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  1. Take a look at this pic see a my 800xl is doin this? Any help would be great.
  2. Atari 600xl . Inop $15.00 plus ship
  3. Woohoo at last. I will take 2 print heads an one ink roller.
  4. i have several items from him. Once I ordered the wrong item. He made it right before here ever got his item back. He is a good guy. Glade we have him to support our habit.
  5. I can say a few things about Steve an his site an items. I have bought several items from Steve. Yes he is slow to respond to emails. Yes he is slow to ship. Heck my last order I screwed up my self. Yes It took a while to get it straight. But he did an made it right. Give the guy s break. No one know his situations but him. But we better be happy that he an a select few others even bother to sale this old outdated junk we love so much. So give him some slack an say thanks.
  6. I am currently using an SX212 with my 800xl. I just purchased a US Robotics Courier 56K modem, cx-87 cable an a 850. What software do I need to use on this modem? Any help would be great thanks.
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