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  1. Yes. I'm sorry. I meant additional money. I have bought about 5 roms already. It's just about expanding your market or doing some kindness for those without a real console. Anyway, The final decision is theirs and I will respect it. I'm just a bit down and and wanted to say something. Be well all!
  2. I think all intellivision homebrews should be available for purchase as roms. The sellers can make more money that way. I have an emulator with real intv controllers, but don't have an intellivision itself. People like me would buy the roms. oh well. These are old arguments.
  3. It's fixed. I had to open up the bottom and reconnect the loose usb end that went to the controllers. all is dandy Thanks again for the fast reply Mr. Me.
  4. Ok....i had troubles with this and it was repaired by someone else. I think. Everything works with the keyboard..but the flashback intellivision controllers/gamepads are not recognized. Gamepads not detected. Could something have gotten disconnected inside the flashback? I don't understand. The flashback intv controllers are not working with the intellivision emulation. I currently have the system set up for atari 2600, colecovision, intellivision and atari 7800. I almost always play the intellivision emulation. Be well everyone. I hope someone can figure this out. The Intellivision controllers do not work with anything now. They are not detected. -Doug it also doesn't recognize the intv controllers with the atari 7800 emulation retroarch menu. Just the keyboard again.
  5. If there are any Nightstalker boxes around anywhere, I'm interested in that, myself Doug in California
  6. Same thing for latest Sydney Hunter game and go sub.
  7. Why not sell the rom with serial number or something so if it is passed around you know who did it?
  8. Ok. Very interesting. I once had slam dunk..i thought that one did, but my memory could have failed me.
  9. Hi, Can we trade overlays here? I was wondering if we could? I can trade one of the following overlays: Astrosmash B-17 Bomber Buzz Bombers AD&D (Cloud mountain/Crown of Kings) Demon Attack Minotaur/AD&D Tarmin Night Stalker Sub Hunt Word Fun Word Fun (2 of them) I'm looking for: Auto Racing Bomb Squad Bowling Chip Shot Golf Slam Dunk Basketball (1 or 2) Golf Tennis Thunder Castle Triple Action Dracula Microsurgeon Land Attack? homebrew? others...but not as important please msg me if you want to trade.
  10. Hi. The atari2600 and colecovision will sometimes freeze while playing. I don't know why it does this. To resume the game in Atari2600 is to press button 7 and for Colecovision, buttons 0andor 9 and sometimes that will reset the game as well. This doesn't always happen, sometimes the game just resumes. When i hit f1 while in the the tg16 emulator . Quick menu controller config says that controller 1 and 2 are mapped to pce controllers. There is no option to change this to retropad /gamepad. That's probably why the tg16 doesn't work at all with the intellivison controllers. It only works with the keyboard. I'm using the coleco turbo hacked rom. thanks for that. So that's what's going on. The intellivision emulation is flawless. Thanks Todd. Mr. Me, I wish someone as clever as yourself lived near me in Los Angeles. I could just bring the thing over to him/her and hope they can update the thing to retropie 4 and customize it for my controllers. But lacking that, I hope you/me/we/us can figure how to fix these minor problems. I thank you very much even if we do not. sincerely, Douglas [email protected] -Doug
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