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  1. Yes, of course - I can't believe I didn't think to check that one!
  2. I'd never realized how many keyboards used the same font! Or maybe how many terminals and computers from 1970 to 1980 used the same keycap designer... This is a Heathkit H19A from 1980.
  3. Definitely! I've little hope of finding a single typeface that's exactly right. I'm just trying to find a font online that is 'mostly' right. Seems surprising that something close has been hard to find given how prevalent and influential it was for so long.
  4. The early Apple PC's used a very similar font. These were made by Datagenics according to this: http://www.willegal.net/appleii/appleii-first_page.htm Apple I recommended keyboard Apple II keyboard It's not clear if the 'Q' has a curly tail on it or not. The '1' is not plain. The 'C' is a bit more open and the top and bottom of the 'B' look a little more lopsided than they do on the Atari. Oddly, the Apple II j-Plus is actually closer to the Atari version in terms of the 'C', 'B', and 'Q'. As a counterpoint, these machines from the same era definitely used different keyboard fonts: TRS-80 Model I TRS-80 Model II (much closer, but still different) TRS-80 Color Computer Commodore PET Commodore 64 IBM PC 5150 The TI 99/4A looks to use the same typeface. I can't put my finger on why it looks different, though. It might be slightly taller, or maybe it's simpler larger on these keycaps.
  5. I've noticed the typeface on the 800XL/600XL is slightly different depending on who made the keyboard. I did find the thread(s) on the different XL keyboards, but I don't remember seeing any mention of a specific font. Did I miss it?
  6. That one's extremely close, too. The only obvious difference is the '1'. One thing I'm noticing is that there are a good number of keyboards from that era that use very nearly the same keyboard font, with maybe one or two differences. It's possible the company making the keycaps was the same across the board (creating the tooling to fabricate those keys is not cheap), or there was a lot of cross-influence from some early designs. Still haven't found a typeface online that's right, or even "close enough", yet, though...
  7. The dark chocolate color and the sculpted keycaps really do look great and classy. This keycap set from a few years ago reminds me of the 800 keyboard: https://zambumon.github.io/
  8. Interesting - I didn't know about the Dragon. The only difference is the slashed zero and the asterisk (both of which some of the DECs have). I wonder if Hi-Tech made their keyboards, too.
  9. I don't suppose anyone happens to know the name of the typeface used on the Atari 8bit keyboards? The same font is used from the 800 through to the XL line (and then changed with the XE). It seems to have been a popular font for computer keyboards in the 70's -- at least with Digital Equipment Corporation. The famous DEC VT50 terminals from earlier in the 70's used the same font (see attached). Older and newer DEC terminals used the same keyboard font. DEC VT50 (1974): Some identifying characteristics of the font: It's sans serif Q: tail crosses circle and is curvy $: the vertical line does not cross the S shape M: outside lines are parallel and the vertex goes down to the baseline G: has no tail, and right vertical line is partially flattened K: diagonals make a T C is nearly closed 1 (one) and I (capital letter 'eye') are completely undecorated vertical lines " (double-quotes) are straight DEC VT05 (1970):
  10. It'd be great to see those eclaireXL cases modified for use with the 1088XEL.
  11. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk on this subject. I just tried the Raphnet adapter in Windows and looked at the built-in gamepad configuration/calibration utility. As I turn the dial clockwise, I see the axis cursor move from the right-most position, to the middle, to the left-most position, and then back to the right-most position again. I'll attach a GIF of the action to this message. Anyway, it seems that the adapter is presenting the controller as an axis, and not as individual buttons.
  12. Did anyone ever attempt this? I realize the CX22/CX80 are an option, but I'm envisioning a custom controller with a trackball, a paddle/spinner, and a couple of buttons that could be transported between 2600/7800/A8 and PC/Mac for use in MAME, etc.
  13. I remember finding this on a BBS back in the early 90's and having a blast with it. The only problem is that it would always start showing video degradation and eventually lock up, requiring a reboot. I've never found a version that didn't have this problem, and I've played it on 800XL's and plain 800's. Has anyone played it for more than, say, 15 minutes without it crashing?
  14. Have you considered using a publicly-shared Google spreadsheet for keeping an updated list? I've always found that to be the easiest way to both share and maintain lists like these.
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