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  1. It seems like there's a difference in view over what a "physical" game is. I think most of the issue is that a physical game from 1995 is not the same as a physical game from 2021. My physical game for the Genesis is different than discs I have for my PS4. I will always be able to pop my Genesis game in, turn on the console, and play it just as I did when it first came out. But the internet changed the way games are distributed, for good or bad.
  2. I completely agree with the grandparents angle. That's not to say young moms with kids won't see the value in this, but I know my parents would love Amico. It's funny because there are certain games that my parents will play with my daughter, and they just happen to also be on Amico (Farkle and Blank Space). Throw in some cornhole and you have something for everyone when the whole family gets together. Will my parents sit and play Astrosmash? Probably not. But I can see them playing Shark Shark or BurgerTime. And that's the whole point. Not every game is going to appeal to every player, but it's looking more and more like there is something for everyone. Throw in multi-player Solitaire and Minesweeper, and you've won over the 60+ crowd.
  3. I grew up with an Intellivision. Even though it sold a fraction of what Atari did, it was the standard in my family. We had one. My cousins had it. Family friends had it. Years later I discovered that my wife had one as well when she was growing up. Intellivision was what introduced me to video games. And I think that's what is missing today. The video games that are being released aren't games so much as they are "interactive experiences." They are stories that you "beat" and once finished, don't come back to. The Last of Us is a touching experience, but I can't see as how it's a game. Games on the other hand are meant to be played against other people. You compete, you score, and in the end someone wins before you start over and play the game again. You don't finish Donkey Kong or Pac Man or Joust. You just replay them hoping to improve and always aiming for a better score. I miss that. I also miss playing games with my wife and my dad. They're not gamers, but they will play Intellivision games. We can pick up Snafu or BurgerTime and have fun together. The only other system that got close was the Wii, but then it was only Wii Sports with a dash of Mario Kart every so often. Using the controller to pretend you're throwing a bowling ball is fun and easy for everyone. Using a Wii controller to pretend it's a gun or sword... not so much. So playing together eventually dies on the vine with the Wii. Then Amico is announced and it's premise is what I've been looking for for years. A simple controller. Easy to learn games that are also fun. A curated store that keeps out the crap, the DLC, the ads, the microtransactions, and the mess. I'm also excited for games that I can sit down and play in short periods of time. I don't have hours to dedicate to a game anymore. I can't wait 30 hours before it becomes fun. My free time is in 20 minute spurts. I like the idea of a game console that respects my time. In short, I want to play games with my family. Bring on Amico!
  4. That's not an article. It's a hit piece. The question is why? An outlet doesn't commission a hit piece like that unless there's some sort of agenda behind it. The author was very obviously ill informed as to what Amico is, but very informed on technical specifications. If they have issues, why not ask Tommy what their concerns are? He's obviously not shy about answering questions. Did they try to talk to actual developers? It doesn't seem so. Instead, they just go through leaked specs and tear it apart with nothing but negative comments. It's just strange as to why a website like Arstechnica would spend so much time tearing it down? Is it because they tend to focus on the newest, fastest, greatest tech devices? Or is there something else at play? I don't know. What I do know is that the some of the greatest innovations of the last 100 years were mocked and laughed at by their peers. The iPhone lacked a physical keyboard and was therefore inferior to its competitors. What did Apple know that Motorola didn't... nothing! Companies invested in their successful business model can never be disrupted. Just ask Kodak how that's working out for them. I think Intellivision is actually starting to scare somebody, and sites like Arstechnica are doing the dirty work to try and kill it. If the author wanted to know "What the heck's an Intellivision Amico" @Tommy Tallarico would have not only told them, but would have showed them what it is in great detail. Again, this isn't journalism, it's a hit piece.
  5. What the- !!! Is this the return of Mike Garvey??? And he just casually slips in? So many questions... Did you see your shout out by John in the video?
  6. ... he tweets from his phone created by a guy who refused to acknowledge his own daughter for years and treated her mother like utter crap. Not a great guy, but he's willing to look past all that. I don't get the "one guy who is working on one game on a new console once said something I don't like, so therefore I need to let the whole world know I reject everything associated with it." I believe the definition for this is "virtue signalling."
  7. I doubt there will be a time limit. If you want to let your friends borrow your controllers for a month, that's up to you. No different than letting them borrow your discs for a few months. It was once alluded to though that your friend would then be given the option to purchase those games at a discount (perhaps you'd get a coupon as well for making the referral?) So if your friend doesn't want to pay the $5-10 that the game will cost, then what kind of cheapskate friends are you hanging with??
  8. Ladder Ball is great, and would be great with motion controls. It's very popular at the beach. My family plays it quite a bit as it's easy for everyone to play and quite fun.
  9. My question: Who is this thing for? I mean, who are they trying to target with this thing? It seems to be different and weird just to be different and weird. I'm trying to figure out why anybody would fork over $180 dollars for this when I can't see what it's really offering. Intellivision is creating a console designed on making family friendly, co-op games that everyone can enjoy. Something you don't really find on other consoles. It's super focused and have been very open and transparent. They have hundreds of years of experience in the gaming industry. They've created numerous hit games and know exactly what they're doing. The PlayDate video almost seems to brag that they have no idea what they're doing. They've never built hardware. Their game developers are first time creators and also don't really know what they're doing. What am I missing here? They're super vague about everything, and whatever shirt Cabel is wearing... just no.
