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    All things Atari. A little about my avatar graphic. Back in the 80's I coded an intro of an animated Atari Fuji symbol crushing the Commodore logo. The friendly rivalry continues...
  1. The site looks really nice! Keep up the good work. I used to service Atari gear back in the late 80's.
  2. Yep, used a keyboard modded 400, 800XL, and 130XE in high school in the science/electronics lab. Apple ]['s were used everywhere else. The electronics teacher was really into typing in the Dvorak keyboard layout, so I programmed a Dvorak keyboard handler for the Atari 8 bits. I have fond memories of those days.
  3. Such a great film, I love it. Ricardo Montalban is spot on in his portrayal of the titular antagonist. Kahn has always been my favorite Star Trek villain.
  4. I got my first 2600 from a friend who had a friend who worked at Atari. It was a refurbished six switch version. I played the heck out of Demon Attack on it.
  5. Got mine today! It is so very tiny and cute compared to other SIO drive emulators. I highly recommend! I can't wait to give it a try.
  6. I have got one of those needing a new transformer, diodes, and capacitors. A future fun project I am sure.
  7. A very nice clean design! Well done! I built an 8085 based single board computer back in the day.
  8. Stayed for the vintage computer festival on that weekend. It was great! I saw some really cool Atari mods. Lots of cool vintage computer hardware on display. The Atari table won the prize for most complete display. The Monster 6502 project won best of show.
  9. Thanks!! I can't wait for the fun to begin! I replied wth my email address. Sorry for the delay in my response.
  10. Friday August 4, 2017 - Today!! 5PM to 9PM Experience Some of the World’s Earliest Video Games. In partnership with The MADE and The Vintage Computer Festival, Friday Nights @CHM is hosting a vintage game night! Get the chance to play classic video games on an Amiga 4000, an Apple IIGS, a PDP-1, and our Galaxy Game console. If you can’t make it, experience Spacewar, the first known video game ever on Twitch starting at 5 p.m. Computer History Museum 1401 N. Shoreline Boulevard Mountain View, CA 94043 No registration required.
  11. I did too. Are you going to the event today at CHM? I will post about it.
  12. I would like one fully assembled in the case too please. The build quality looks great! Keep up the good work! Thank you!!
  13. I have too many of those Flashback things.
  14. Friday, June 23, 2017 Film Screening of 'Easy to Learn, Hard to Master" and Q&A with Filmmaker Bruno Grampa and Narrator Bil Herd Atari has an impressive collection of “firsts”: it is responsible for producing the first coin-operated video game, the first general-purpose console to win the market, and one of the first marriages between the video game and movie industries. It was also the fastest-growing company in US history at its peak and contributed to a crash that reshaped the video game industry. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master follows the story of Atari and the dynamic team that charted the company’s course. Produced by The 8bit Generation Project, the film features interviews with Nolan Bushnell, Allan Alcorn, Warner VP Manny Gerard, and Former Atari CEO Ray Kassar. The 8bit Generation Project is dedicated to research, collection, and presentation of history from the era of the 8-bit microprocessor, popular in machines from the early 1970s to the end of the 1980s. Executive Producer Bruno Grampa and Narrator Bil Herd will join Museum CEO John Hollar for audience Q&A. Join us for Friday Nights @CHM before the program! Enjoy dinner at Off the Grid's street food market and drinks from our Cloud Bistro. Museum exhibits are open from 5 to 9 p.m. Computer History Museum 1401 N Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043 650.810.1010 http://www.computerhistory.org/directions/
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