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  1. I flipped the end around on the gotek- seemed i had 1 on the other side. Still get the same i/0 66 error but now TI DM2 doesn't lock up. It does give me a disk error 16 however if i try to catalog dsk1, 2, or 3. optimistic baby steps it seems in the right direction
  2. Update... Using the udp file, my GoTek now displays the hxc logo on the led on start up (with usb stick in or not). I removed the udp file from the usb drive, placed the indexed config file on the drive, and a 40-track single-sided .hfe disk named DSK0002.hfe When this drive is in the gotek, the drive's light slowly blinks. The GoTek continues to read hxc. Pressing the two drive select buttons seemingly does nothing. TI Disk Em2 locks up on the title screen. From TI EB, if I try to save to DSK1 or DSK3 I get an I/O error 66. If I try to save to DSK2 however, the small round LED above the disk selector buttons goes solid green, and the pen drive led goes solid. After a 1s or so pause, I get the same I/O 66 error. I *think* 66 = error saving, device not connected. Still wondering if my issue is cable-related. If I don't want to use somebody's .hfe file, could I not create an empty .hfe disk that I could simply save/load programs to/from from TI EB? And if anyone still reading, does anyone have a known working floppy cable they'd part with ??
  3. Yes Greg, I am who you think it is. I was away for a bit but just got through all these replies. Thanks to everyone for their input. I will try this 2nd step and see what happens.
  4. Thanks Greg. Is there any documentation that would tell me what the 004 error code means? (I dropped the indexed config on it, and a pre-created image from the chicago ti user group fair, renamed using the DSKA0000.HFE and still have same issue. Starting to wonder if its my cable. I purchased a twisted cable and cut it before the twist...
  5. Hello.I am stumped on this and hoping someone who has used one of these before can guide me to the promised land? I recently purchased the beige gotek USB floppy emulator, with the LCD readout and two button control on the front panel. I have a straight through floppy ribbon cable, a 3.5" power cable, and a usb stick. I've installed the unit in my PEB using the original TI disk controller. The ribbon cable is connected to the interior port. The drive powers up and the LCD reads Ldr. On my pc i've installed the HxC emulation software, and formatted my usb stick to FAT32 as instructed. I copied one of the 3 .cfg files they supply to my stick. At this point, I was hoping that meant I could power it up and access the usb stick as if it was, for example, DSK1. Right from TI Extended Basic for example. With the stick inserted into the drive, the GoTek LCD flashes 004 over and over again while the stick's led is solid red. Using their emulator utility I created a SSDD 320k 5.25" disk image and copied that to usb drive. It has no files in it, just an empty image. Same issue... GoTek displays 004 flashing over and over. I can't seem to find a manual for this GoTek nor a model# and the paper work I received doesn't mention it. It was purchased on recommendation from these forums from ArcadeShopper and he's been very helpful but I don't want to keep bothering him I am no expert on this stuff and was looking for a cheap / quick way to replace the broken 5.25 in my PEB - not even really caring at this point to transfer images to/from the PC, more just waned a drive solution for my TI itself. Any and all replies welcome and appreciated, even mean ones Thanks!
  6. I wonder how deep is order list is for Nano Pebs. Count me in.
  7. Has anybody had any luck with the Floppy to USB emulator? Is there any work required or do you just plug it in, and then can start reading/writing to "disk" as if you still had a floppy drive? My floppy in my PEB just died, and I'm weighing options... I like having the PEB around it reminds me of being 12 in 1982 with my original TI... I also like the idea of something like the CF7... Unfortunately I am not good with soldering, etc.... I just want a drive damn it!
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