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  1. What gets me is that this is a game we have seen very little of up until now, and yet it looks extremely polished. It also looks like John was kicking ass at the end. Looks like a lot of fun and the craziness of it all seems to be where that fun comes from.
  2. This was actually addressed in this forum a long time ago. If you go back to page 20 or so, you'll probably find the conversation on it.
  3. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/microsoft-xbox-chief-is-looking-for-acquisitions-in-social-casual-games-1.1679490 Tommy. Just admit it already. You're in talks, aren't you? There's also a lot of talk about chip shortages out there. Steam Deck is delayed. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all say chip shortages are hurting their supply. As a small startup, I feel your pain in trying to get the components you need to ship Amico.
  4. I find some of the discussion about Intellivision selling the physical games before the console launches amusing. Some people just think it's absolutely absurd. Here's how I see it: Intellivision: "Good news! The physical games are complete and now are just sitting in a warehouse in Utah!" Intellivision Fans: "Great. Can we buy them now?" Intellivision: "Yeah, I guess. It would help us cut down on overhead." Intellivision Fans: "TAKE MY MONEY!" <10 days later they have a collectors box, coin, and game card to hold in their hands> Versus Skeptic: "Can you believe these people are buying games that they can't even play yet? How stupid!" Sony: "Preorder God of War 7 now for $80 and we'll throw in a digital loin cloth Kratos can wear! It launches sometime next year... or maybe the year after." Skeptic: "TAKE MY MONEY!!!!" Also Skeptic: "Intellivision fans are so stupid!" <$80 later with nothing to show for it and a game he has no idea when he gets to play it>
  5. I just showed off my physical games to the family. The reaction was surprising. I think I'm most excited about Missile Command or Evel Knievel. My daughter was really excited about Finnigan Fox. To my surprise, my wife saw Brain Duel and got really excited. She read the description and stated that this was the one she wanted to play. It's not one that was on my radar, but it may be a hit in this family. I think that of these 8 games, there really is something for everybody.
  6. I can confirm that you absolutely can tell if it's upside down while still in the shrinkwrap. Actually, the coin is the easiest thing to see. So no need to open it to find out.
  7. My Amico games arrived a day early. And now they are stacked the way God intended them to be!
  8. Here's my guess. Hans Ippisch is German. He has contacts in Germany. He wants Amico to succeed in Germany so he reached out to a German publication and gave them a look at the console. I'm sure as the system gets closer to launch, they'll give more outlets test units. And they may give them to places you would never think would review a game console...
  9. Agreed. I don't care how many they sold. I hope it's a lot, but I want them. I ordered them. And they'll be here on Tuesday. I'm excited about that.
  10. I got my shipment notification on my phone. The best text I've received all day. It hasn't shipped yet, but it's a good start. Order #1296
  11. Like Snafu. Sure, it's like Snake or Tron or whatever. But DAMN that music! The sound effects, the music, it totally made that game.
  12. I checked the link in the article. It said they were already sold out.
  13. For those who have actually played on Amico, I have a question. How long does it take from when you start until you're actually playing the game? I started The Last of Us II, and it's been about an hour now and I'm not sure I'm actually playing anything. So far it just seems like a lot of cut scenes and Aaron Sorkin walking-while-talking moments. I want to play something, and I feel I wasted my gaming time for today (probably for the week. It's a holiday here in the US for some of us)
  14. I'm confused. The people on Twitter say nobody wants it, but you're saying people are buying them? I'm so confused. I don't know what to believe anymore.
  15. So then what makes the Collectors Edition different? Is it just the print on the box?
  16. So I'm on the IE website, and I can't seem to find a way to get the page to order the physical packs. Does that mean the only way people are picking these up now is by going through the link sent out in social media on the mailing list?
  17. Well I just ordered and I'm 1296. So it looks like they're going fast. I wasn't planning on getting them all, but then I started thinking. Value for value. I've gotten so much entertainment just from this forum and all the free videos Tommy has done over the years. I've gotten over $150 of value already, and so giving some money back to IE is the least I can do.
  18. And my OCD wants them to be stacked from shortest title to longest.
  19. How does the Evercade make up for the lack of the numberpad? I'm thinking about games like Snafu where you need to type in which game you want to play, or how many players are playing. I'm definitely excited for Night Stalker on the go.
  20. Hey Tommy! Hope you're having a great day. Keep up the awesome work!
  21. Tommy, What's going on with Night Stalker? It was one of the first games you showed off, and it looked great. But you haven't shown it in a really long time. Hope all is well with it as it is still my most anticipated Amico game.
  22. I think you're forgetting to highlight the truly important part of this list. These are 15 games in the "launch window." They represent what you would consider only 20% of the Amico library. And yet, every single one of these games is exclusive to Amico. Exclusive! You can't play them anywhere else. So by doing some calculations I can figure that in the launch window there will be approximately.... a LOT of exclusives for this thing. Six of them will be bundled in. That's insane! The PS5 has sold some 10 million units and there are only, what, 5 games on it that I can't play on my PS4. In the past, consoles have launched with fewer than 15 games total. This is really impressive.
  23. I think there are just many different approaches to how this is done. Take Valve and their new Steamdeck as an example. They didn't announce it years ago, start talking about it, then provide updates every step of the way as to how it was coming along. They showed the nearly final product, hyped it, and opened pre-orders. People see this flood of news and excitement, get caught up in the emotion of it all, and rush to buy it. IE doesn't have the name recognition Valve does. So they have been trying to get people to at least get curious about Amico for sometime. Even before it was anywhere near being finished, they had people playing it and openly talking about everything inside. Now they're at a point where they need to save that flood of last minute excitement to be released just before you can actually buy one. That gets the emotion hype going and sweeps people in. They need to save the "big bang" for launch time. They may have revealed too much as it is.
  24. I think it's all semantics now as the definition of the phrase "physical games" has evolved over the years. Video games and "physical games" are really oxymorons as a video game by its very definition is not physical. It's digital. The difference that evolved was how that digital code was distributed over the years. Pre-internet, it was simple. You had a console. You had a form of media with the code on it. You put the media in the console and played the game. Post-internet, you had digital distribution, piracy, and firmware updates. Digital distribution made it easy to get the game code. Piracy made it easy to play the games without having to pay. And firmware updates came to make the consoles better, but also to stop consoles from playing pirated games. It all comes together to blur the lines of what was once a simple concept. A true physical game is a board game. Something you see before you. It's real. It's physical. An old physical video game was a cartridge that you plugged in to the console and played your game. A current physical video game is a disc with code on it that you load on to the hard drive of the console and its only real advantage is that it doesn't require you to download gigabytes of data before being able to play. There are still patches, firmware updates, and online connections that need to be made in order for it to work properly. Although it hasn't been explicitly stated, I believe what IE is doing is something different. You buy a physical thing. You tap it to your Amico, and it downloads the code to play the game. The physical thing will always exist and you'll always have it. The code, once downloaded is attached to that thing and you can save it, store it however you wish (I think). It's a hybrid of sorts. It's a mix of a physical thing connecting to your console and a download of digital code. I'm interested to see how it all plays out.
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