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  1. I guess I'm weird my 2 favorite controllers back in the day were the Intellivision disc and the Atari 5200 and it was only because of the internet I found out I was supposed to hate them Controlling the Chef in Burger Time was absolutely perfect with the disc....ever play Burger Time on the NES or Colecovision? The control of the chef is terrible on both consoles
  2. This Neo Geo game I've been playing lately are the exact types of games I'd like to see on the Amico...and before the game starts there's even a message "suitable for all ages"
  3. How about TV advertising? How about Martha Plimpton doing the commercials!
  4. man i'll tell ya i can't watch videos like this too long without my italian blood boiling lol..know it all gamers who don't see anything outside of Nintendo,Sony & Microsoft...everytime i hear somebody on these shows say "who is this for???" i scream at my monitor "ME YOU FOOLS!" another thing you would be suprised is how LITTLE these so called experts on these shows know about gaming history..they don't seem to realize there were video games before the stupid NES
  5. me and my dad used to play horse racing a lot..he would get a kick out of the 3 furlong races and he would coax out of the gate and win easy..even tho he wasn't a game the only other game he loved was Burger Time..he bought his own system just for Burger Time and never bought another game for it lol i heard you mention the hockey tripping sound on the intellivisionaries podcast..the truly was a cool sound i can't wait for the Amico..i still love playing games but man i downloaded a game on the android the other night that FORCED me to play the tutorial man i hate that..another thing i hate on modern mobile games is the level up crap..you know u do something simple..the music plays they give you a bunch of coins or stars and it's on to level 2 and repeat..just give me a game with 3 lives like they used to and forget the level up crap lol
  6. there ya go a story line for Beauty & The Beast 2! Horrible Hank holds the rights to Imagic games and he's keeping the papers in an office high atop the NEW Mutton building and it's up to Bashful Buford to get them lol
  7. isn't Imagic owned by Activision now? hopefully you won't have a problem getting those games..was never really a fan of Activision games but Imagic games are a must!
  8. Cool thank you I've been looking for a list like that..man so many games came out in 1984
  9. what was the last official Colecovision game released and what was the date? i read recently that they stopped making the Colecovision in October 85 but i had a Colecovision during that time and i don't remember any new games released that year
  10. the No Swear Gamer covered the Amico a couple weeks ago (along with the Atari VCS) i always like this guys Intellivision and Atari reviews..he doesn't try to be funny like the other clowns out there who think they are funny and he does a solid review
  11. i've been a gamer since 1981 when i got my first Intellivision and have had just about every console from the Colecovision,Atari 5200 all the way up to the current xbox and the only major games i still play are NHL Live and NBA 2K otherwise i browse through the xbox marketplace for old arcade compilations or remade classics..once in awhile i'll download a demo for a new game everybody is talking about and i am bored to tears..i just dont have the patience anymore to sit there and learn a game with 12 buttons and long cut scenes...sure i play games on my 10 inch tablet but i always end up basically playing old arcade games on mame because there is so much garbage on the google play store it's unreal..i mean they have so much crap with generic titles like "Car Race Fast" ..I think the Amico is perfect for guys like me that just want to play fun and addicting games that i don't have to invest HOURS ON but can play on my big screen tv with a controller...btw that's another thing that's missing from a lot of new games..games used to be addicting..now i'll download something and play it for awhile and never want to ever play it again
  12. exactly! horseshoes is a great example or maybe even something like Bocce ball
  13. ya know Tommy you wouldn't believe how many people i know that still remember that game fondly my family has been in the horse race business our whole life owning horses and my dad was a track announcer here in Chicago for years and the main reason we even bought an Intellivision was because there was a horse race game on it and i know many other people in the business who bought an Intellivision just because of that game...even a small niche like horse racing can move quite a few consoles
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