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  1. Hey all, hope every ones OK? And Ant this looks incredible! To me it oozes a very simalur look to Pulstar and BlazingStar and there a couple of my favourite SHUMPS ever, and not just because there Neo game! Did the devs say the Neo release is just a thought or are they seriously going to consider it on the strength of sales?
  2. IMG_8632.mp4 OH MY GOD!! I was adamant I wasn't falling for this AprilFools bullshit, over the years Ive fallen for the Sonic Megadrive prank, the TombRaider Lara Croft PlayStation prank, Pokemon Mew prank, there was know way I was typing that loader shite in to be disappointed... 30 minuets pass and Its eating away at me... I have to try it, fire the Jag up still has the Llamasoft cart in Ive been that addicted to it, type it all in and nothing happens, "BASTARDS, THEY GOT ME!" realise Ive put double Z in wizardry so just to check I try again... MOUTH WIDE OPEN... ITS ONLY BLODDY GRIDRUNNER! Cant bloody believe it!!
  3. Hey Tanooki long time no speak! Hope your well and alls good?? I kinda agree and disagree with some of your post, for me and I dont mean this disrespectfully cuz a lotta people love them but the multicasts for me, well the ones Ive tried, the 138/150/161 in 1 have all been pretty bad, in fact rubbish. Again mean no disrespect as lots of people love them and if summit like the SD wasn't out there I think they'd be great but for me, everything has to play perfect I mean the non transparent 'life' bar in KOF03 would kill me no end! But where I do agree is, is the SDPro a big enough leap from the SD to make me part with another £500/500+just 8months since I bought my original, and with that Im not sure? Personally Ill still torn. MJ
  4. Couldn't agree more I mean Ive been collecting since the early 80s and been obsessively in the Neo scene since importing my first AES in 89. I mean with the hassle from encryption and security even the talk of some kind of NeoGeo AES flash ROM cart just a few years ago seemed impossible and something us Neo fans would nver get and I was cool with that, truth be told Ive always (some people get so upset with this lol) preferred my CDZ but when Terra did announce the SD I thought "well I have to have one" and for me being a huge CD fan load time haven't bothered me one iota. So like you Im really glad Terra have worked on a new product and improved it, but have they improved it enough to upgrade my original only bought in July last year...? Mmmmm, Im not so sure tbt. MJ
  5. I was sure it was a hoax earlier got the link sent to me and didn't even check it! lol sent it you Paul try and get you hyped up but its bloody true, haha feel such a goon! Have to agree looks nice but, as I said to you Paul unless its soopa doopa 'a real must 100% upgrade' Im not gunna, I mean Ive been a massive CD fan for 20+ years so loading times dont bother me one bit. Stupid really because Ive the AES with an SD fully loaded ROM wise, but I'll still pop a disc in the CDZ rather than fire the AES and SD up. Strange really should pack my CDZ up and use cart but I dont. So yeah it has to be a real absolute must for me! MJ
  6. Was wondering if you have one of those ZELDA-X-PRO HDMI inputs for use with the DOL-101 Cube, obviously someones finally cracked the curse of the 'Nintendo-chiped' CubeHD cable! Wonna speak with a fellow gamer thats bought one! OOO MMM GGG!!! wtf is this all about? Cant believe it!
  7. Ahh gutted!! I frostily remember chatting with you about it but (due to doggy brain) was kinder hoping (soz!lol) you were going to say "yeah remember, but didn't want it!" I can def remember seeing it super super cheep! Need one ASAP!! Absolutely gutted I didn't grab it! YahooAuctions so cheep but almost impossible to set up an account and 'proxy posters' just want to much! Weight! Ive had enough of feeling so envious of Frazer entire collection! Especially and oddly his NGFREAK Japanese mags! Goes on holiday to Asia at some point soon, may have to Eathen Hawk/MissionImpossible his yard! JOKE!! lol Haha my games! lol Didn't want the 'Neo newcomer' getting bored! Oh WOW!! Never seen a box like that ever! Does that actually belong to Frazer? Asking far to many questions, sorry Ant! lol MJ
  8. Oh for sure! Ive been reading over them for day and kick myself over and over! MOTW 279.99 why didn't I buy 10 instead of 1? Ultimate11, Pete the owner of the now mainly defunct TeleGames rang me, I was in the TeleGamesNeoGeoSwap club, and asked me did I want my position on PAL U11? Stupidly I declined! I went up there a few weeks later and bought a bean JoyStick, MagicalDrop2 CD and a new but broken seal FatalFurry cart, It was super reduced and I actually saw and handled a PAL U11 and um'ed and aa'ed over buying it. Obviously I didn't, Frazer saw it/them there too and didn't pick it up. Not sure if he bought one subsequently or has completed his collection with a Japanese U11/SSK4 or a conversion car (not sure if he's in to conversions) Id be interested to know though. Also Ant been speaking with Paul the few days, were always chatting Neo lol and I was saying to him Im really on the hunt for SvC Jap, I cant believe how pricey It is now, I think you and I have spoke about this before but Im certain the NeoStore had in new for over a year really cheap, £80 or £180 comes to mind, can you remember that? And also do you no of one for sale at the mo? MJ
