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  1. He's just far less picky about broken audio than others are so he's fine having an inaccurate product because it allows games to work on it. Don't have to agree with it, but it makes sense.

    Lol. With some things, I'm definitely not picky at all. Bad audio is something I can live with. My biggest gripe with those systems was the IR controllers. They worked, but only if you kept them pointed at the receiver at all times. Fortunately I could plug in my old controllers andn they worked just fine.

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  2. I'm not implying these things are perfect or that they don't have problems, but the level of hate raged against them is out of proportion to the actual problems that exist. Sure, half the games aren't originals, but that doesn't make them horrible. Like I said, Air Hockey is actually fun to play, even if it wasn't an original system game. Sure, the sound may not be perfect, but compared to the piece of trash TV we had in our bonus room that the Genesis was plugged into, it sounds just as I remember it.


    Maybe it is a symptom of me just being old and remembering that back then, when these things were modern and not retro, you learned to live with things not being perfect. Hell, I used to have to change the channel of my TV with a pair of pliers because the knob broke off. I guess that's why I always get worked up when someone complains about the sound or some other small issue with these old consoles.


    Remember sitting 2 feet away from a tiny TV that may or may not be in color?


    I'm curious why you're confounded by the hate the Sega models get?

    Because I don't get it. A few years ago, I was in Sam's Club and saw this little box for sale that had a bunch of classic Genesis games on it, plus it could also play the old cartridges. For $40, it seemed like a fun little thing to have. I picked one up and for years have been delighted by this little AtGames box. I have my original Genesis still, but this thing is just so much more convenient. Then one day I saw reviews about it and people were crapping on this console all over the place. Apparently it was a piece of garbage. Apparently it wasn't worth turning on. I thought it was a marvel.


    Now they're coming out with an HDMI version, and one of the things people keep crapping on is the "bonus games." Yes, I get it, they're not original Genesis games, but the level of hate aimed at them is completely irrational. So the thing includes Checkers and Chess... why call those games "complete trash"?


    So yes, as an original Sega Genesis owner, and supporter, I am a bit confounded by the hate these things get.

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  4. The issue right now is that no matter what improvements they made, video game websites have already branded AtGames as "bad." Don't buy. Tainted. I'm not sure where all the hate comes from, but it's as severe as it is irrational. I'm confounded by how much hate the "bonus games" get on the Genesis box. They may not be original Sega games but they're not all that bad. I actually have a good time loading up Canon every once in awhile or playing Air Hockey with my kid.


    I'll probably pick up both units when they release in September. I've been pretty happy with my old AtGames console for years, and having one with HDMI will be even more convenient.

  5. Thank you. I tried my best to give an objective review from the lens of a collector and gamer. Many of the reviews of this product are not accurate and it bothers me. I look forward to what Bill has to say.

    Are those your video reviews?? Those were two fantastic reviews. I really appreciate them. The one feature I wish someone would cover is the new rewind/save feature. My biggest problem with old games, especially the 16 bit Genesis games, is that I quit because I run out of time to play. Save states seem like the ideal solution.

  6. Make no mistake, there ARE problems with the Sega HD. Only a small percentage of games work how they should on the reviewer's units. All issues, physical and software, are being addressed for the second batch of reviewer units, and, obviously, the production run.

    Sure, there may be problems with the unit, but I wish that the actual problems were addressed in the reviews. Half of the "reviews" are reactions to other reviews who have never touched the unit. And then ones, such as IGN or Gamespot, are criticizing things that seem to be arbirtary (such as batteries, weight, and extra added games). The video review posted above seems pretty positive with the exception of the wireless controllers having somem lag. Now that's actually informative. Saying the system is junk because it includes Chess and Canon doesn't help me out in deciding with whether this thing is worthy of my money. I don't care if I have to put in my own AAA batteries. I don't care if it isn't heavy. Does it play the games I want to play? And I wish someone would review it from a neutral standpoint without coming in to it with a "everything AtGames does sucks" filter.


    Bill, I know you said you were writing a review of these things and I can't wait to see what you have to say. Thanks.

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  7. Well this guy doesn't like the new Sega Flashback. Seems some reviews online are pretty bad but I just have to trust him because instead of showing the reviews he just streams some crappy FPS while yelling. I personally didn't have any interest in the Sega version but if these reviews are true this thing may tank.