  10. As a logistics guy, I can say (and I've said before) that my concern right now is even if they do source all their components and get manufacturing up and running, shipping these things out is not going to be easy. As we all know, INTV is "the little guy" here, and even the big guys are having problems booking space on container ships to get product out of China. Rates have skyrocketed the past year and cost have more than tripled. Steamship lines have cut back and booking space on one has become extremely expensive. I do not envy whoever is at IE trying to plan all this out.
  11. And Germans pronounce the "e" in Porsche... but alas, this is a battle I'll never win. It's like trying to convince people it's pronounced Dr. Soyce (Dr. Seuss)... but even he couldn't win that one.
  12. I was on the fence, but after the Intellivision collections and the Data East Arcade collection announcements, I'm really feeling the need to pick one up.
  13. Today we remember all those who lost their lives while serving their country. Some were friends. Some were family. Most were people that we will never know. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten. When the call to serve was issued, they answered.
  14. Have you seen the documentary Sand Wars on Amazon Video? I had no idea that the battle for sand was so intense, and that most of the world's sand is useless in the production of construction materials like concrete. The sand shortages have been around for years.
  15. Wait. Am I supposed to be on the IE payroll?? I think you may have my wrong accounting information because I've yet to receive my payments. I'll call finance and get this all straightened out.
  16. I think all this talk of lag is very important. In fact, six months prior to the PS5 came out, I wrote them and demanded PROOF there was no lag in the system. I also asked for videos showing me the system was real and not running off a PC. Then I demanded to see hands on video of people playing the games (real people, not employees) so that I could then ask them if there was any lag. Alas, Sony did not provide me with what I was looking for. They also never showed off what the console would look like nor how much it would cost. They also did not show off any of the games, provide any of gameplay footage, or show what the UI looked like. I also was not able to pre-order the system from any company or in any form. Obviously the PS5 was a laggy mess and they didn't prove it to me otherwise. No, all I got was a video of Mark Cerny talking about what the PS5 "could" do... theoretically. And what has Intellivision given me? Nothing. I mean, aside from over a years worth of pictures and videos of the console. Video of the games in action. A downloadable demo of a game I can play on my phone. The price of the console and many ways to pre-order one (or two). A CEO who does more online interviews than any human in history (perhaps a Guinness World Record?), and is extremely open about every step of the process in releasing the console. I also got video proof of actual people playing actual games, and seeming to have actual fun. But one person, once, said there might have been lag somewhere, so who am I to believe? As the Monty Python boys would say, "What have the Romans ever done for us!?"
  17. Ok. You're right. It isn't there. But I just played it a few weeks ago and if it wasn't on my Flashback, I'm not sure where I would have played it. This is strange.
  18. I believe it can be. Tommy has talked about this feature before and I'm sure in games where you can only move up, down, left, and right that it will be implemented.
  19. Skiing is on my Intellivision Flashback. That is weird it's not on yours.
  20. I don't post all that often, but I have to say that the people in this thread are AWESOME! In just the past few pages, I'm bombarded with images from Airplane! and Kentucky Fried Movie. TRON is a heavy favorite, and we all have a fondness for Intellivision. Where else can I find a group of people who seem to share my interests as much as here? Y'all rock!
  21. In addition to the ones listed, I'd add Sea Battle, B-17 Bomber, and Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack. As for the size, I like the bigger one. What I think might work really well though is to have the box art on the back, and then on the front have the inlays. So two small inlays on the top left side on the front, and the full box art on the back. Just a thought.
  22. The reason this is controversial is because the conversation around this topic and the amount of money spent don't seem to agree with each other. Are in-app purchases ruining gaming? I think most "gamers" would say of course it is. But then you look at how much money people spend on in-app purchases and that data would seem to indicate otherwise. People may complain about those micro transactions, but it isn't stopping them from spending a lot of money on them. A few examples come to mind: I remember reading one year that EA's biggest money maker was The Simpsons Tapped Out. All because of micro transactions. EA is also raking in a fortune each year because of the their FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and the same in Madden. Nintendo decided to dip its toes into the mobile market. Super Mario Run approached it the "right" way. Play the first level for free, and then get the whole game for an additional $10. Fire Emblem was released as a micro-transaction firestorm. Mario made only $56 million its first year, while Fire Emblem brought in over $300 million. This brings up an interesting problem in that the conventional thinking is that in-app purchases are ruining everything... but if people keep buying them, then they're not going away. Personally, I don't use in-app purchases and just prefer to play games I've paid for. I do think that's the right approach, but the numbers may say differently.
  23. YES! This one is absolutely amazing. I'll take 5 of them!! Night Stalker is probably my most anticipated game, and this mock up looks insanely beautiful.
  24. 2. A game showing off what the controller can do and why it's unique. 2! This is the heart of what makes Amico different and unique. In my opinion everything revolves around the controller because it's how you interact with the system. It's how you play the games. Show one of the non-reimagined games, like Cornhole, and how the controller really makes it easier and fun to play.
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