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  1. Wow this looks killer! Hopefully some people enjoyed being able to play it at the PRGE last weekend. I would love to get out to that event one of these years as it seems to be the biggest convention out there in the US. THIS and also Crumbs are both looking pretty sweet.
  2. I enjoyed the shit out of Micro Machines on the NES and loved the toys as a kid. When I first saw Power Drive Rally that's what I imagined was those shiny little toy cars. Something with multiple cars would be sweet: boats, hot rods, Indy cars, tanks, and whatever else it had!
  3. I got back from my vacation and this had arrived while I was gone. Looks great and I am enjoying it! Played it for a few hours last night. I struggle to get past wave 5 as wave 4 is hard enough for me to beat!
  4. This may have been answered. But when the orders are filled and sent does the preorder # change to reflect the # ahead of you from then? As in if there are 200 in the next batch and you are #500 you can relog into your order and it should then show 300 I mean.
  5. Holy shit Clint this is looking great! I know you've been talking about wanting to do a cyberpunk game for a while now. The graphics look great and this has some serious potential. Good for you man to keep at it on this. Hopefully the Jag SD makes it a reality for you.
  6. I was trying to vote yesterday before it closed as it was still open. But on my cell phone it wouldn't let me click anything to vote up. Similar to Video Game Critic.com their site also doesn't allow voting on a cell phone.
  7. I am addicted to Assembloids. Short and sweet bursts are what I enjoy. Followed by Growing Ties it's also addictive and fun!
  8. Ive been using your Sega CD hex edits and you were helping me on some of those games. I'd love to know how to find where to ad in things like unlimited ammo and infinite health on games for say the 3DO/CDI/Sega CD like you have done1
  9. dang your screen is beautiful that's for sure. I like that this is someone actually playing it on real hardware. This game is top notch!
  10. Do you have a picture of these look like and do you still have the rest for sale?
  11. Is the newest ROM package the originals or the updated ones? I found the package to download
  12. Saturn I'm interested in how you figured out an Infinite health hack
  13. Will the full conversions of the final versions be posted in here as a packet or on the anniversary page
  14. No idea where it initially came from it was the converted one from Felyx at the beginning of the thread. But the new conversion works. Happy there will be a folder of all the final ROM updates 1 week after the competition started. Yours sounds like it's ready. When the others are all ready I'll download all and test!
  15. Thanks for this! It worked perfectly for my Xenophobe Unlimited Health Hack rom!
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