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  1. Do you consider it likely that you'll create a new preorder list and dump the old one? I just need to know if I need to start checking this thread and your twitter every day again!
  2. I expect the ones in the wild will shoot up in price now! I do understand and I hope you manage to sort it and that you are happier as a consequence. I am disappointed though, I was so close to getting one I was like number 23 or something like that!
  3. So all orders have been cancelled then? What a bummer, I'm absolutely gutted
  4. There is 26 in front of me. Not long I hope!
  5. Great thanks. My sd card is ready then just waiting for the cart!
  6. Does the .jag extension work for this or .j64?
  7. So if I'm looking to prepare my sd card for this thing what is it capable of playing at the moment? All original jag games, jag cd? Any others? ST ports?
  8. 107 for me. I'm happy with that looks like I'll be in the second batch.
  9. Would you consider sending to the UK?
  10. Hi I'd love to buy one of you have any left. PM sent.
  11. Very excited for this. I acquired a jaguar this week but the games are so expensive! This will be a purchase immediately once we know the price and availability.
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