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  1. just some performance improvement .... I'd like to insert some nice sound effect for example when enemy bullet "shave" the hero... like in the original game ... soundtrack still missing Friend adviced to implement joystick so keyboard is no loger available (playing with keyboard on Classic99 you can use right and left arrows and Q=fire) There are some intentional bugs like badguy on extremely left is immortal .... and funny easteregg that slow down the motion ... sometimes the hero bullet cross the border but I didn't find the way to overcome the issue... at the moment my record is 840 Pts ... the bounty hunt is open and waits for you From XB... OLD GSV13-X RUN GSV13-X.zip
  2. I'm very interested with this technique but I didn't usterstand nothing ,,, can you please provide a step by step example/eplanation on how to implement it ,,, an easy example would be very help full... thanks a lot in advance for your kindly help
  3. did you tried all 3 levels ? ... because "fast" can be tuned easly ...
  4. attached a draft version of the game I hope playable ... I'm still searching for a good sound effects and sound track (I thought that the motiv of magnificent seven 1960 could be nice ) anyone would like to contribute ? Any suggestion is welcome and please let me know in case of severe bugs... some adjustment ongoing are - check coincidence and distances - AI improvement OLD DSKx.GSV11-X RUN GSV11-X.zip
  5. about sound track? any MP3 already compressed for xB256? thanks and ciao
  6. Hello, Some one of you gentlemen have a nice sound effect for gun shot and nice sound track ... It will be mentioned in the game credits thanks gentlemen
  7. Currently I'm using Classic99 QI399.031 but also with the last version QI399.043 I got the same . Anyway with the DATA comment removing everthing was fine ... Thanks once again for your help
  8. You're right the issue was due to the comments at the end of DATA statements... the curious thing was that in XB256 worked well despite the comments... anyway THANKS once agan... let's contnue
  9. I just compiled the same version of the program and when try to shot in addition to sprite #8 that is the bullet also sprites #1 and #2 run away ... only a new movement left or right compact again the sprites.... I don't understand .. It's really a pity .. I'm stand still again ... what's your opinion ... attached the video and the program source GSTEST2_Compiled.AVI GSV10.txt
  10. HI Falcon ... finally I decided to review completely the approach and the code ... guess that using CALL MOTION was basically the problem above al in terms of graphical result of the movement... So I simply considered the high speed of the compiled version and using a simple CALL SPRITE... Compared the original version (let's say that I consider the original version the one in the 2nd video in the 1st pge of this thread) and the result is quite similar ... I'm really happy with the result ...just playing with the run parameters I count to obtain the good balance with the sprite movements ... Sofinally I by-passed the issue and show must go on ... now I'm preparing the AI of the game that despite is very simple for me it's an hard task since as I said it's my first experience... Anyway here you can find the video of the speed test .. I count to create and test the compiled version and test it tomorrow... Please when will be the moment I Kindly ask you assistance with sound effect and sound track ... (please) Thanks a lot for your time and commitment GSTEST2_Classic99.AVI
  11. I simplified the code from the SUBs unused ... should be easier to read ... I'm agree with you that probably it will be a stupid detail ... but it's my very first experience with XB256 and compiled version so please excuse me thanks for your patient and time ... but XB256 added to compiled version velocity it's an letal cocktail.... I'm ready with the background and the ideally with the movement of the heros... I've already some idea for the enemy ... but soundtrack will be very hard for me ... I kindly ask you support with this or suggestion ... or even a pre-made soundtrack if available ... and the sound of the shot ... Thanks and Ciao gunsmoke XB256_test_sprite_V2 - Copy.txt
  12. S=Left D=Righ L=Shot (don't work) X=Exit if you press 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 the position of the corresponding sprite is displayed there are a couple of SUB usefull for debug/tracing the pgm XDEBUG = prints 5 variable XWAIT(0) = stop pgm execution
  13. Here we are... I did some test and it seems that with the compiled version I get issue ... I checked the reserved name for SUB for variable in XB256, try to make the correct steps for the compiling.. but despite this I get two different result with the XB256 version of GSTEST XB256 pgm. and the same pgm but compiled .... see AVI attached ... enclose also the source code maybe some one could keep an eye and provide suggestions for prformance improvement ... (I already considered the definitio for the all sprite left and right and using CALL PATTERN but I would lke to see the result with the compiled version before may is enough fast to manage the reload of the patterns in the same char set)... All recommendation are welcome... PS: parameters DELAY = delay with CALL PATTERN for the run sequence of the sprites YVEL = CALL MOTION displacement for the sprites COORD X and Y = initial X,Y coodinate of the sprite DELSPRITE = sprite deletion before pattern reload for sprites left side / rightside 1=Sprite delete ative COLOR = Sprite color CALL LOAD = CALL LINK("SYNC",xx) 1=activate che Sync TIME= xx in the CALL LINK("SYNC",xx) 1/TIME Sec GSTEST_XB256.AVI GSTEST_XB256_compiled.AVI gunsmoke XB256_test_sprite - Copy.txt
  14. uhmmm .... I'm a little bit confused ... you mean that I could define the pattern for characters from 32 to 143 with CALL CHAR and use them for the sprite and at same time define the same set of characters 32 to 143 with CALL LINK("CHAR2") with no overlaping issue ? obviously in XB256 and SCRN2 "mode"
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