hints and simplify the explanation id possible... I'm interested from the concept to possible techniques that allows to develop a demo like the Rasmus one (that's very very close to the C64) ... I know he's a generous guy that would kindly share the code of his demo ... that would be very helpfull for me to study... I'm not interested to realize exactly the C64 demo but to learn how to... the demo from Rasmus would be the perfect start for me Even some documentation/books or links that could help me to learn this techniques are welcome... and of course your suggestions but for a dummy level like mine... Why don't start a new thread as tutorial (like Matthew thread for Assembly) : demo for dummy or demo from scratch ... Thanks once again for your time e patience Ciao Francesco
  12. I'm pretty sure that is possible for some TI99 guru (maybe with less color) ... but someone could help me to understand how this demo could be realized? In my heart I can undestand that is not rocket science but how/where to start ? any hints from the TI99ers guru ? even something of high level... thanks a lot in advance for your patience and thanks for sharing your knoledge
  13. Hi All, What's the minimal "equipment" requested here ? Emulator ? Tools ? Thanks and Ciao FP
  14. I love you guy but nothing comparable with the version of Retroclouds ... did you notice the difference ?!? .... one is colecoxyz and one is TI99 arcade like...
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