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    Collecting consoles and hardware is my passion and as far as games its more quality over quantity, mainly because the consoles take up so much room. Becoming a big Intellivision fan so that's what I'm currently working on.
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    For October its been Luigi's Mansion on Gamecube
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    Toss up between FF7 or FF9...
  1. Just snagged a 4 port off eBay last week and added fresh power mod and vcs mod. 0093435 SV-412
  2. Scored a 2609 for cheap with a bad transformer. Anybody have a good spare to sell?
  3. On my first wedding anniversary trip but still had to run Maze a Tron at our cabin!! Stupid sideways pics...
  4. Looking for junk Intellivision controller from any model but Intellivision 2.
  5. I bit the bullet and ordered one ten minutes ago. At least still in stock as of then.
  6. From the other day http://atariage.com/forums/topic/284501-looking-for-an-intellivision-av-mod-kit/ RetroFixes kit is in stock currently. Oh sorry I just noticed what you said about the PAL version.
  7. Yep got the email. Gotta wait till Friday... payday
  8. Congrats!! That's awesome!! Looks perfect!
  9. I picked up my odyssey 2 at my local retro store just about two weeks ago. They have bins behind the counter of trade-ins they take in and one bin is considered "retro" and full of stuff that nobody else seems to want so they never make time to test or clean any of it up. One day I walk in and notice this gray box with a keyboard and started asking questions... A week later she came home with me and works like a champ.
  10. How often are the lists updated? I submitted my consoles a couple weeks ago and added my info to join the brotherhood.
  11. Wound up biting the bullet and ordering the 2600-dapter D9. Since it can do so many controllers I can make good use of it with my raspberry pi. I appreciate everyone's input a lot.
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