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  1. While I prefer physical over digital as I have a bit of the collector bug, I do see a couple of benefits to digital: No physical storage space - I live in a small townhouse. Places to put things are limited. This is one of the reasons my music collection is almost all digital. I just don't have a place to store all of those CDs. Playing convenience - With physical copies of games you need to switch out the cart or disc to change games. This takes some time to do. Also, if you are travelling you need to bring all the physical games with you, where as digital is stored on your Switch, meaning less things to pack and keep track of. There are legitimate reasons to go all digital and I can see why some people prefer digital. I prefer physical when it comes to console games. PC games are another matter, those damn Steam sales keep tempting me to buy games that look interesting that I never get around to playing. (Looks at his Steam library of 90+ games, in which he has only played about 15 of them).
  2. Ni No Kuni II should be arriving in the mail today, and I plan to start playing it tonight. I love my JRPGs and really enjoyed the first Ni No kuni on the PS 3.
  3. Two games I hope really get ported are Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm a big JRPG fan and was sad that I was unable to play these games since I didn't have a Wii U (and wasn't going to purchase one for just those 2 games).
  4. I just finished Nier Automata. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good story driven Action RPG. One of the things that interesting about it is that it three full play throughs to get the whole story. The first play though is as one character, the second as their side kick, and the third alternates between the side kick and a new character and starts where the first two times ended in the story.
  5. I'll plug a couple of Switch games. First Xenoblades Chronicles 2. Great JRPG with a good story and unique combat system. While the game has a few flaws, they've improved the game greatly with the recent patches. The other game is Golf Story. Imagine a mash-up of Mario Golf with an RPG and you have Golf Story. A quirky, fun, indie game for the switch.
  6. Recently started Nier Automata and enjoying it a lot. Starting to understand the hype around it last year.
  7. I figured I'd put up my thoughts on Xenoblades Chronicles 2 for anyone thinking about picking it up. First, I really enjoyed Xenoblades Chronicles 2. I found the world interesting and really enjoyed the characters and stories. The combat is enjoyable, once you get far enough to have all advanced combat tricks enabled. The world is beautiful, with each area having its own unique feel. That said, Xenoblades has a lot flaws as well. The map doesn't work well and it can be difficult to find where you need to go on it. The process of bonding new blades, a key element to the game play, is cumbersome and the chance of getting a useful blade when you go through the process is low. Important information on combat is provided only once, and then is hidden behind an in game currency paywall. Side quests can be frustrating. many of the later side quests require unique blade abilities they you may not have, and you don't find out about until you already spent an hour or two on the quest. Despite its flaws, I kept playing the game. I was invested enough in the characters and the story to keep going even when I ran into frustrating situations in the game. If you enjoy traditional JRPGs, and especially games that have a strong narrative, I'd suggest overlooking Xenoblades flaws and giving it a try. If JRPGs aren't your thing, or you don't have a lot of time to invest in a game, then I suggest passing on Xenoblades Chronicles 2. Xenoblades is not a game that respects your time, and while it has open world elements, it is still a traditional, linear JRPG at its heart.
  8. It will likely want to stay away from Xenoblades chronicles 2 if your time is limited. My semi leisurely play through of Xenoblades took over 140 hours. I enjoyed the game, but it is a huge time sink.
  9. The one game I've been expecting them to port is Mario Maker. There are a lot of Switch owners that missed out on the game from not owning a Wii U.
  10. the Switch has quickly become my most used console, leaving my Xbox and PS4 feeling neglected. I wasn't sold on the Switch at first as well. I new it had a lot of buzz around it, so I wasn't surprised it was doing well. However, I never was a Nintendo gamer and I didn't see myself being interested in the games that would be coming out for Switch. Boy was I wrong. It was listening to people talk about and reading how amazing Zelda BOTW was that finally got me to get a Switch. Both my wife and I have put tons of hours into Zelda, enjoying every minute of it. Super Mario Odyssey didn't grab me anywhere near as Zelda did, but I enjoyed it enough to finish the main story line and then collect another 100 or so moons after finishing the story. Today I should have Xenoblades Chronicles 2 waiting for me when I get home. I love the Switch. The hardware isn't perfect, but it is really good. But, the main selling point is the strong game lineup. I'm playing the Switch because the games I want to play more right now are on it.
  11. So far I haven''t had a good experience with the motion controls on the Switch. They were okay in Zelda, but I hated the apparatus puzzles where you had to use them. I can't stand them in Super Mario Odyssey as I find them a hassle to use. I still haven't figured out how are you suppose to use motion controls when using the Switch in hand held mode. It doesn't help that the two big games I've played on the Switch seem to have motion controls because it's a feature they were required to use, not because it would make the game better. Wii Sports wouldn't be fun without motion controls. Zelda and Mario would be more fun without motion controls.
  12. First, you really should finish Zelda. Ganon isn't that hard of a boss, especially if you have good equipment. I would skip both of these and finish Zelda and then perhaps pick one of them up later when they are on sale. I've played Skyrim before, but have never played a Xenoblades game. My impression of Xenoblades from what I read is that it is more of a traditional action JRPG. Zelda BOTW is closer to a western style RPG, and Skyrim is a textbook example of western style RPG. Skyrim should be a much closer experience to Zelda than Xenoblades. However, I think you will be in for a big let down playing Skyrim right after Zelda. It's not that Skyrim is a bad, but Zelda is such an amazing game. They are both open world, but you can't climb everything like Zelda and the wonderful soaring mechanic isn't there. Skyrim feels bleak where Zelda feels hopeful. I walked away from Skyrim after 20 hours feeling a bit bored with the game. Zelda added so much freedom in movement to the western style RPG and Skyrim, while a good game for its time, feels like a relic compared to it. Zelda is just plain more fun, and I personally felt the world of Zelda much more inviting and interesting to explore than the world of Skyrim. If you really feel the itch to play something new, I'd go with a game that is in a different style than Zelda. I'm currently playing Super Mario Odyssey and it is a lot of fun. I have Xenoblades on preorder as I am a fan of JRPGs. One other note on Skyrim, if you have a decent computer you can get the game for dirt cheap on Steam. Try it out on Steam for cheap and then if you are hooked in, get it on the switch so you have a portable version. Full retail price for an old game feels a bit of a ripoff. I'm sure it was a lot of work to get it to run on Switch, but I still wouldn't pay full price for it.
  13. As you guys said, not too much in Atari near Orlando/Kissimee. Now if I collected NES, it would be a different story. Still, I found some common Atari games, with an average price of a buck a piece. Highlights for me are three M Network games, Frog and Flies, Dark Cavern, and Astroblast. I also got some PS2, a PS1, and a PSP game as well. Cybertron in Mascotte was where I had the best luck.
  14. My wife and I are vacationing near Orlando and I was wondering if there are any places I should check out for retro games. We will likely hit the Weber flea market Monday, but would appreciate recommendations on other places to check out.
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