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  1. I'm considering buying a 5200 trak-ball, but would first like to know if the controller will even fit in the space where I'm planning on keeping it. Would anyone be able to share the length/depth/height? Thanks!
  2. I added the 5200 to my collection a few years ago primarily because I'm a fan of Adventure and I bought the 5200's Adventure II. (Big Sexy is wearing a dustcover to complement her large build and is situated toward the left.) For the longest time I looked for some stylish way to store my 5200 carts, but couldn't find anything. Finally I said screw it and made custom cases for all my games.
  3. Thanks BIGHMW. It's a 4-port. I've had my 2600 for decades, but recently added a 5200 after my wife permitted me to turn a junk room into an Atari lounge.
  4. I'm considering buying a 5200 trak-ball, but I remember having all the typical issues with the standard controllers when I first bought my system a few years ago. I'm thinking about one that's been well preserved in its original box. Just wondering if I should expect oxidation and other issues that are common with the joystick controller? Will the Start/Pause/Reset buttons likely not work? How about the keypad? (Although I probably won't really be using that with the trak-ball games.)
  5. Since about a week has passed I just thought I would check it again. Exact same issue with all four controllers. But I noticed if a game allows me to start with the fire button, it's at least playable and I can confirm the joystick and both fire buttons still work. Start/Pause/Reset and the keypad still do not respond... unless I play the exact same game rom on the Atarimax cartridge!
  6. I could use some help understanding what is happening here. I have four 5200 controllers that I had restored a few years ago (two of them by Best Electronics), but as of today not a single button or function seems to work with a number of different games I tried. So I inserted my Atarimax cartridge to access a diagnostic ROM and see if any commands could be seen in that program. Much to my surprise, the test responded to all my inputs. So I tried starting up some games off Atarimax that I already couldn't play off their original cartridges - and they all work! Just to make sure I haven't gone insane, I popped the original cartridges back in and they're all stuck on the opening screen with me unable to even start. I have the four-port version of the 5200 by the way. Does this make sense to anyone? 🤔
  7. I wanted to place an order from Best after hearing about Brad through this site, but at the same time I was nervous I would mess it up. I spent a week trying to decipher the website to figure out what to ask for so I sounded semi-intelligent. Then I spent a whole weekend typing, proof-reading, and revising a short email. When Brad replied back with instructions on how to order, I felt excited - like I got myself through the door of an exclusive club. Then I messed up with the instructions on how to send payment by not including the proper comment before submitting. I was really upset and was sure I had screwed the pooch right there. Banned for life. I sent an email apologizing about that. But Brad didn't seem to mind at all. After my order arrived, I thought I would push my luck and order from him a second time. This time it went off without a hitch and, after the second order arrived, I even politely asked him about a little problem I was having with one of the controllers I bought. He told me how to fix it myself, I thanked him, and that was that. As far as I'm concerned, the guy was a complete teddy bear. I'm certainly not used to being this careful about how I place an order with someone, but I thought why not just play by his rules so I can get what I need? When it's all over and you get your lovely box sealed in Atari-branded tape, it doesn't seem like it was that much of a compromise.
  8. Thanks. I'm thinking about opening it back up and replacing the battery. If anyone has attempted such a mission and would like to share their experience, I would appreciate it as I have been known to occasionally screw up things like this. 🙂 Regardless, I don't regret buying it. I just don't want to get myself in a situation where after finding it in the wild I accidentally break it and then have to replace it with another that someone thinks is worth twice as much because it's so "VERY RARE! [email protected]@K!!"
  9. I have a question for any fellow Centipede owners. A couple of months ago I was lucky to find one of these new at my local Best Buy. After trying to play it from time to time since then and always discovering the battery had died, I did some searching online to discover a firmware upgrade fixed a phantom battery leak issue. (It needs a special cable to install from your PC which New Wave Toys ships for free.) So I fully charged the unit, then installed the firmware. (Curiously it failed at first. Then I tried again and it showed a success.) By the next day, my battery was showing half charged after no play. On day two it was showing no charge, but I could still power it on and from there I played two games. After three days, it shut down in the middle of booting up since it couldn't run any longer. I've got to ask - does that seem right? I was most certainly expecting more battery life than that. I thought the firmware update went through. Is there any way to be sure?
  10. I'm thinking about getting the FBX. (My first Flashback!) Has anyone tried it with driving controllers?
  11. In light of the EMR II release and Christmas right around the corner, any chance another run is happening? If so, can I get on a wait list?
  12. I assumed I would find one somewhere for the Atari 5200 Atarimax but all I've found is a big bunch of nothing. Would someone happen to have one in existence they could share?
  13. Thank you. What you describe certainly seems to fit the situation that's happening.
  14. Thanks - yes, it is a 4 port. Haven't done anything to further troubleshoot it yet, but last night it still seemed to be working without giving me any fuss.
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