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  1. Just saw this image in an Ebay auction, and now I suddenly want to put my Atarisoft carts in new style donor cases: This erroneous packaging is unintentionally brilliant.
  2. That wasn't just the "blindness" effect? I mean, the graphics are all messed up in the early games before you have your glasses sorted. It wasn't just that? As shown (and resolved, by wearing the glasses) at this timecode here:
  3. All games and characters named in the original poll and mentioned in my video: Also, this guy for some reason: Also, an alternate history where Bouncy and Bouncy's Obstacle Course exist in 1982, and TI lands Shatner, instead of Commodore:
  4. Are you Team Wumpus, Team Parsec, or Team Munch Man? Tune in next week, for the finale of...
  5. The Wumpus in the lead by a nose so far. Can't disagree with the choice. Sure, Mario's fun And Sonic is cool But how could you not fall in love with that smile?
  6. I'd recently done a video on the TI-99's most iconic characters and thought it would be fun to get some opinions of folks here on who the best mascot for the system is.
  7. Nice. I have PDFed the images you posted. Sorgan II - new.pdf And have updated it on my manuals site.
  8. I don't think we've got a proper scan of the Sorgan II manual. We've just got a scan of the cover, and then text for the contents: https://pixelpedant.com/items/show/185 Any chance you could scan your copy?
  9. That would be awesome, Jim. In the meantime and as an improvement on the prior options for printing, here is a fully retouched/rebuilt standard overlay I made for better quality printed reproduction. Just couldn't satisfy myself with the result of printing a lightly touched up scan. The labels are a little off centre in a few cases, but that's how it is on the original used. If downloading, make sure to view full size for full resolution: And the original, for comparison:
  10. Since I found myself addressing this same question recently for the same reason, here, for future purposes of this nature, is a Letter size PDF containing the standard overlay scaled to print at optimal dimensions when printed to Letter paper. Naturally, one will still have to cut the key holes. But it's at least doable, and worked out fine for me, and fits just right. standard 994 overlay - letter size.pdf
  11. Looks like the scores for Lobster Bay were: ------------------------ Count9929A: 74,600 pixelpedant: 68,200 jwild: 59900 globeron: 41,600 roadrunner: 13,500 ------------------------ With Count9929A as our winner and game-picker for September.
  12. Yeah, out of the planned ports, likewise, Crisis Mountain is the only one I came away feeling like might have been really nice to see. Astroblitz could have been fun though too.
  13. Going through the TI-99/4 User's Reference Guide section on BASIC, I can identify no fundamental differences myself. And it sure does seem that early BASIC programs which assert modifications are necessary for use on TI-99/4 are just about non-existent. It seems like there was a widespread assumption of intercompatibility of BASIC programs. But that does not necessitate that there are no changes "under the hood". And the availability of 256 bytes of additional RAM to BASIC on the TI-99/4 certainly seems suspicious.
  14. A question came up in the Zoom call today that didn't have any certain answers, and I'm wondering if anyone here has any insight. The question is: aside from having a different cursor, are there any functional differences between the BASIC contained in ROM on the TI-99/4 and the BASIC contained in ROM on the TI-99/4A?
  15. I'm betting nobody's going to beat that score in the next one day. In any case, Lobster Bay has been an excellent pick. I've enjoyed it a lot. And it certainly served my broader purposes. Motivating a deep dive into Funware and their unreleased games.
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