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  1. were both games rushed to the market?..because both of them don't feel complete at all and they are not up to the quality of the normal Coleco release i remember enjoying Super Action Football when i got it in 84 but now i see all it's flaws and it's pretty much unplayable Super Action baseball is a complete mess other than the Pitcher/Batter screens
  2. yup! noticed that..it's too bad these were never released because at the time i loved all CBS software games and i would have flipped if they would have came out for the Intellivision
  3. just says Winter 1983 here is the magazine http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/tv_gamer/tv_gamer_winter83.pdf
  4. same magazine talks about Intellivision Gorf too
  5. or was there a very early version that this Magazine could have previewed it was from TV Gamer Magazine 1983 Winter
  6. back in 1984 when i had the 5200 i actually loved the controllers..it wasn't until the internet that i found out i was supposed to hate them lol
  7. crash or no crash i think that would have been too much product..i mean Intellivision 2 in 1983,Intellivision 3 in 1983 and Intellivision 4 in 1985 wow..i mean i would have loved it but i think that would have been way too much for the consumers
  8. that's going to be awesome! i had the Atari 800xl in the mid 80s and loved it
  9. i had every system on this list in 1984 except the C64 which i got in 1988
  10. This has always bothered me because i really think the Intellivision sold much more than the 3 million units that have always been stated i mean i had 4 of them myself from 82 to 84 and 40 years after release there is still lots of consoles on ebay
  11. press lower red button then pull back
  12. i remember going out to eat with my family and on the way back i talked them into stopping for a game at Toys R US and i bought Safecracker back in 83..i believe it was $29..had a lot of fun with it
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