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  1. I had been sent different updates from Jeff through the last month or so as he was working on it. It's great to see the progress from what it initially was. This one came by request from me when I saw the initial demo a while ago I asked if he planned to work on it more and eventually release it. Obviously people have a hatred for anything he puts out and will probably lay into me when I say I saw it in the initial stages vs what it looks like now and saw oh I bet there were no changes or make some snide comments. But this isn't the final release it's a flipping beta people. I personally enjoy what has been put out and had fun with it watching the progress. I have made it almost to the end of Wave 2 and have not been able to make it further as I seem to struggle in wave 2 with the skinnier ships and my lasers overheating. My high score has been around 7500 I believe. I'd like to make it to the higher waves to see how they are.
  2. That's the exact game I played last night on my skunk. I love shmups!
  3. I don't like the joystick at all. Too small and little movement when you make turns. Maybe I like to get into it when turning. But one think I think would be awesome is if it had suction cups on the bottom then it would stay put when making moves. That would probably fix it for me.
  4. I too wonder on this. Of the 3000 game file they are all stupidly long names and it would take a while to edit and compress the names for them all. When I downloaded the Ransom Rom pack (273 games) they are all nicely labelled and organized alphabetically and I would like the 3000 games to look the same in the menu but not have to edit all of them!
  5. You can occasionally find local deals on your Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for $100 or less for a complete console with connections. But for people who know what they have, expect to see prices of $200+ for loose or over $300 with a box. Even my local shops have been jacking up the prices on their consoles to $250 loose and $400 boxed. The person above me that posted mentioned $100 or less for the console and then the individual parts are fairly cheap from there. I would stay away from any RF boxes, you can get custom made svideo/AV cables for $15-25 shipped and controllers can be $15-20 or so each. The power bricks are like $8-10 as well, and I want to say there are other plugs that are universal and will work with the Jag if you can;t find an original one,just can;t remember what other systems they are from (genesis model 1 or 2 maybe???)
  6. Yeah I'll go through and delete the first set then download the 3rd one and unzip it and ad it. Should work. None of the .nbz show up.
  7. Alright so I finally hooked it up and did some playthrough and have a simple question. First off the download of the firmware thanks to that link was super easy, you then plus it into the C64 and then a select the "wrench" and choose firmware and then it tells you there is a USB drive plugged in and asks if you want to update, I clicked apply and then it did its thing and restarted, then at the bottom there is a USB icon and you can click it and see the games I have downloaded. My question is: Of the 3000+ game si downloaded it will only show those with the .d64 files and from the group I downloaded there were only 57 of those and the other 3000+ are all.nbz format. Is there a way to get it to show all the NBZ ones too or swould I have to change the format/relabel them all to .d64???
  8. yes 100% I was waiting for it to drop to a reasonable price. $20 would have been ideal but for $30 its a nice looking box and something I'll dabble with. When I found that out last week I decided to scoop it up but was worried it would be too complex to modify. But sounds like you download that firmware update, load it from the flash drive, then download that 1000+ game file and then when you plug it into the unit it should show up. Hoping it is that simple!
  9. Sounds simple enough! I will start the process on that tonight to tomorrow and and then hopefully will have a success. Thanks again for the help!
  10. You're talking about swapping in chips/soldering I guess? I still have yet to learn how to properly solder. A simple plug in box like the one posted above would be nice, if they weren't so ungodly pricey!
  11. Awesome thanks for the help! I bought the C64 yesterday and havent opened it. I will download one of those large files with the 1000+ games on it. I guess then you have to do something to the C64 mini as well for them to register. That will be my first project.
  12. Probably another stupid question for you SainT but will is support save states or progress/high scores? With most flash carts I seem to see they lose the status/scores/progress once you flash a new game instead. Would it also support Memory Track saves for the CD based games? This was probably answered somewhere in this 85 pages.
  13. The price dropped to $29.99 at Gamestop last week, so I am about to go pick one up shortly from my local store. I am wanting to mod and ad as many games as possible. Does anyone have the most simple instructions of what to download and what to do??? I have searched around and see some stuff that sounds way too complex to me. I literally was hoping I could just find a huge file with over 1,000 roms on it, put it on a flash drive, plug it in, and then have it show up. Is that not the case with this? Really need the simple straight to the point instructions for it if someone has that. I have seen links to pages with multiple downloads of games but not one with a large 1,000 game file or larger. Also is there a firmware update or something you have to do for them to show up?
  14. I wouldn't say that it is underrated at all. Those of us true jaguar fans already know about it and know it's a good game. I guess for those who are new to the Jag or have never heard of anything for the console aside from Avp, Doom, or Tempest 2000, then it's probably underrated to them and likely comes as a shock when they assume the system sucked and had only a few good games then found out about Atari Karts and then realized oh snap this is also good!
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