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  1. holy crap i didn't get to the end of the level screen until now..WOW that's one of the best and coolest i've ever seen!
  2. how about this idea..a light gun type game BUT instead of shooting at the screen your shooting by poking the controller screen
  3. 51 Chicago i still listen to 80's music exclusively Prince,Duran Duran,Def Leppard,Motley Crue
  4. Yup! I can see it now..the commercial opens with Tommy and Steven Tyler having a great time playing an Amico game co op
  5. I was reading it "only" costs 5 million for a 30 second Super Bowl ad...would be awesome to see an Amico commercial in 2021..if it's not in the budget we have a year to raise it 😎
  6. loved Pitstop! yup stopping in the pit was so cool and unique back then
  7. i was just thinking QIX would be an awesome game on the Amico but i don't know how you could make that CO OP
  8. How does anybody make money on the Google Play store with 3 trillion junk games to have to wade through..there's this 1st person racing game that the engine must have been duplicated 500 times with different titles like "fast race car" "speed racing" I can't wait for the uncluttered Amico store
  9. if they keep giving you problems you may as well put the apk file on the Amico website and we can download it there
  10. You may not know a lot of these companies by name but If you Google each one it's very exciting stuff
  11. I'm surprised Google verifies anything with all the crap that's on Google Play
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