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  1. OK - thx for confirming. Got another one and it's nice and loose. Finally playing Indy 500 for the first time and it's a neat game. I'm returning the one that causes a wrist injury after two minutes of use and looking for another one now to complete the set.
  2. My driving controller I bought off eBay just came in the mail. I haven't plugged it in yet, but man it feels tight. Is that the way it should be? I expected it to feel loose like a paddle, but it takes some effort to rotate this thing.
  3. OK - for some reason I thought the joystick part could twist around a full 360 degrees and provided a way to play 2600 paddle games. 😊 Apparently not. May be time to look for a nice set on eBay.
  4. I assume the answer to this question is no, or else I would have already seen it mentioned somewhere. But can the 7800 controller be used as a Driving controller?
  5. So I realize in the amount of time this question was first asked, a baby was born and will now be celebrating adulthood in a few days. But I always loved this hoax and was just looking for this ad online. I can't seem to find it anywhere - links to it are either dead or blocked by my antivirus. Would anyone happen to have a good quality photo of this?
  6. I'm going to have to go with the 2018 model...
  7. Just wondering what ever happened to this project? (And then I realized I bumped this thread last year inquiring about it and it's been actually one year to the day of Byte Knight's last response! Springtime must put me in the mood for Adventure. )
  8. My CX-22 version arrived today and it plays great. I have just one more question - the AtariAge Store mentions different Trak-Ball speeds are available with the game. Does anyone know how I go about changing it between normal/fast/kid? EDIT: Never mind. Just realized the original manual actually tells you which games use which speeds. I may have been overthinking this.
  9. Sorry for the bump. Was just wondering if this is still being delayed due to the Melody board issue?
  10. I just ordered Missile Command TB from AtariAge (the CX-80 version). I realize some CX-80 Trak-Balls are really CX-22s inside - and I wasn't entirely sure which one I had so I thought I would take a chance with this one. When my cartridge finally arrived to try out, I thought if I had the wrong version there would be no movement with the Trak-Ball. Instead what happened was in TB mode (or JS for that matter) there was minimal movement allowed with the Trak-Ball, but it was in no way as responsive as I thought it would be. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried a CX-80 version of the game with a CX-22 Trak-Ball and experienced the same thing? Should there still be movement - just not very smooth/responsive movement? I'm asking because before I order the CX-22 version, I want to be sure this sounds like I do, in fact, have a CX-22 Trak-Ball and it's not a situation where the TB mode on my controller is just defective.
  11. So was there ever an updated Yar's Return made available in some form or another?
  12. I just tried the paddles with Breakout and they seem to work fine. So it looks like the only real problem may be with Night Driver. (And that is definitely a paddle game as well.) For some reason, I can only get the mouse to work with that game - even if I change the mouse/paddle options before starting the game. Oh well, I'm still pretty pleased with this handly little device. I did find out that Stella supports two controllers if necessary, so I just ordered another Stelladaptor.
  13. I would like to add a two more questions to this thread. I just got my Stelladaptor today and love being able to use the old-school Atari joysticks with both MAME and my Stella emulators. Now... (1) When playing Atari games with the newest version of Stella, will it recognize TWO Stelladaptors if I want to play a competitive game (like Combat) or a game that requires two joysticks (like Raiders of the Lost Ark)? (2) I'm having some trouble with other controllers and was wondering if it's me or if there is a work-around for this. For instance, the Trak-Ball works, but it doesn't allow very smooth control in games like Centipede, so I had to go back to using a joystick. But my biggest concern is with the paddle controls. It doesn't seem to work right at all with these. I was trying Night Driver, and I just kept crashing off the side of the road without any ability to steer. (However, going into "Properties" for my game controllers does show the Stelladaptor responds correctly to the paddle even though, in the actual game, it no longer seems to function correctly.)
  14. Yeah - that was me! Believe it or not, the person who bought it later e-mailed me to say he had received two offers of over $1,000 for it. But this guy was so thrilled to own it, he said he would never part with it no matter what.
  15. Yeah, I know. I was practically shaking all the way to the Post Office. I felt like I was shipping a box full of stolen diamonds.
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