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  1. I was able to play/watch about 5 minutes of caves of fear before it crashed on me. The American hero I can make it to the alley behind the club and the limo scene but that was about it, not that it crashed I just never got back around to trying again. Someone recently posted a full length video of American hero on YouTube a few weeks ago, its like 45 minutes long and I decided to watch it while riding my exercise bike in my basement just to give something to pass the time. It was pretty cheesy but still fun to watch, I recognized some of the locations from back when I lived in Southern California and thought oh hey I know that place! I also recognize the main actor as the dad in the movie "The Girl Next Door"
  2. I leave my skunk shell in the slot too to keep out dust.
  3. Do you have a link for the cable you are using or where to find it? I posted some ebay links and pcis above but not sure if those would be similar to what you have.
  4. That Jag needs a CD unit on top of it! Plug it in plug it in!
  5. I have one of the Samsung DVD players the N501 I think it is. Some of the game s on it were on other systems as well, but the real deal for owning it would be for Tempest 3000 basically. Merlin's Racing is actually on the PS1 as "Rascal Racers" and then Iron Soldier 3 is also on the PS1 as well, Ballistic is on PS1 too. Otherwise there isn't really much going on for the NUON aside from Tempest 3000. I have burned all the games for the Nuon and honestly the Tempest 3000 is not all that good IMO. Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar and the Saturn are way better, plus the issue I have is that there was no memory card for NUON so it does not save your high scores, which is the main thing about Tempest is being able to beat your score! On the controller side, when I got mine I bought an HPI Warrior controller (the boomerang one) and the guy charged $80 for that. It seems to work nice but does not have the analog stick. The issue with that is he gave me a legit Freefall 3050AD game and that one is basically uncontrollable without the analog controller.
  6. So it is not the cable as the issue but the item supplying the power? Would that 5v to 9v conversion cable above convert the output from the battery back to 9v to work on the lynx?
  7. I'd say it does! Zero 5 is awesome but damn it is hard tho! For those with a skunkboard and looking at the ports from the ST of say Degz and R-Type could be added to the shmup list. Most classic top down shmup for the Jag would be Raiden. I love games like that. The Saturn was littered with amazing too down shmups and it would be sweet if the Jag had some more.
  8. Damn, I was hoping one of these would be the fine option. So I could just use a cable with the battery pack and not need to mess with any internals.
  9. I know there is a thread that covered some of this but I cannot seem to find it so I am posting this here on my own to see if anyone knows this answer for me. Let me know if one of these would work and won't burn up the Lynx if there is a voltage difference! I would like to use the Lynx without having to plug it into the wall or use batteries and have the following 2 cables I am checking to confirm if they would work: 1. First cable is a USB to 3.5mm x 1.35mm Barrel Connector 5V DC Power Cable Cord Jack Male Supply F This one is the proper size for the stock power jack on the Lynx and I would plus it into one of my portable battery units I have. What I am worried about is that this says 5V and the Lynx is 9V so I am worried this will fry something. 2. The second one is DC converter cable USB input 5V DC, output 9V DC jack 3.5mm x 1.35mm 5V to 9V and appears that it would be the same power jack size the Lynx has and still gives out the USB plug on the other end so I can plug into the battery thing I have. But this one says converts from 5V to 9V. Would this be the better option or would I even need this as this one is more expensive than the first one, this is $8.69 shipped
  10. I have tried to play this game on other systems (Genesis and C64) and I cannot figure out the correct way to chose players and then which button is pass vs shoot. But I seem to get whooped everytime I play. I imagine the same outcome if I tried it on the Jaguar! But overall the game itself is a cool concept. Reminds me of the old American Gladiators show.
  11. Sorry if I sound stupid for asking this but where were the Cybermorph CIB sold separately? At least when I bought mine it was included in the box and there was a colored section in the top right corner of the box that Cybermorph was included. I guess I always thought it was included with ALL of them and wouldn't have to be bought separately. Also with the whole 1mb and 2mb version was it only the updated one that was sold separately?
  12. Even for a repro that's pricey. It's almost $70 for just the cart with no box and that label doesn't look all that nice. I have that game on probably 5 other systems at least so in no rush for a Jaguar version honestly. I agree with Zerosquare above, it's been available for years on many other consoles to play it on. The prices for a real Another World on the Jaguar make it unreasonable to want to purchase it when it's like $5-20 on other consoles.
  13. This is probably answered somewhere. But I was on the preorder list and then got a cancellation notice. That might have been a PayPal cancellation I can't remember. Since this will still get produced at some point, will we have to repreorder and get back into the list with a new number or will the old list still hold our place in line?
  14. I'll agree on this. I've played it, it's kind of like lights out but there really is no order or reasoning when the lights switch around. So you will die a lot as there was almost no way to know which lights will go on or off when selecting. I definitely agree the presentation is super nice on it!
  15. Wow that's awesome. My 3 year old would love this!
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