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  1. The January sale is done, but there are still plenty of good deals to be had, including quite a few in today's bump! A handful of Game Cube games, plus titles for the XBox, PS2, Xbox 360 and PS Vita! Highlights: Mario Kart Double Dash!!, complete for the Game Cube! The case has some noticeable scuffing around the top of the spine, but is still fully intact. Asking $25. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Player's Choice edition, complete for the Game Cube! Asking $25. Sold! Luigi's Mansion, Player's Choice edition, complete for the Game Cube! Asking $25. Sold! Sonic All-Sars Racing Transformed, loose for the PS Vita! Asking $7. Complete lists here and here. Thanks once again to everyone who has bought in the past!
  2. Please pardon the misunderstanding. I don't mean to say we shouldn't have this conversation. I mean to say this conversation shouldn't devolve to the point where someone decides it's not worth hanging around anymore.
  3. If this debate leads to any of our wonderful programmers leaving the scene, regardless of whether they've embraced enhanced hardware or remain enthusiasts for the original technology, I would be very sad. And that's all I have to say about that.
  4. At the Houston Arcade Expo last year, they had a "20 Year Reunion" Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man machine. I don't know if the mechanics on that one are any different than the original game, but I obliterated my old high score... I rolled the score counter, so it was actually 1.4 million. I might have lasted longer, but I burned several extra lives trying to get double-shots again at one point, and only realized after the fact the game stops awarding extra lives when the score is rolled over. I'll also swear the game was making me kill my own men by having shots go through the flagships... I know, always blame it on the game, right? Anyway, I was good and tired by the time the game ended, so I figure I had a good game either way. PS: No, I didn't use any continues.
  5. I vote for Crystal Castles. The arcade game had an ending, so the home versions should too.
  6. Edited bump. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, unplayed and still factory-sealed for the Nintendo DS! Asking $15. Pokémon Red Version, loose for the Nintendo Game Boy! The label is badly torn, but the game plays without issue. I can't vouch for the battery; when I first loaded the game, it told me the save file was destroyed. Since then, the two times I restarted the cartridge within a day, I was able to load my game. Asking $5.
  7. "What's the most valuable collection you've handled at the thrift store?" you may ask. Was it some Nintendo or Sega games still factory-sealed? Was it a stack of first-pressing Beatles or Rolling Stones albums? I'll tell you now, it was more valuable than any of those. Behold, the biggest motherlovin' jackpot of them all! And they fit my printer!
  8. Guilty. I'm happy everything made it without a hitch, and I'm especially happy they are things you can enjoy! I'm enjoying mine as well, and I just remembered I still need to take pictures of the LEGO kits put together. I'll do that this week!
  9. Edited bump. The Acclaim Dual Turbo wireless controller for the SNES! The receiver is included and so is the battery cover! Asking $15. The Intec PS2-7050-A PlayStation 2 controller with personal screen! The screen has caught some dust and has some minor discoloration in the middle, but is still viewable and games can be played without distraction (beyond the distraction of being unable to read tiny text, anyway). Power supply included! Asking $15. Spyro (2): Ripto's Rage, complete for the PlayStation! This is the original black-label release with gold-foil instruction manual. Sadly the manual has noticeable damage, with a good chunk of the front cover's upper left corner missing. The disc on the other hand is in great shape. Asking $7. Now pending! Spyro (3): Year of the Dragon, complete for the PlayStation! This is the green-label "Greatest Hits" release. The disc has some noticeable scratches on the data side, but still plays without error. Asking $7. River Raid, loose for Atari 8-bit computers! The label has minor Actiplaque. Asking $10. Sold! The Epyx Fast Load Cartridge for the Commodore 64! The label has noticeable Actiplaque. Asking $12. Sold! Quake II, loose for the PlayStation! The disc has some minor scratches, but plays without error. Asking $5. Sold! Tenchu: Fatal Shadows and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, each for the PlayStation 2, each with their original case! The discs have some noticeable wear, but nothing serious and nothing that interferes with game play. Asking $5 for Fatal Shadows, $3 for Wrath of Heaven. Both sold!
  10. Darn it, Grig, why do you have to be so awesome and then... understandably need a much-deserved and probably much-needed break? Ah well, either way, you've done phenomenal work, and it's been much appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Aww man, those "You Suck" Activision souvenirs are awesome. You rock, Santa!
  12. Happy Boxing Day everyone, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, a continuing Happy Hanukah, or at least a relaxing 25th. This has nothing to do with AASS, but I wanted to show off one of my other gifts. It's not an Atari, but... ....it'll do. I love my mother.
  13. So... Once I'm home from work tomorrow, I'll be scrambling to get packed for the Christmas trip to the parents' place. Saturday, I'll actually be on that trip. That meant tonight was the last night my roommate, his sister, her family and I could all get together for gift giving before going our separate holiday ways. This is what the tree (her tree) looked like before we all tore into our presents. Back home I also realized, I also had the perfect excuse for tearing into... ...my gift from Secret Santa! So tear into it I did! There was much curiosity as the box was opened... ..and much excitement as gifts were revealed! Or maybe it was just demands for food. It's hard to tell the difference. Anyway... Delicious treats and intriguing treats! Just what could be hiding under the wrapping? I had a clue... Whatever they were, they were going to be unique! That made them a special surprise even before being opened! LEGO kits! And not just any LEGO kits, but LEGO kits made just for me! Awesome! Fortunately for me, they also come with instructions on the USB stick! Sadly, this story won't get an ending until after the Christmas trip, when I finally get time to put these together. But I guarantee I'll have fun with them, and there will definitely be room on the toy shelf for these. Thank you, "Secret" Santa! Merry Christmas!
  14. Four posts up from yours... And in the meantime...
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