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  1. Thanks everyone! Asmusr had it right — I was looking for software to create music using the 4a — but I'm definitely going to look into this stuff you've all suggested. That SID card is especially tempting...
  2. Hey all. I was looking around at what software might exist for making music with the 4a. All I've seen so far is Music Maker, which seems pretty limited. Has anybody ever developed any homebrew software for this purpose?
  3. Thanks, both of you! Greg, your site's already been a godsend in helping me along - I've got no experience with electronics beyond plugging things into sockets, so being able to buy devices pre-built is super helpful.
  4. I actually have a hardware question: Would I need the official tape deck and some proprietary cable to use tape programs, or would any tape deck and a male-to-male aux cable work fine?
  5. I think the 40th parallel seems reasonable for the US. After all, that's roughly where the Mason-Dixon Line is.
  6. Thanks! Haven't got anything set up yet — I'm moving into a larger space next month, so I'm waiting on that — but I'm really excited to get started.
  7. I'm brand-new to microcomputers and a first time TI-99 owner, and this is super helpful. Thanks!
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