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  1. watching Brian's Man Cave interview with Garry & Dan Kitchen and David Crane it sounds like there could be a lot of interest of making games on the Amico..they said they talk to Tommy all the time and Dan Kitchen said the Amico looks wonderful but they don't announce anything until they are ready...would be pretty awesome
  2. that will happen anyway....it doesn't matter what online game i play or what system or what year there is ALWAYS one person that dominates a leaderboard lol
  3. yup! noticed that..it's too bad these were never released because at the time i loved all CBS software games and i would have flipped if they would have came out for the Intellivision
  4. just says Winter 1983 here is the magazine http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/tv_gamer/tv_gamer_winter83.pdf
  5. same magazine talks about Intellivision Gorf too
  6. or was there a very early version that this Magazine could have previewed it was from TV Gamer Magazine 1983 Winter
  7. has Jumpman on the Amico been talked about yet? i played it last night on the C64 emu for the 1st time in 30 years and man what a great game that is and i read someplace that the author Randy Glover has the rights to it so it would be pretty easy to get it on the Amico
  8. oh man i would LOVE to see this on the Amico...it was one of my fav Atari 5200 games
  9. back in 1984 when i had the 5200 i actually loved the controllers..it wasn't until the internet that i found out i was supposed to hate them lol
  10. Brain's Man Cave has an excellent interview going on with Activisions Dan Kitchen where he mentions doing an Amico game!
  11. i can't believe Sega has never done much with their Pengo character..the game was a lot of fun and the Penguin is cute
  12. speaking of east coast italian..i had my first Jersey Mikes Italian sub yesterday...very good! i'm in NC now and i was missing Italian subs like i used to get in Chicago
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