  9. Yeah thats what I was thinking, I no a fair bit about the Neo, been obsessed since 1989 lol And cost wise obviously at the time say MetalSlug MVS woulda been a grand and the AES £240 so business's woulda just gone for the cheaper cart! Did you have a quick spy at some of those prices and ads Ant? Madness hey? lol Techie wise though how hard are cart conversions to do? Can Mr novice do it? Are the guts of say Slug1 MVS the same as the AES? With conversion would you get say Shodown1 take all the chips off the board then put the MVS Slug1 chips in the corresponding slots, or is it way more complicated than that? MJ
  10. enoofu/Ant - So this big contraption in the picture is this a thing we may have seen in the home (a dual compatible MVS AES system) Is the only thing that stops MVS carts in the AES system and vice versa the physical shape of the cart? The converters (Phantom/MagicKey etc) didn't have any crucial hardware or anything? Also guys what do you think of the Omega system? MJ
  11. BreakFast?? Had my Sunday dinner just, nearly 4pm! lol MJ
  12. Its an amazing piece of kit! Had no idea it even existed! Just confirming it is official internal SNK equipment isn't it? Woah! So do you have all those consoles 'In hand'? I really love the CD and especially the CDZ, I just dont feel the load times are that bad and some people dont like the fact some of the later games lack frames of animation etc but I feel it really hard to tell, Ive said it before but had SNK really pushed the CDZ it could of worked for them! Shame.. This is awesome news! So with your post and #Stage1Boss post, Im wright in thinking that people that dont yet have pre orders will be able to soon, yeah? MJ
  13. Also not sure if you shared my Tweets/story from last week Ant so thought id repost some of them here, but the uploader wont except them all so going to put the price list up (which is BRILLIANT! lol) and a few of the !994/95/97/98 mag ads! Going to post all the single shots on my twitter and Instagram - @mattyjjenkins for both sites (its a collection of AMAZING stuff! - Please, take a look!! Defiantly worth a look, used to wright to companies when younger and ask it there was any info they could share so have loads of promo stuff, SNK sent me NeoGeoPocket BlackandWhite promo stuff for the UK and of corse it never came! When I was a kid I was a obsessed 'scrap-booker' and had this folder that I collected mainly everything SNK/NeoGeo/CD/CDZ theres also some Atari/Jaguar/LYNX stuff and SEGA/Saturn/DreamCast plus bits and bobs from NEC/PCEngine, Nintendo. I was obsessed with the CDZ, Saturn (then the DreamCast) so have loads of really old official mags in my collection, some quiet rare ones too such as the first copy of the Official XBox, Official PS2 UK, the last ever Official SEGA Saturn mag. Bought a tear to my eye going through the last UK Saturn mag, I was a HUGE Saturn fan. So, sorry all if these have already been seen. The NeoGeo price lists are MIND BLOWING! Only one cart over £299.99, KOF99, madness! Theres even a 'pre-order' section for Mark Of The Wolves NeoCD, what could have been hey! LOL! HomeCart PAL/EURO version of Ultimate 11... £274.99! Would bought all the stock out if then I knew then what I know now!! :/ WakuWaku7, MetalSlug2, UltimateEleven, SamuraiS4 and WindJammers, all brand new, all SNK made, all AES (Iknow some people hate the term AES for the homecart, sorry!) - £1149.95 - thats NUTS! I got RealBout 2, LastBlade, KOF98, SS4 (all cart), MetalSlug1 and 2 (CD) all new, sealed and delivered for £1000! LOL Thought Id add the back of my modded 2001 AES and my CDZ as saw #enoof highlighting it. Again sorry if these few have been seen already but theres so much more cool stuff on my Twitter and Insta just struggled all the pictures hope the amount of pics dosnt pi** people off! MJ
  14. Such a huge fan of the CD system especially the CDZ. I have a final production run cart system (2001 I think) connection modded and a NeoSD with full library of games but still fire my CDZ up more than the cart! The load times, especially on the CDZ really aren't that bad, personally Im not bothered. I have Shodown 3 and 4, KOF 95/96/97 for the Saturn and there really isn't a huge difference in loads at all. Some people have huge issues with the CDZs build quality, luckily (touch wood) mines been fine, I really feel SNK had the pushed the CDZ, maybe updated it before launch they could of hit big with it, would never challenged the all conquering PS1 in Japan but I dont think thats what they wanted to do, it was an extremely popular system in Japan regardless what the 'haters' say, but because SNK pretty much launched it then ditched it. Oh what could have been! Do you like the CD Ant? And all my CD and CDZ units have a wide range of ports on the back as we'll #enoofu. Was there different version with different ports #Ant? I know people hate the NeoX but I really like it! lol. Ok out the box there quiet a few things that are.. I spose a bit 'shoddy' the screen, joy-sticks etc but I really like it and like it standard. Ive seen so many people online have tore it apart, modded it to hi heaven, upgraded the screen and I really like it but mines been left totally stock! Have you an X Ant? Love this collection, been following this for some time and seeing it grow is mega! Have to admit, Im slightly jealous! lol Oh WOW, Ive said it already but this is truly amazing! I had zero Idea SNK ever produced a DevKit that had MVS and AES on the one system! Again just imagine the CMVS like super modded unit that could be made?? A CMVS|AES console like thing, ahh, amazing!
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