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  1. You could call it Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! ... What?
  2. I have a set of your Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man controllers, and they were things of beauty. I would love to have a Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. pair as well. Actually anything you produce I would have to take a serious look at, but DK feels like an essential since it was pretty much the original reason for the ColecoVision's existence.
  3. I have an ancient Win2K box with an ATV All-in-Wonder Radeon that i use for capturing old systems. That combined with an Intellivision modded for composite video is how I've done my Intelly capturing. You can see some results here, here and here. I didn't do any clean-up of the Intelly screenshots, so other than resizing and some GIF animating, what you see is what I saw as I was recording.
  4. I can confirm, at least from experience. I've had multiple Pitfall II cartridges in my possession in the past, and sometimes one would be at a significantly different pitch than another. It was either excellent forethought or an extremely happy accident that Activision decided not to use the TIA to supplement the music beyond percussion sounds.
  5. Somebody will need to bring an Atari with the new Galaga or Galagon also... hint hint.
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't think I'll try.
  7. "...And Go Back To Glorifying Whatever The F*** Was Going On In ‘BurgerTime’" And in case there's any doubt, yes, it's The Onion.
  8. How about the Atari tables? Superman, Middle Earth, Time 2000 and so on.
  9. I don't know the arcade version does this, but I remember the Apple II version would sometimes change the ball's deflection off a brick after so many iterations of an apparent loop, to prevent stuck balls like the one sramirez2008 ran into. The aliens wouldn't help in that case because the aliens don't move through bricks.
  10. There were 3D graphics since Battlezone for the arcade. You can argue how much of that was dedicated hardware (everything is dedicated hardware in an arcade game), but even then, what Flojomojo said is true: the SNES had 3D hardware before the Jaguar did. Also... Heck, Atari's own 5200 had controller inlays before the Jaguar, and a whole smorgasbord of "action" buttons to boot. Like any Atari fan, the Jaguar holds a place in my heart. But it's really hard to argue for any sort of legacy beyond maybe "the console that gave us Tempest 2000".
  11. I like big bumps and I cannot lie! And this is one of the biggest! Games for a whole host of systems, including every PlayStation, every XBox, several classics from the 8-bit era, and more! The first posts here and in the portables thread have all the details, and read on for several highlights, including a few not in the pictures above. Burger Time for the Atari 2600, still factory-sealed! The shrinkwrap is torn somewhat along the top and has loosened elsewhere. The box has noticeable scuffing and tearing along the top, and some minor warping and creasing elsewhere. It's hard to put a value on something like this. I'm asking $25, but I'm open to suggestions. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, loose for the NES! Asking $10. Now pending! Nightshade, loose for the NES! Asking $15. Now pending! Zaxxon, loose for the Commodore 64! The label has noticeable Actiplaque. Asking $20. Now pending! NBA Street V3, complete for the Game Cube! Asking $10. A blue 3DS XL (the original model, SPR-001, not the "New" model), with box! Asking $50. Sold! That's it, and that's plenty! Happy browsing!
  12. So a nice little chunk of NES bits came to my store last week... I kept only a couple of things. The rest is now for sale, along with a whole lot more for a whole lot more systems! Some other additions to my own collection. I get the feeling this 360 is a bit worse for wear, but I still had to take a picture for posterity.
  13. Marble Madness was one of my favorite arcade games back in the day, and the NES version is one of the better home ports. Even then, I've only ever been happy enough to actually complete the game, let alone with any braggable high score. All this to say, very nicely done!
  14. But that's so faaaaaaaarrrrr... (Seriously, take all the time you need.)
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