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  1. I had it with the same name to match the mrq but I figure if no one has actually gotten Vid Grid to actually work still I probably won't bother. This was an odd one being a pack in that wouldn't work on the GD just freezes on that loading screen. I guess the same loading issue be said for World Tour Racing still unless anyone has gotten it to work by now.
  2. Rehashing this old one to see if anyone has gotten Vid Grid to work as of yet. Mine used to load to the "loading" screen the freeze. Then it wouldnt even go that far so I yanked he .jcd and put another one back on in its place and now all I get is "image is not contiguous" which I never got with it. It's the same .jcd but thats what it does now. Reloaded it 4 times and thats all I get. Has anyone gotten it to fully load and play anyways? Weird that it worked before but then will only show the not contiguous thing now.
  3. I did the same with Fight For Life. I had a sealed copy of it and tried it on the skunk and immediately said F This Biz and never loaded it ever again and sold the sealed copy to someone who actually wanted it. With so many games out there to play these days it can be hard to put a ton of time into some of them when they come out of the gate terrible to start. On my comment about an NES game that goes along with what you said, spending all your money on a game hoping it would be great because in the 90s that's all you could afford at the time. Sometimes you've got to find the joy in just about anything tho. It's harder today tho with more options on games to play.
  4. Oh for sure, if I had paid full price for a game like Supercross 3D (whatever that would have been at the time I don;t know as I got it for $20 sealed in 2017) I would have been pissed for sure! In the 90s as a kid times were different but even then $50-60 for a NEW game was a ton of money as a kid that did chores for little amounts. I remember LOVING the movie Terminator 2 and still do to this day, but spent like a month's worth of chore money on it for the NES which was like $50 at the time and it was one of the worst purchases I've ever made on a video game. So I totally understand where you're coming from about paying full price. I guess to pick and choose and the Jag library is limited as far as the quantity of titles, I can find just about anything to love about any game for my favorite system even if others dislike it. I'm down with Supercross 3D and Atari Karts and can find something to enjoy about each.
  5. I have always found BC racers to be enjoyable regardless of which platform. The Road Rage style punch is pretty awesome! On the topic of Supercross 3D I think the colors are actually quite nice, they are bright and vibrant. The crashing while off the track is definitely an annoyance but not nearly as much as Atari Karts where you touch the wall and just stop outright and have to keep turning like hell to eventually break loose.
  6. There is a guy on here goes by Saturn that has a whole Sega CD page online with awesome hacks that I have hex edited in. I have wondered how the heck people know what to do and where to even go to create them. The game Shockwave I really would like to beat but it is ungodly hard once you get to Las Vegas. Even the Sega Saturn version is the same way and nearly impossible for me to beat. Having a way of hacking in codes would be awesome!
  7. Has anyone made a Simone mrq file at all?
  8. How do you know of you've successfully hex edited a rom or game. I've done her editing with Sega CD games but with using someone else's hex edits. I'd like to put infinite lives or health into Shockwave or Microcosm.
  9. Yeah man super easy to do too. Like 4 screws to remove the ejecting disc drive then unplug the cable. Stuck the cable in the green board and then screw it down. No soldering at all thank God because I can't solder. Then literally just load .iso files of all the 3DO games and they sort alphabetically. It was the easiest of the USB type things I've done. The Dreamcast is super easy too but needs this really dumb emu image organizing program that I found terrible to use tho the install was simple like this too, remove maybe 4 screws and snap in the drive tho the Dreamcast use an SD. But for someone who still wants some consoles and minimal clutter and not having to store tons of games this was an awesome purchase. If youve still gof a 3DO it's well worth it.
  10. There are usb mods for different 3do console versions. I have one on my Goldstar and it works better than any of the usb/SD mods I have gor other consoles. Luckily I was able to grab a new spare that someone in the USA had ordered so I was able to avoid ordering from Russia with a long wait time. The guy even put in a 128gb flash drive with almost everything on it. The install ran easier than the one for the Dreamcast. Sorry for jacking rhe thread but here is a pic of it installed for reference
  11. Yeah 6 ends up due to being in lots with other items. But after having done a USB mod to my Goldstar 3DO I don't play or need the other 5. I like having one of each model even the Sanyo. But definitely don't need them. On Saturn's I definitely plan to keep the white Japanese and the Victor gray since I like the looks but the rest can all go. Definitely getting to the time where I don't need the clutter.
  12. Most definitely. I sure don't need 6 Saturn's or 6 3DO or all the many many controllers I have and never use. If I ever decide to move this will make things easier with less stuff to haul with me.
  13. Your post inspired me. So I started posting a ton of things locally to try and purge from my own collections. Tons of 3DO, Saturn, and Genesis stuff. Sometimes we just need to let go of things we aren't using. I think my wife would enjoy more "free space" too
  14. Thw one I got came from someone on here that mentioned it was displayed at a show in Texas in the 90s with something like 8 jaguars linked to play NBA Jam at the time. I thought it was cool. Looks legit to me at least
  15. I've got that same banner Flag you've got. Do you know where yours was displayed at?
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