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  1. There have been several games for older systems that I tried only once after collecting them. Maybe some day I'll try them again, but given all the other games I have yet to try and what I've since read about some of those stinkers, it won't be any time soon. Ace of Aces for the 7800 and Checkered Flag for the Jaguar come to mind. A (then) modern game I played once and then never again is Destruction Derby Arenas for the PS2. Maybe it isn't terrible, but it had the unfortunate fate of being compared to Burnout 3: Takedown. After playing B3 for about five seconds at a Best Buy kiosk, I was hooked. However, it was getting to be Christmastime, so I figured if I had to have my fix, I better just rent it so someone can gift it to me later. So I went to my local Blockbuster (remember those?), grabbed B3, then noticed Destruction Derby Arenas nearby. Destruction Derby 2 on the first PlayStation was excellent, so I figured, let's grab both and have some real fun destroying cars. B3 was exactly as advertised, but DDA was... well, it wasn't excellent. After piddling around in it for 10 minutes and not getting the manic smashfest I was expecting, I loaded B3 again and never looked back.
  2. Thank you, Stephen and crew, for one of the best emulators on the planet for any system, let alone the 2600. While I hope this break isn't permanent, y'all deserve a good rest!
  3. Dig Dug on the Apple II is more than decent, in my humble opinion, and one of AtariSoft's best efforts for the system. The one they botched, I think, is the C-64 version. Sure it looks and sounds better, but the game mechanics are wonky and prone to slowdowns, and there are actually fewer musical cues than the Apple II port. I agree Donkey Kong on the Apple II is weak, but I have to say Dig Dug is much better.
  4. Tiny bump for some new XBox 360 games. No real highlights to show off, and most of the discs are loose anyway, but have a gander at the list to see if there's anything you like.
  5. The Apple II version came first, and is indeed the definitive version of Lode Runner, so it's not surprising people would prefer it over the arcade game, especially when arcade games are designed to keep play times as short as possible, rather than allow for some puzzle solving like the original did. A case could also be made for Choplifter, another game that appeared on computers before going to arcades. In Chopliter's case, though, the home version is actually a little too simple for arcades, and Sega did a very good job fleshing it out for quarter munching. If you prefer the simple "rescue 64 people without killing anyone" plot of the original, though, you can't beat the Apple II version, just about the only one with dual fire buttons and analog controls. I hesitate to call it "better" than the arcade game, but Apple II Mario Bros. is at least as good as the arcade game, and much better than any other home port, even Nintendo's own NES version.
  6. Lots of great titles already mentioned. I must also give music props to... Wizard of Wor Food Fight, especially the "Instant Replay" theme: Crystal Castles... ...whose music was recreated surprisingly well on the Atari 2600: And finally, something I still hum now and then, Elevator Action:
  7. Mattel's Frogs and Flies plays cricket sounds when the game ends. You can hear them at the end of this video:
  8. Edited bump. Sonic the Hedgehog for the XBox 360! This 2006 game was supposed to reboot the Sonic franchise for a new generation of players, and instead darn near killed the franchise outright! A few years later Sega swept this and other poorly-received Sonic games under the rug, to be spoken of never again. Ironically, that only made players, or perhaps just train wreck aficionados, want the game even more! This particular Platinum Hits copy has some light pen markings (no actual ink) on the case's clear plastic and slightly on the cover insert below, while the disc has a few minor scratches on the data side. Otherwise everything is in good shape, with no issues reading the disc. Asking $10. Sold!
  9. I can claim having worked at an arcade, though we didn't really do anything with the machines. I worked at the Georgia Tech Student Center rec area from 1993 to 1997, which was an arcade, bowling alley and pool hall. The arcade game upkeep was outsourced to a distributor, so we didn't have keys or any other such fun stuff. But we did have complete control over the PA system and music, which was a valuable thing. We had some interesting machines come through during my tenure, including preproduction tables of the Street Fighter 2 pinball game, and the early versions of Mortal Kombat II with all the fun bugs like uppercutting babies.
  10. I don't hate it exactly, but compared to the excellent job most Lynx arcade ports received, Paperboy is a disappointment.
  11. I'm just now reading this thread, so I'm late to the punch, but I have to second Donkey Kong and also throw in Mario Bros. How the company that made the arcade games and the more-than-capable home hardware couldn't also make accurate ports of those games on that hardware still mystifies me. Donkey Kong Jr. fared better, though it still baffled American players who weren't used to seeing all four screens in the very first level. I wasn't an NES owner back in the day, trying my best to stick with Atari and the 7800, so of course the real disappointment for me here was how Atari used creative license interpretation to port games from their fiercest competitor to their own console, and then based those ports on the inferior NES versions!
  12. Or something that looks more like a retro-space-age car in the foreground?
  13. Actually that's actually the second Boston album cover.
  14. Edited bump. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II, loose for the XBox! The disc has a few visible scratches, but read fully without issue when tested. Asking $12. Sold! The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, complete with case and manual for the XBox! The disc has a couple of minor blemishes that did not interfere with reading. The case and manual are in good shape. Asking $8. Sold! Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, factory-sealed for the XBox 360! The cardboard slip-cover is included, with some shelf wear. The shrinkwrap is fully intact. Asking $40. Sold! Jeopardy! factory-sealed for the XBox 360! The shrinkwrap is fully intact. Asking $10. Sold! Halo Wars, Platinum Hits edition, factory-sealed for the XBox 360! The shrinkwrap is fully intact. Asking $10. Sold! Madden NFL 17, complete with case and paperwork for the XBox 360! This was the final "Madden" title for the 360, so it commands a premium. Asking $10. Sold! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, loose for the PlayStation! The disc has noticeable scratches and other blemishes, but read fully and without issue when tested. Asking $25. Sold! Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, loose for the PlayStation! The disc has minor scratches and one small hub crack, but still read fully and without issue when tested. Asking $10. Sold! Hydro Thunder, complete with case and manual for the PlayStation! The disc has some minor scratches, but still read fully and without issue when tested. Asking $10. Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra, loose for the PlayStation 2! Both discs have visible scratches, but read fully and without issue when tested. Asking $50. Sold! The Simpsons: Hit & Run, complete with case and manual for the PlayStation 2! The disc, case and cover insert are in great shape. The manual has significant water damage, and basically all the pages are glued together because of this. It's possible they could be separated without further damage by someone who knows how to steam these things, but no effort has been made in that direction. Asking $10. Sold! Red Dead Redemption II, complete with case and map for the PlayStation 4! Somebody didn't know how to fold a map properly, but otherwise everything is in great shape. Asking $8. Sold! Two Game Genies for the Sega Genesis, loose with gold labels! One has sold, asking $7 for the remaining one. And finally, a Nintendo DS Lite, Metallic Rose model USG-001, with matching stylus and GBA cartridge port protector, plus box with matching serial number. The box has ball-point pen writing, visible in the picture. The screens are bright and vibrant, with some very minor scratches and other blemishes that do not interfere with game play. The battery is good, accepting a full charge, still showing a full charge after a half hour of play, and still holding a charge weeks afterward. Tested with DS and GBA games; both played without issue. Asking $30. Sold! As always, all the goodies now available are listed in the first posts of this thread and the portables thread. Thank you for your patronage and happy browsing!
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