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  1. Are you sure they aren’t just European 410s? All 410s over here (UK) use the separate 6v adaptor, but all the 410s I’ve ever had from the states have been hard wired.
  2. I’d better call the whole thing off! Thanks all, I’ll get one without the brick, good to know power is a separate unit on US 810s! Always seemed odd the US 410 has a hard wired mains plug.
  3. Hi all, I'm thinking of picking up an 810 to go with my 48k 400 (which has a working 410). They are really rare here in the UK so I was wondering if there are any differences between the US and UK versions beyond the voltage? Thanks in advance for any tips!
  4. I’ve just bought a dead 1010 on eBay for £9 which has 2 good sockets on it!
  5. I have a 3D printer too, I'll keep en eye out for the right gauge pins!
  6. Hi all, I've had a missing pin for ages in the data port at the side of my Atari 400 (where the disk drive or cassette plugs in) and it still worked...but now another has dropped off through wear and it no longer functions! Is there; A. An off the shelf replacement for these sockets. B. A tutorial in making and soldering new pins. I really don't want to spend the next year looking for a donor computer!
  7. yep, got the sticky option key to work now (someone probably spilled a can of Quatro on it in the 80s), scanning the full amount now. Was using the BYE command before which was running the test without freeing basic memory.
  8. Ahh ok! I'm too used to my 48k 400... not up to speed with this modern technology! Presumably because I initiated the test from basic using the BYE command? The option key is a bit temperamental but I'll keep jiggling it until it works.
  9. I've just noticed that typing ?FRE(0) also seems to return 37902... the correct number for a 48k machine! Did Atari release 48k XLs in the UK?! Or do I just have some missing memory?
  10. Hi all, I just picked up an XL cheap. It all seems to be functioning and I was planning to refurbish and clean the case and keys. But I'm getting an odd result on the RAM test. Only 40 boxes appear, all green, before it loops round and re-tests each one. Does this mean a chip is completely missing?
  11. Memory card and video card both installed! 400 now thinks it's an 800
  12. Just finished my install of this and the memory upgrade. 400 is now happily running Mercenary, Escape for Targ with a beautiful sharp image! These were a must have for me as I really wanted (most of) the capabilities of an 800, but really love the design of the 400.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I now have both of his cards installed - 48/52k card and his amazing s-video CPU card (wow, crystal sharp image now!). My 400 now thinks it's an 800!
  14. Thanks, but that's the piggyback method I'm trying to avoid. According to the guy supplying the kit I've pictured you can simply pop the original chips out and replace, not piggyback solder on top of the original chips. Here's the link to the kit. Says you replace chips, not piggyback. But sadly not available to me in the UK. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-400-48k-RAM-Memory-Upgrade-Parts-/222663061346?hash=item33d7c0af62:g:DnwAAOSwCU1Y4WoV
  15. Hi all, I have a standard UK PAL 400 with 16k and I'd really like to upgrade to 48k. Sadly Best Electronics ran out of their upgrades a couple of years ago so I only have a few options left! 1. Is anyone selling an upgrade kit to the UK? 2. If not, then can anyone help me source the components and instructions I need? I'm not keen on the work/risk involved with the piggy back method but I've heard that, as I have a socketed board, I can simply replace the chips rather than solder on top of them. I've seen this kit on ebay US... but sadly it's not available for shipping to the UK. Anyone know what the hidden components are and how I go about fitting them all?
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