    But it looks like this guy hasn't even played the thing. he's just basing his opinions off what others have said. And from the other reviews I've seen so far, I've yet to read one that is a fair review of the system. IGN blasts it for having "garbage" filler games. The Destructoid review now has an apology at the beginning in which the author admits it's just a blast piece and that he hasn't actually used the device.


    I get it. For some reason, people want to hate on anything that has "AtGames" written on it. I'm not sure why. Those filler games may not be original system games, but if you give them a chance... they're actually kinda fun. Yet it seems like every review is coming in with the thought of "this thing sucks" and are looking for reasons to justify that opinion. I mean, they're hitting the thing on needing AAA batteries for the controller. IGN gives it a hit for not being heavy enough. Seriously??


    I have the AtGames Sega Genesis box already. I actually really enjoy it. This one seems to be a bit better (although without any of the Ecco games). I only wish there was a review out there that actually reviewed the system, without the major criticism being "Where is Sonic 3??"

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  8. Great, great episode. My only issue was... I've watched that Intellivision Flashback commercial over a dozen times and always thought it was cute. Suddenly you put it into your podcast after talking about Keith for over an hour and how much it meant to him and suddenly tears are coming out of my eyes.


    I must confess that I didn't know much about him until hearing about his passing. I wasn't aware how crucial he was to all of the great memories I have surrounding Intellivision and how important he was to keeping the brand alive. I tried to play my Intellivision Lives disc on my Mac the other day but it wouldn't work because Classic OS was no longer supported on my old PowerBook. So I did the next best thing and played on my actual Intellvision all weekend long. I got my personal best scores on both Donkey Kong and Space Armada.


    His legacy is amazing and he will be missed.

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    The HD console will have multiple save state slots for each of the built-in games, as well as a shared pool of save state slots for cartridge games. The SD console and handheld will only save games for the built-in RPGs.

    Bill, I don't know you but I could kiss you right now. This is the best news I've heard since... well, since I heard that AtGames was making a console that looked just like the original Sega Genesis. My biggest problem with a lot of games is I get 30 minutes in and then have to leave because, I'm an adult now and have other responsibilities. Being able to save my games I have on cartridge would be so amazing. I guess it's safe to say that I know what I want for my birthday this September.

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  10. While their last one was okay sound wise (at least okay for tiny speakers), the lack of being able to save games made me not want to play it. I really wanted to finally win Starflight, but decided instead to buy one of those DB9 to USB adapters so I can connect a Genesis controller up to my computer and use an emulator.

    Starflight is probably my favorite Genesis game of all time (with the possible exception of Lakers v Celtics). The only thing that takes longer to beat the game (which I have yet to do) is read through the entire manual, which includes a great short story (which I have also yet to do). If this new console will let me save my game, I might actually finish it.

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  11. This is pure nostalgia. It's the same reason I went out and bought all the original D&D manuals I had as a kid. Just looking at those pictures again brings a relaxing sensation, memories of times when life was easy and simple.


    I think the difference is that a mid-life crisis is when you attempt to live out the path in life you didn't take. If you didn't have the sports car or drive the motorcycle in your 20's, then by the time you hit 40 you figure it's now or never. When you're young the world has a million different paths for you to take but by middle-age, you've already chosen your path. The crisis comes when you look at the choices you didn't make and try to live those out.

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  12. Somebody keeps buying enough of these for them to keep making more, so it's not just us.


    The TV consoles are limited to what's onboard. There is a small number of homebrew titles on the non-Activision Gold 8 box, with names like Avoid It, Chase It, and Shoot It. Yars' Return, Adventure 2, and a few other returning games can be considered homebrews, too.


    The video for the FB8 Gold seems to show the HDMI port on the side. Say it ain't so.

    Ah. So the homebrew section in the Genesis console is just for the extra games like Canon and Sudoku. Gotcha. I was hoping they were going to allow ROMs or something. I guess the cartridge slot will have to be enough.


    And despite the complaints, I also rather enjoyed those added homebrew games. One day I decided to stop being so cynical and just play a couple, and they're actually some fun little games.

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  13. I thought I was the only one who actually liked the AtGames systems. I know everyone likes to complain about the sound on them, but it has never been an issue for me. I think the games sound fine. When I was a kid, the problem with the sound was usually the garbage mono-speaker on the TV that made everything sound pretty bad, but you'd get used to it.


    The question I have about the new systems concerns the Homebrew stuff. In the video showing off the UI, there's clearly a section for Homebrew in the menus but how would you get that stuff on the console? The portables have and SD card slot but the main consoles don't. Is there something I'm missing?

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