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  1. my dad NEVER played video games until one day i let him try Burger Time and he got so addicted to it that he was using my Intellivision for hours every night so he ended up buying his own Intellivision II because Burger Time was the pack in at the time and it was the only game he ever had for his system lol
  2. Thank you Tommy! Next year I'm going to have to hurry and make sure I set up the Amico by the 12th! Lol
  3. since today is my birthday that means next year on this day i will be blowing out the candles on my Intellivision Amico controller and getting maybe a free game!
  4. i was thinking how cool Pac Man would be if one person was Pac Man with each of your friends being the ghosts chasing you but then again you can also do this with Lock N Chase
  5. it would be great if there were some physical media in stores at launch..there was nothing cooler than going to the store and buying a new system and picking out the first games you wanted to buy with it
  6. awesome! Tommy thanks for making work go faster today with this interview in the backround lol
  7. Tommy awhile ago i was going to ask you about vector type games on the Amico because i have always loved vector games and they never go out of style and always look great no matter how many years ago they were made...anyway i was watching the video at your with Smash GT and you mentioned you loved the Vectrex and joked you should buy the company lol..are there any plans for vector type games on the Amico other than the Asteroids that was in the demo?
  8. I've been playing video games since 1980 and i have a real hard time moving around in first person games..so much so I usually just give up because it's not worth the effort
  9. btw they did a GREAT job with it..one of the best cell phone arcade games i played on the old phones
  10. I picked up the Colecovision Super Action controller with Baseball and Football at Kay Bee Toys during the crash very cheap and your right the football game was awesome at the time rolling the spin dial to throw a pass was pretty cool but man the baseball game was such a big let down..the pitcher batter screen was great but the game itself was really disappointing..the knob Controller on the Colecovision was a hand cramping experience tho
  11. i'm one of the few people that loved the Atari 5200 controller..so nothing bothers me lol
  12. Pat is one of those guys that think gaming started with the NES and everything that came before is junk...i hate that attitude
  13. yes the shifty eyed dealer is going to be the Cabbage Patch doll of the 2020 Christmas season
  14. occasionally i'll turn on QVC when they have electronics and even stuff i know is not good they are selling like crazy and your right Tommy is very well spoken and the Amico would be huge on QVC...it must be hard to get on there tho
  15. about 2 months ago i was watching Fox business and i was surprised to see the Atari CEO on the Stuart Varney show and Stuart seemed pretty excited talking about it and i was thinking how cool it would be for Tommy to be on that show talking about the Amico..notice all the questions that Stuart had were right up the Amico's alley
  16. now THAT sounds great....Galaga 88 is what all sequels or remakes should be...making you feel like your playing the classic arcade game but taking it to another level and almost making the original classic game obsolete..sorta like what All Star Baseball on the Intellivision does to the original Baseball game
  17. i don't think a Galaga remake is needed..Galaga 88 CAN'T be improved on..that game is amazing
  18. Bruce Lee was an amazing game i had it on my Atari 800xl and the c64 in the mid 80s..now that would make a great couch co op where one person is Bruce Lee and another person is that green dude Yamo that chases him and another could be the ninja
  19. i hope Amico hockey makes that cool sound when you whack another player lol
  20. Great System..I bought a Dreamcast with a ton of game when it was discounted to $69 at Best Buy in 2002 and I still have it
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