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  1. Apologies, I thought I'd replied to this earlier, clearly didn't hit send. Yes, I think you can put it in any way round. This is the replacement I used: https://uk.farnell.com/kemet/sbcp-11hy681h/inductor-680uh-10-0-55a-radial/dp/3011740?CMP=i-ddd7-00001003 Whether it was right or not...! The Lynx still works so I assume it was okay.
  2. So it's actually L17 on the board, and it's a 68uH inductor. Got there in the end!
  3. It's not a capacitor is it? Some sort of coil maybe?
  4. Hi All, I wonder if some kind soul could help me out. I'm recapping my Lynx 2, and in my haste I removed C22. Now I can't find a reference to this anywhere on the interwebs, apart from removing it if you're installing a new lcd! I managed to fish the old one out of the bin, but the markings on it don't tell me a lot. 680 1k? I'm going to guess 680uf, but no idea on the voltage rating. Or in fact, which is positive or negative... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Oof Rescue looks awesome!

  6. My website should be running correctly at last. No idea how long it's been broken like this!
  7. Yeah the original was quite odd. Similar to Shamus in a way. The idea in the original is to rescue your little helicopter pal on each level. In this one you rescue an Oof (which is basically what my son has named these little stuffed toys he has - I think they're actually Puffles from Club Disney!) So in a nutshell, on each level you have to find the keys, unlock the doors and rescue an Oof. The question marks are random bonuses, but you can also lose points, so it's a bit of a lottery. Shoot everything else. The lamps will kill all the enemies if you shoot them. You get a maximum of 4 lives. The pulsating things are extra lives, but you'll get points instead if you already have 4 lives. Energy bolts will boost your energy - blue ones give you a little boost, yellow give you a full boost. Keys will only work with locks of the same colour. Keys will also boost your energy level to maximum. If you hit F4 (black & white switch) you will start from where you last got killed (and all collected items remain collected) - until it's game over. In normal mode you go back to the start of the level each time and all items are reset. As for the scanlines... Yeah there's lots going on. The count probably goes up when you shoot an enemy I imagine. Let's not look at the cycle count! I've got my best people helping me fix the website. Some people can access it, some can't - which isn't ideal. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. I've added the binary to my initial post :-)
  9. That's a good start! Of course, it works for me! Do you get an error message?
  10. Hi All, I've been trying to get brave enough to stick this game out into the ether. So here I am taking the plunge! It's basically my own take of the 8-bit game, Nadral. I did this purely for the pleasure of it (!) and to further my batariBasic skills. I didn't actually have any intention of sharing it with the world, but I figure nobody has tried to cram this game in to the Atari 2600 before! So it's not exactly a polished release... The game is called Oof Rescue! for reasons which I have explained in my blog. I hope it's okay to link to it from here? The binary is at the bottom of the blog: https://www.bpharoah.co.uk/oof-rescue/ Despite my best efforts to crunch the bytes down, I've pretty much filled up all the banks available. So the enemy AI is very basic. However, I did cram in 6 enemies, 25 maps, 8 levels and 412 rooms - so I'm pleased with that! Please be gentle with me! Edit: I've just got this working with Stellerator in the browser: Play Oof Rescue! oofescape.bas.bin
  11. After hours and hours of juggling bytes from one bank to another, I've finally completed my little Atari 2600 homage to Nadral. Written in Batari Basic and using the DPC+ kernel. No idea if anyone will like it, but you can download the binary from here: https://www.bpharoah.co.uk/oof-rescue


    6 different enemies. 25 different maps. 8 levels. 412 rooms!

  12. Hi all, I've finally had a chance to work on this again tonight. I had indeed destroyed the connections from the old RF module! Luckily, I've managed to use alternative connections on the board (+5v - thanks Osgeld!) and everything is working wonderfully now! So, thank you everyone for all your help and support. Lee.
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