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  1. Great, great episode. My only issue was... I've watched that Intellivision Flashback commercial over a dozen times and always thought it was cute. Suddenly you put it into your podcast after talking about Keith for over an hour and how much it meant to him and suddenly tears are coming out of my eyes. I must confess that I didn't know much about him until hearing about his passing. I wasn't aware how crucial he was to all of the great memories I have surrounding Intellivision and how important he was to keeping the brand alive. I tried to play my Intellivision Lives disc on my Mac the other day but it wouldn't work because Classic OS was no longer supported on my old PowerBook. So I did the next best thing and played on my actual Intellvision all weekend long. I got my personal best scores on both Donkey Kong and Space Armada. His legacy is amazing and he will be missed.
  2. I'm also holding out hope that there will be an Intellivision Flashback 2 coming out this year.
  3. Bill, I don't know you but I could kiss you right now. This is the best news I've heard since... well, since I heard that AtGames was making a console that looked just like the original Sega Genesis. My biggest problem with a lot of games is I get 30 minutes in and then have to leave because, I'm an adult now and have other responsibilities. Being able to save my games I have on cartridge would be so amazing. I guess it's safe to say that I know what I want for my birthday this September.
  4. Starflight is probably my favorite Genesis game of all time (with the possible exception of Lakers v Celtics). The only thing that takes longer to beat the game (which I have yet to do) is read through the entire manual, which includes a great short story (which I have also yet to do). If this new console will let me save my game, I might actually finish it.
  5. This is pure nostalgia. It's the same reason I went out and bought all the original D&D manuals I had as a kid. Just looking at those pictures again brings a relaxing sensation, memories of times when life was easy and simple. I think the difference is that a mid-life crisis is when you attempt to live out the path in life you didn't take. If you didn't have the sports car or drive the motorcycle in your 20's, then by the time you hit 40 you figure it's now or never. When you're young the world has a million different paths for you to take but by middle-age, you've already chosen your path. The crisis comes when you look at the choices you didn't make and try to live those out.
  6. Again, someone rattling on about the quality of the sound. I swear I must be the only person on Earth who can't tell the difference. I play games on my original SEGA Genesis and the sound is the same as from my AtGames consoles. Whatever. I think at this point it's become a meme and people just like to repeat it because it's what gamers have determined it to be.
  7. Ah. So the homebrew section in the Genesis console is just for the extra games like Canon and Sudoku. Gotcha. I was hoping they were going to allow ROMs or something. I guess the cartridge slot will have to be enough. And despite the complaints, I also rather enjoyed those added homebrew games. One day I decided to stop being so cynical and just play a couple, and they're actually some fun little games.
  8. I thought I was the only one who actually liked the AtGames systems. I know everyone likes to complain about the sound on them, but it has never been an issue for me. I think the games sound fine. When I was a kid, the problem with the sound was usually the garbage mono-speaker on the TV that made everything sound pretty bad, but you'd get used to it. The question I have about the new systems concerns the Homebrew stuff. In the video showing off the UI, there's clearly a section for Homebrew in the menus but how would you get that stuff on the console? The portables have and SD card slot but the main consoles don't. Is there something I'm missing?
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