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  1. Oh that's a good idea I'll try that! There's no excuse why disjuggler won't work with my cd drive just says not available for some reason, shows it's there bur blocks out the start button to make the cdi. I can rip to iso and put on the hard drive and see if that works. It's frustrating how much work I've tried just to get .cdi made. I don't know why the initial post says it works with bin cue as it won't even do anything if I try that or ccd. Unless there's some way to edit the cd2jcd program itself
  2. I get annoyed by his reviews as he always seems to hate on the consoles that I love. I think people watch his videos and enjoy them due to his vulgar nature
  3. Have you been able to convert to .cdi on a different program other than discjuggler? Or get anything to convert to a jcd that is not a .cdi? I've tried converting bin and ccd to jcd bit neither will convert with the cd2jcd program. Only .cdi will thusfar
  4. Alright hoping for some help on this one with Discjuggler. These are my issues: I have 1 laptop that refuses to allow me to install Discjuggler, it is on Windows 10 and only gives me an error "you must reboot your pc" which fails to work so I can't even install Discjuggler to make a .cdi file. My other laptop did install discjuggler however it refuses to create any .cdi because it keeps saying "not available" on my cd drive so the start button is grayed out so it can't create a .cdi at all. Any help on the above would be great! The problem with cd2jcd is that it refuses to convert anything to jcd except for .cdi files. I'm confused why on the initial post that cd2jcd is supposed to allow .ccd and bin/cue but it refuses to do that for me. So it seems the only possible way for me to do anything is to get discjuggler to work so I can convert things to .cdi unless there is a way to fix cd2jcd to allow it to use other formats or a setting for me to change that allows it to accept those other file types mentioned in the first post. Below is the screen shot of what the 1 laptop shows with the disc drive causing it not to allow me to hit start in discjuggler to create the .cdi
  5. Awesome man I'll try that. I downloaded DH V6.0 but it kept doing that error when trying to install the .exe but I'll try to see of it will allow me to use 7Z for opening. I also have to use a USB cd burner drive. For me my internal cd burner drive stopped working so it won't read anything so I had to get a USB one, so I'll make sure to have it plugged in when trying to start the program, assuming I can install it first. Would be great if cdwjcd would accept my .iso or .bin files or of some other program could make .cdi aside from just discjuggler
  6. Is the only file format that the cd2jcd program works with a file with a .cdi extension? And is the only program that can create that Discjuggler? I have downloaded Discjuggler more times than I can remember but since the program is old it refuses to worik with my Windows PC, it just keeps coming up "you need to reboot your system" which Ive tried more times than I can count, but it just says the same thing. Since I cannot get Discjuggler to install I cannot use it to try and convert anything to .cdi format. I envy everyone in here that says they have been able to get Discjuggler to install and work since I can't get it to install to save my life. But if cd2jcd can convert any other format to a .jcd that isnt a .cdi to begin with let me know, or if there is any other program aside from Discjuggler that can convert to .cdi let me know!
  7. I have these 3 for Hyper Force, Skyhammer, and Soccer Kid. But nothing for Skycopter or Speedster except generic ones Hyper Force.mrq Skyhammer.mrq Soccer Kid.mrq
  8. I think the blue looks pretty cool. I'm glad you had one for Barkley Shut Up and Jam as well! On some of the incomplete rom ones, I know I've seen art for them in a custom art thread with a bunch of pics, can't remember the name (DVD style case art) which would give the cover image for the mrq. But probably not worth the hassle to make an mrq of them if they aren't complete roms. Great work either way! Edit: I found one of the threads there is a bunch of cover art in for some of the demos or port's. Still trying to find the CD case insert thread that had a ton in it. This will work if you're looking for other cover arts to make mrq from:
  9. Hardest game for me is Zero 5. Definitely not enough lives to get very far. I think it's level 3 when you have to avoid the moving walls and it's just nuts. Second hardest would be Bubsy. I'm terrible at 1-hit death games and this one is just tough. Would love this one to have a few more hits allowed with hearts on top that go down for each hit.
  10. Came back from vacation and mine was in the mailbox. Works great on my Jag CD unit. Now I've got to figure out a DVD case for popping it in for the shelf display
  11. I got home and downloaded this new zip and updated a bunch of my missing MRQ. Thank you so much for these! I still have a few missing but that's probably due to incomplete roms as I saw there was a blank folder in the zip. If you're bored and making others for some of the incomplete ones, this is the ones I'm missing, just don't remember if these were incomplete games or not, tho some of these I think were completed games: Buggy Boy, Carrier Command, Deflektor, International Karate Plus, Martian Attack, Mercenary, Metro Cross, Return to Genesis, Starglider 2, Starquake, Stormbringer, SwitchBlade, UWOL, Xenon 2
  12. Thank you for doing this man! When I'm home from vacation l be downloading this pack and see what you made.
  13. Since I have never been able to get any sort of Discjuggler to work, is there a specific site and version to find it at that works. Could just be my laptop and shitty luck. But I've tried it on 2 laptops and never got any version to work for me.

    Abyss (beta)

    I just played this on my NTSC Jaguar. I got through all levels without any issues. No sound glitch and no freezing. I struggled at Level 5 because there was nothing else to shoot, so I dove lower and then found the items at the bottom. However to make sure it is not my system, should it get pitch black at the bottom??? It made it next to impossible to see the items at the bottom when it gets black. Making sure that it isnt my TV doing that and the game is supposed to do that. By then all you can see is a minimal red dot in the middle of the screen for a crosshair. I would definitely say if you can make a bigger crosshair that would be great! Also the struggle with moving up and down can be a pain as I kept hitting down and it would backup to negative speed and had to remember to press C, but that could just be my complaint issue. My final High score read out as 259 as well
  15. I have the Honeybee Competition Pro version for my CD32, but you're right it literally uses 1 button for this game! Someone mentioned pro controller up top in the thread tho, what would be awesome with this type of top down game is if you could strafe left/right with the shoulder button. Since when I move the try to move the player left or right it turns them as well, meaning it affects what you're shooting at (like in Total carnage) which is something I dislike. However I'll take what i can get, I can't program games for shiz, but if strafing left and right is an option would be great!
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