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    There's a ROM and an iso out there for it. I have it burned on a CD and found the case for it out there. It's basically the same as Lights Out, but with rocks. Pushing the rocks and it turns off the ones not lit in a + sign shaped pattern
  2. This game was hard as balls. Tho there's a list of cheats if you need them and hadn't seen these:
  3. I'm actually now back in Denver. I wasn't sure where in Utah you were actually. I was visiting Family in Ogden area.
  4. I'm visiting family in Utah right now. Whereabouts are you at? If I could save on a pickup. That is if you have 1 made as well!
  5. This looks pretty sweet thus far!
  6. Got a nice high score after I figured it out
  7. I think the current problem is getting one tho. It seems those in the know got them at the beginning and some on the wait list. I was on the Retro HQ wait-list and I think that list is no more so I'm on the AA wait-list now. But the skunkboard itself has been awesome for me, I've really enjoyed it. I use it with a laptop so it's not hard to get it right by there vs those who mention having to run a cable across the room!
  8. The switch is on a different level than the pod entrance from what I remember which is why I can't make it on time. Seems like the elevator sends me to the wrong floors to get to the pod
  9. I was able to beat the Alien version without codes and the Predator version without codes but not the Marine. I finally had to use codes for the Marine but STILL could not beat it because when you set the auto self destruct regardless of how fast I am I can never seem to make it to the escape pod before it all blows up. I end up getting stuck in the elevator which seems to take me to the wrong floors vs the one I need to get to. Just not enough time to make it for me.
  10. You'll likely also get a third Doom game once the final release of the Doom with the added levels n such is created. If ever released I think everyone will want it!
  11. The jaguar is not necessarily a good console but it too is MY all-time favorite. My #2 favorite is the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and my #3 is the 3DO. SO yeah I like the BAD consoles you could say. I feel like anyone can enjoy a well created and presented console with good games like the NES, Genesis, SNES, and so on. But I find something intriguing in the ones that flopped.
  12. I too actually like some games that are short as well as games I can actually complete. With limited time to game at this age I don't have hours upon hours to play like games I've seen that are recent (Switch games that my local groups talk about playing 50-100 hours on). Elansar was great for me and I liked the story and graphics. Definitely had that cool 90s story vibe like games of the time. Alice's Mom's Rescue was in my initial list too and it's challenging and once you know the path then you can beat it, tho I haven't yet. There's a video of a guy beating the whole thing in like 20 minutes on YouTube! As for games I can beat, I like some of the short games and ones that aren't too challenging. As I don't have the time to master any of them like I did as a kid. Some games get me too frustrated that I don't play them when I get stuck or need extra life to get further.
  13. I'll look out for that. From what I can play of the rom that works it is nice until it freezes. Not sure why it does that on a skunk if it works fine on an actual cart.
  14. What I found is it will always freeze to a blue screen if I select One Player without selecting something else. I have to select Instructions and the back out then select One Player for it to play. Tho the game still freezes randomly at level 1 or 2. Hopefully you'll find a solution to everything. As this game looks amazing! Will it be posted when it's complete?
  15. Were you able to iron out the Burgertime issue? I was able to find a rom of it posted by someone on a different forum saying it works flawlessly for them but it seems to freeze all the time for me. Sometimes it will just freeze to a blue screen when you press any button on the main screen. Sometimes it will actually play fine and then freeze on level 1 or on 2 to a red screen. You mentioned something about rom vs ram but I don't understand any of that. But would love to get this thing to work on my skunkboard as the Donkey Kong you released is awesome and I have no issues with that one!
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