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  1. An SD card larger than 2GB is technically not an SD card, but an SDHC card, which is physically compatible with SD but uses different communication protocols. So that part isn't surprising. Fortunately 2GB is plenty of space even for the larger games of the 7800.
  2. Bump! This time we have a small handful of games for the XBox, XBox 360, PS2 and PS3, plus some new DS entries in the portables thread, but we also have... Skylanders! Lots and lots of Skylanders. They're mostly from the first two games, Spyro's Adventure and Giants, but a couple are from later games. Almost all of them are priced at a buck, with some packs averaging even cheaper per piece! Highlights for the week: The Orange Box, disc and case for the XBox 360! This acclaimed compilation was players' first introduction to Portal and also includes Team Fortress 2 and, since Half-Life 2: Episode Three was cancelled, the complete collection of Half-Life 2 and its expansions! The disc has a few minor scratches that do not impact game loading. Asking $8. Sold! Chaos Legion, disc and case for the Playstation 2! The case has price stickers on the clear plastic, but the disc looks just about perfect. Asking $5. Skylander Knight Light, one of the Trap Masters released for Skylanders: Trap Team. Like all the Skylanders figures now available, this one is in good physical shape, with no missing limbs or other pieces, and loads without error when placed on a Skylanders game portal. Asking $5. Sold! As always, everything now available is each thread's first post, here and here. Happy browsing!
  3. Freeway's scores are created using the same tricks used to create the usual 6-digit score, only in this case the players are drawn with widely-spaced duplicates rather than narrowly-spaced triplicates.
  4. *types this while munching Fritos and drinking soda in front of his own computer and his work laptop... but hey, the soda is sugar-free at least*
  5. Already looks awesome! I'm curious to see how horizontal movement would work since you're obviously restricted by the playfield's resolution. Knowing Champ, the challenge would be overcome!
  6. $50 seems about right. A couple have sold recently on eBay for more, but then you have the cuts eBay and PayPal take, plus the hassle of mailing it and then praying both the post office and the buyer treats you right. I'm curious what country you're in and whether this is an NTSC or PAL system. I'd assume PAL, as I don't think the 128-in-1 was released in any NTSC countries, but the screen-shot for Pac-Man doesn't match PAL or NTSC. Someone must have played with the game's color palette.
  7. I'm probably most partial to AppleSoft BASIC myself, since that's what I used the most. Built-in functions for both hi-res and lo-res graphics definitely helped make it useful, though it could have used some help in the sound department. You also have to be careful about variable names because the parser doesn't care about white space. "IF $A THEN" will throw an error because the parser sees reserved word "AT" before "THEN", making it (and you) wonder what a HEN is. Quirks aside, I believe it was one of the more robust BASICs of its day.
  8. Record sleeve sizes are hard to judge without the record next to them. Buckner & Garcia did indeed record a Pac-Man Fever album after the song made it big. The album is chock full of cheesy odes to the early '80s arcade, with songs dedicated to Frogger, Defender, Centipede, Donkey Kong and several others. In the late '90s, Buckner & Garcia released the album independently on CD, but because of music industry machinations they had to rerecord the songs for that release. There's a capture of the original recordings on YouTube, so you can take a gander: Coincidentally enough, I found my copy of the original album also at a Goodwill. It's currently up on the wall with another thrift-store find...
  9. If you mean a cartridge that takes an SD card or anything similar (I've never heard them called "wafer drives" but it makes sense), then the answer is yes and no, sadly. An old project known as the Cuttle Cart 2 lets you keep a library of 2600 and 7800 games on an MMC card, but sadly the CC2 hasn't been in production for well over a decade, and now they tend to go for a small fortune whenever one is served up for sale. The makers of the 2600 Harmony cartridge are working on a 7800 version, but quirks between all the different hardware revisions of the 7800 have made that project difficult, and I haven't heard of any progress on that front for a couple of years now. So, one does exist, and hopefully another will exist Real Soon Now, but at the moment it's not easy to get a hold of one.
  10. I think you have your answer already, but to throw my two cents in... If you care just about the official library, the 5200 is much better than the 7800, in my opinion. Thanks in part to being gimped by Nintendo's anti-competitive practices and Atari arguably giving up prematurely on the 7800 for an ill-fated revival of the 8-bit computer line, there isn't much to choose from, and a lot of what is available are games originally made famous on 8-bit computers that also play much better on those 8-bit computers. However, thanks to homebrews, the 7800 is turning into a fine contender for best Atari console. I would even say the homebrew selection for the 7800 easily beats that of the 5200. Also, while there may not be a lot to choose from among the official library overall, some of those choices shine best on the 7800, particularly Ballblazer and Food Fight and arguably even Robotron 2084 and Xevious (not counting the original arcade games and their emulations, of course). In short, the 7800 may not be "necessary", but I think it would be well worth your time.
  11. From what I see so far, this is looking great!
  12. Just have to chime in and say this looks awesome!
  13. I remember those days... The best time I got to be Some Guy at Goodwill was when I got me a literal armful of NES games at two bucks each. I saw a guy go wide-eyed as I walked away and immediately dive into the bin I'd been pulling them from. I left a few, but not many.
  14. Edited bump. Earthworm Jim, loose for the Genesis! The cartridge label has some sticker residue and Actiplaque, but is still fully intact and fully attached. Asking $7. Aladdin, cartridge and box for the Genesis! The case has a bit of chipping, but still snaps fully shut. There's also the usual label Actiplaque, but beyond that this one's in good shape. Asking $5. Sold! The Lion King, complete for the Genesis! The case has one or two minor chips, and the manual is a little worse for wear. There's also the usual cartridge label Actiplaque. Asking $7. Sold! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare, complete for the Game Cube! A bit of shelf wear and some minor scratches on the discs are the only bad things to be said. Both discs read fully when tested. Asking $25. Sold! Metroid Prime, complete for the Game Cube! The case has some sticker residue, but everything else is in great shape, including the disc. Asking $15. Sold! Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, complete for the PlayStation 2! The packaging is in good shape and the disc has one or two tiny scratches that did not interfere with reading when tested. Asking $15. Suikoden III, complete for the PlayStation 2! The case has sticker remnants and the disc has just a few minor scratches. Asking $20. Sold! Crash of the Titans, complete for the PlayStation 2! Once again, just some minor shelf wear and a few small scratches were not enough to stop this game from reading successfully. Asking $7. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, factory-sealed for the PlayStation 2, with its shrinkwrap still fully intact! Asking $10. Operation Flashpoint: Red River, disc and case for the XBox 360. The case has some stickers and the disc has a few minor blemishes. Asking $5. Mario Kart 8, disc and case for the Wii U! The cover insert has a minor indent on the front, visible only in direct light. The disc is immaculate. Asking $10. Sold! Super Mario 3D World, complete for the Wii U! The packaging is in good shape and this disc also looks just about perfect. Asking $10.
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