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  1. Sorry, my post directly above was a reply to first page of this post: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281462-retron-77-community-build-image/
  2. Hi, Although pressing the fry button gets you back to the Stella menu, you still have to press it everytime to start a different rom. One possible suggestion, which I have not tried, is the microbot push button device. This device will push a button for you remotely. Just attach it to the RetroN 77. If anyone purchases this let everyone know if it worked. Available on Amazon as well. Hope this helps. https://microbot.is/push/
  3. Yep, should have reworded. Sorry about that.
  4. I discovered this hack, by accident, while playing Space Jockey. Sorry if this is old news (or maybe new news after about 40 years), but if you place your ship in the exact area I left it in the video below, you can walk away from the game, come back at any time, and you would never have died. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/0tDjzlU6stnLvzAiFyTRBN3CicKwf1omeEQyFUSwcJM Let me know what you think. Thanks
  5. Meaning I have never heard of the site before, it makes a reference to a gambling site on the main page, and it does not include Commodore 64. I thought that was strange.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the following site is legit: https://www.video-games-museum.com/en Thanks
  7. Hello all, Not sure if this is just old news, but the LAKKA OS seems, to me, to be the best way to view/manipulate Atari roms. Meaning, the roms aspect ratio can be changed to almost anything you want. Being able to play any Atari 2600 Rom, in a 16:9 aspect ratio in full true HD, gives you the best modern viewing experience for these games. I play the roms, thru the Lakka OS, which is installed on a modern Intel PC as the sole dedicated operating system. Although the latest Atari Flashback 8 HD does a good job as well, the aspect ratio of the games is not great as they don't fill the screen. With this emulator, you can even view box art while flipping thru your list of games. If you like to experiment you can install the OS on a Rasberry Pi, or eqivalent, and fit it inside the original case of an Atari 2600. For more information see the site below. http://www.lakka.tv/ Enjoy!
  8. Was not sure where to post this, but it has a good amount of Atari game/cart info: https://gamesdb.laun...atforms/games/6
  9. Was not sure where to post this, but it has a good amount of Atari game/cart info: https://gamesdb.laun...atforms/games/6
  10. Was not sure where to post this, but it has a good amount of Atari game/cart info: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/platforms/games/6
  11. Decent site for Atari game lots: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/search/SearchKey.asp?itemtitle=Atari+2600+&showthumbs=on&buynow=off&sortBy=itemEndTime&sortOrder=a&closed=&sellerid=all&srchdesc=&month=&day=&year=&days=0&itemSellerStore=
  12. I need some help here. Has anyone seen the following site before or know if the games they sell are actually new CIB games? http://www.nintendosforsale.com/atari-2600-games-s/1970.htm?searching=Y&sort=7&cat=1970&show=30&page=1 I just took a look at the about page and may have answered my own question, but I am still not sure why used games would be so expensive.
  13. Um, that's a great question. What do you suggest?
  14. Thanks for your help Nukey Shay! I looked further on the forums, before you answered, and matched the screenshots to the titles here: http://www.atariage.com/company_page.html?SystemID=2600&CompanyID=8
  15. I have the Atari 2600 carts of the 3 games shots attached. The labels fell off long ago. However, I don't remember the name of each game. Can anyone help?
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