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  1. STM32f407 I noticed the price of the current very expensive processor rose by an average of 1200% from before. before 4 dollar today 70 dollar - I found this model STM32F429 from the stm family at a lower price. Can anyone compile the unocart code to use this stm?
  2. Yes . just play it on a card without sd, do you know which STM to use?
  3. how could pitfall 2 run on a flash card? would you use an arm cortex? is there any project regarding this? my doubt is just do it without the presence of everdrive
  4. I already bought from 10 different sellers and I'm giving up, they all canceled the shipment. it looks like the chip disappeared from the market
  5. ask this seller that you mention to sell him to see if he will sell at this price. chip shortages worldwide 500% inflation worldwide this started last month. no one else ships at the advertised price before updating the price - try buying it and see the seller will not ship
  6. people opened this topic to find out if it is possible to compile the unocart for other stm? because the current one is 500 usd 10 pieces and disappeared from the market. and said it’s out of stock stm32g STM32H750 whit en.TrueSTUDIO_V9.3.exe is possible?
  7. guys who could help me out with a scheme to build a parker brother game on a proto board. for example montezuma system E0? anyone know any squematic about this subject I found this scheme but it is not very explanatory.
  8. montezuma F6 no work in cartdride. i put rom in really cartdride and now work game, only in stella work. really work atari sears activion in pixel past project
  9. i want montezuma revenge conversion 8k 16k f6
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