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  1. So this did not come from a thrift store, nor eBay, nor any kind of local trade or garage sale. Instead, this was found abandoned in our church parking lot. It seems God really does provide!
  2. I've been away for a while and I realized I never did my reveal, so in case he was still wondering... You're welcome! Hope you enjoyed (and still are)!
  3. After three months visiting the parents and working from "home" in sunny Florida, I'm finally back home (for real) and hitting the thrift stores again. My usual had some '90s PC CD games, including quite a few Sega titles like Sonic CD and Sonic R. "Sadly" I had them all already, so look for them in my thrift-store sale thread soon. Meantime, remember those freeware/shareware collections that would dupe you into believing you just paid five bucks for an awesome collection of games, only to later make you realize you often had to pay more for any game you wanted to keep playing? It's a good thing no company pulls shenanigans like that anymore... oh, hello, Microsoft. No, I don't want to buy Office 365 or whatever the hell it is you're calling it now! Ahem, anyway, this batch of CD's had one of those collections as well... "Pretty as Ms. Pac-Man! Awesome as Asteroids! Mad as Missile Command!" All of the original arcade action, now with fewer original names! By the way, @SpiceWare, I think you have some explaining to do...
  4. Word of advice: Don't go looking for a hotel in the middle of the night in Florida when it's a spring break weekend.

  5. I never did make it to Astroworld, sorry to say. I moved to Houston in 1998, and while I did get to see the Astrodome before the Astros moved stadiums, a trip to Astroworld slipped through the cracks. I made it to Six Flags in Atlanta back in the day, though, so I'm sure it was awesome!
  6. And once again... MOAR VINYL! I apologize in advance for the photo spam. First, the 12"ers... You don't really see big batches of '70s and '80s albums come into thrift stores like you used to anymore, so it was very exciting getting to thumb through a stack and pick out a lot of what I (thought I) didn't already have. I was surprised to see that many of these weren't already on my shelves, though I did later discover a couple were already in my to-listen stack. This is why I need to hurry up and listen to all the vinyl I've been accumulating! Sadly a few of these aren't in great shape, but for the price I can still live with them until better specimens come along. Now for the 7"ers... These were the highlights of a big stack of 45's that I suspect were two collections mashed together. You don't normally see '60s and '80 singles in one collection, at least not one as big as this collection was. Random trivia: Queen's "I Want to Break Free" is a rare and curious case of the single version actually being longer than the album version! And finally, at long last I now have a legitimate copy of this song!
  7. Hey, y'all. Sorry for not replying sooner. I accidentally let my AtariAge subscription lapse, so suddenly my PM box was way beyond capacity. It's all fixed now, so PM's should work again. However, be aware I'm out of town for the holidays and won't be back home until well into January. I'll mark games off as people ask for them, just note that it'll be a while before I can ship them. Of course I wouldn't ask for any money until then.
  8. First of all, forgive me for being incredibly late in saying anything. Life's been a little busier than usual... well, no, that's not entirely true, I've just had more distractions than usual pulling me away from AtariAge. Of course I could never leave completely, and so... I want to thank chicgamer and CaptainBreakout for taking the mantle this year, and especially CaptainBreakout for making sure I didn't sleep through all the festivities! I also want to thank my Secret Santa, because... well... Okay, fine, I'll go first. I had a gift-swap with some friends this evening, because tomorrow I'll be packing, and Saturday I'll be driving, bound for an extended holiday stay with the parents. So, like last year, I decided the evening after swapping gifts was the perfect time to open one more box... So open it I did, and inside I found... More boxes! At this point it wasn't too late to be a good boy and save the Big Reveal for Christmas. Should I? Hmm... thinking... nah! Aww, dude! A game I'd been wanting for years, a homebrew I didn't yet have, and some of my favorite candy! And Raiden even came in its original case! Thank you, Santa! Thank you, very much! I hope you have (had?) as much fun opening your box as I did mine! In case I don't get back here soon, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday season, along with safe travels or safe stays at home, wherever your plans take you.
