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  1. $7 per stick?! That's OUTRAGEOUS! Why, I'll not give more than $6.47, and that's FINAL, dammit! But seriously, thanks man, I'll be in touch. Yep, as I mentioned to you via PM on Sep 9th: "I'm all set on NES stuff, thanks."
  2. Your shipping fee is likely scaring a few potential buyers away, man. I typically just round off and eat the rest, it works out for the best all around. I just shipped a boxed Commodore 64 - incredibly well padded and double boxed - and it was right around 20something. No way your 32x lot would occupy as much space. (Nor weight). $36 from Mass? Folks are gonna see that and head for the hills. Just a thought, best of luck ~
  3. Passive/aggressive trolling and related bullshit ASIDE, this game is still available and ready to ship. Won't you let Larry into YOUR (bedroom) life?
  4. Just the standard models, the ones sporting black rubbers. Back in the day folks used to repair the red button with ChapStick caps. True story. Thanks! Oh, I also want paddles. Lots of paddles. Both kinds.
  5. House on Haunted Hill for 2600?! As in, the Vincent Price film?
  6. You've got yours, yeah? I mean, you're an hour away man, and it's not like they're exactly 'rare' around here at the moment. The Craigslist shitheads don't seem to be moving any product, lol.
  7. You'll have one, if the will is there. They're out there waiting to be found. Contacts waiting to be made.
  8. So glad to see Topo being appreciated. I'd actually been sitting on that ebay link for a few days/week. I sincerely hope they all find appreciative homes. Just be careful tinkering around with these Bushnell robots, at first it's: But if you're not careful.....
  9. Sorry guys, if only I had the hindsight (and knowledge of a budding AA) at the time, I'd have dispersed as many Jags as possible at cost right here. Ok, maybe I'd charge $60-$70 (we were getting them for $49.99 on the regular) and pocket a few 'time & trouble' dollars. I always expected boxed jags to increase in value, maybe something along the lines of a boxed DC or Sega CD, but never could have imagined the prices they are commanding today. Insane. I wanna say Jag, Virtual Boy, 32X, and a couple others hit the deep clearance bins right around the same time, but it could be a case of foggy memories. One mall EB in particular had a 6' pyramid of VBs displayed in their doorway, $19.99 each. They sat there for months. Experiences like these are why I believe that there will be a 'retro market burst' in the near future. So much of this stuff is not really rare at all, and those 'sought after' dollars will dry up once interest/demand is met during a given cycle/generation. It's already happening thanks to things like emulation and related devices. Those nude/beater Mego and Star Wars dolls that'd easily fetch $30+ each will barely bring $10 nowadays, since the market has become saturated with 'retro' figures and new product catering to the consumer's every whim.
  10. Lookin good, got all up in those grooves and scrubbed it inside and out!
  11. I really enjoyed the MV years ago. Bit awkward having to remove the entire face, but still a fun time.
  12. Take a look at the sickening condition I found this game in......sure, it's a shitty title, but NO game deserves to be treated like this. Spider webs/soda/liquid feces? Is this actual hair growing from the seam?? Disgusting. I opened it up for a thorough cleaning, and immediately was hit with a heavy stench, something akin to canned dog food. Let's see how she turns out, it's always a crapshoot (pun intended) with some of these older stains/odors!
  13. Hey, are you the 'Trade-N-Games' (believe that was the name) with the large collection? Several rooms neatly filled with stuff, did a video with Riggs and Reggie recently?
  14. Muggy, shitbag weather (STILL, FFS) but we still had a nice time. The chicken hoagies, fried gizzards, and Greek pork were all fantastic! (buRRRrrrrrp) First Goodwill of the morning, she found some neat 1989 Tyco Little Mermaid dolls and related stuff, and I spotted this big boy sitting there in all of his teal glory! This big fella turns 30 this year! I LOVE the original NES/Mario pinball!! When I saw the price they had on the little Activision things, I said giggity GOO - I'll take TWO!
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