  9. It's been brewing for several weeks, and now the next bump is here! This bump doesn't just have new games, but new accessories as well. Read on! The Game Cube Game Boy Player, black and including its start-up disc! The disc doesn't have its original case and does have some visible scratches, but works without issue and read fully when tested. The Player was tested with Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games, and it played them all without any problems. Asking $75. Sold! GameStop's 2.4GHz wireless controller for the Game Cube! Actually manufactured by Mad Catz, this controller requires 2 AAA batteries, and performed flawlessly when tested. Asking $12. The Pelican PL-7055 wireless controller for the Game Cube, clear-shell edition! The controller requires 2 AA batteries and performed flawlessly when tested. The screw mounting on the right-hand handle is broken, but with the other screws in place this isn't really noticeable when playing. Asking $10. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the Wii! The game disc includes its case and manual, and the wireless portal and original three figures from the Wii Starter Pack are here as well, so you can start playing immediately as Spyro, Gill Grunt or Trigger Happy. Also included are the portal manual and unopened collector's cards and stickers. The portal requires 3 AA batteries. Asking $5. Skylanders: Giants for the Wii! The game disc includes its case and manual, and the wired portal and original three figures from the Wii Starter Pack are here as well, so you can start playing immediately as Cynder (series 2), Jet-Vac or Tree Rex. The portal manual is also included. Asking $5. Mario Kart Wii, with case, all paperwork and steering wheel adapter! The disc has visible scratches, but played flawlessly when tested. Asking $15. Sold! Masters: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 complete for the Wii! The disc has maybe one or two very minor scratches, noticeable only in direct light. Asking $20. Sold! Super Mario Galaxy 2, complete for the Wii! The disc has some visible scratches, but still performed flawlessly when tested. Asking $15. Sold! New Super Mario Bros. U, complete for the Wii U! The disc has only one or two very minor visible blemishes. Asking $12. Sold! New Super Luigi U, complete for the Wii U. This disc also has only one or two very minor visible blemishes. Asking $12. Sold! Professor Layton and the Last Specter, complete for the DS! Everything is in fine shape. Asking $20. Sold! Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the PlayStation 3! The game disc includes its case and manual, and the wired portal and original three figures from the PS3 Starter Pack are here as well, so you can start playing immediately as Spyro, Gill Grunt or Trigger Happy. Asking $5. Skylanders: Giants for the PlayStation 3! The game disc includes its case and manual, and the wired portal and original three figures from the PS3 Starter Pack are here as well, so you can start playing immediately as Cynder (series 2), Jet-Vac or Tree Rex. Asking $5. Both this list and the portables list have new entries, so be sure to check them both for everything available. Once again, thank you to everyone who has browsed and bought! HAAM appreciates your patronage!
  10. Yep, the 32GB limitation of FAT32 is an entirely artificial cap invented by Microsoft. Depending on what parameters you use, FAT32 is actually good for partition sizes up to 2TB. The more restrictive limit is the individual file size, which is 2GB or 4GB, depending on how smart your application is. 2GB is the safest limit. Because anything above 2GB is considered SDHC, a different class of cards with different software/firmware (but not hardware) requirements. Something programmed explicitly for SD won't know how to talk to cards larger than 2GB, but something programmed for both can use SD-era hardware to talk to an SDHC card. When the Nintendo Wii came out, it could only use SD cards up to 2GB, but a system update later allowed for SDHC cards up to 32GB.
  11. An SD card larger than 2GB is technically not an SD card, but an SDHC card, which is physically compatible with SD but uses different communication protocols. So that part isn't surprising. Fortunately 2GB is plenty of space even for the larger games of the 7800.
  12. Edited bump. The Orange Box, disc and case for the XBox 360! This acclaimed compilation was players' first introduction to Portal and also includes Team Fortress 2 and, since Half-Life 2: Episode Three was cancelled, the complete collection of Half-Life 2 and its expansions! The disc has a few minor scratches that do not impact game loading. Asking $8. Sold! Chaos Legion, disc and case for the Playstation 2! The case has price stickers on the clear plastic, but the disc looks just about perfect. Asking $5. Sold! Skylander Knight Light, one of the Trap Masters released for Skylanders: Trap Team. Like all the Skylanders figures now available, this one is in good physical shape, with no missing limbs or other pieces, and loads without error when placed on a Skylanders game portal. Asking $5. Sold!
  13. Freeway's scores are created using the same tricks used to create the usual 6-digit score, only in this case the players are drawn with widely-spaced duplicates rather than narrowly-spaced triplicates.
  14. *types this while munching Fritos and drinking soda in front of his own computer and his work laptop... but hey, the soda is sugar-free at least*
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