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    All of Dr. Typo's games are awesome! Definitely an anthology with Rings, Tube SE, Tube 2020, Gem Race, and Fallen Angels would be amazing!
  2. I have Expressway and Rocks Off on my computer so I added those 2 for you above. I have printed versions of Black Out, Superfly DX, and Painter, but I cannot seem to find them on my computer, but back before I had access to a nice printer I had someone print them for me so I probably had the files from him and aren't on my computer.
  3. Are you just looking for the CD sleeve inserts for those? I have all 5 of those and can input them here tomorrow. They are on my work computer where I printed them from so I can grab them tomorrow and post here. Unless it's cart versions you want I don't have of those.
  4. Would these be the Jag CD big box size or Jag cart size boxes?
  5. For those of us wanting the true experience, maybe someone could make a ROM of the red screen of death and the Jag CD with the "?" on the disc as well. This way those who want to experience what it's like and never actually owned a Jag CD or any cart other than the GD can do so Then you can choose each from the GD menu and see what it looks like!
  6. All the ones I have are in bin/cue. Would that not work for the Jag GD and if so what is the proper format? Also then would you put them into folders? For emulators on the Dreamcast and 3DO that I have the bin/cue works for those. I don't have a GD yet but I'd like to be ready for it when I do get one.


    Mine worked fine when initially released I used jiffi and converted the .cof to the ULS reboot starter And then it works fine in my Jag CD. As for the cover I'm stoked there's an insert for this now! Unfortunately I now don't have access to the laserjet printer I had at work last year so I don't have a way to print this insert now!
  8. When you do the update for I drag everything off the card and reformat it blank then af the new bootemu and drag the games back? Asking so I do it right when the time comes. I'll also make sure to drag starting from the first game in the folder so it stays alphabetical.
  9. hey you rock! Yeah it's odd because I took ALL of the roms off the SD card and reformatted it and then dragged the Boot.bin and all 200+ roms onto the fresh SD card and for some reason it decided to make "E" at rom #1 and alphabetically from there, even tho I had them alphabetized before dragging them back onto the card and put them all back on at the same time, so I'd have imagined it would have loaded them alphabetically that way. it's not a big issue, but if there is ever an update to the Boot.bin for the ElCheapo that will probably fix those issues!
  10. Thank you so much for doing this! I ended up converting all the .o to .lyx which the first converter did and then converted the .lyx to .lnx and they came at the 512kb format with a header so the size ends up as 513kb. All seem to work well! I even went into some of the other ones that were small, like random .lnx files that were 11kb, 43kb, 15kb and such, and did the .lnx to .lyx, and then converted them back to .lnx in the higher size. not sure what that does exactly as far as whether something is 256kb or 512kb, but that seems to have fixed the really small size .lnx files I had Not on your end, tho on the Bennvenn Elcheapo end, what was weird is things were all disorganized alphabetically when Sd card boots udespite having everything in the folder sorted in alphabetical order. So what I did was pulled ALL the files from the SD card to a folder on my computer, and then erased the SD card and reformatted it again and then pulled everything from the folder back to the SD card again. Now it's alphabetized and organized ***The weird thing tho is that is is making the letter "E" as the first letter of the alphabet so file #1 is actually Eggsavier instead of 8bit Goblin. If Bennvenn sees this post do you know it would do that exactly? I could probably take everything off and then reformat again but not sur why it starts the alphabet with the letter "E"
  11. Sweet! Yeah I ordered the basic USB to DB9 adapter from the first post (a cable) adapter form ebay and when it arrived it wouldnt work, but both the 2 mice I have are newer and on the bottom do not say PS/2 compatible as some mice on ebay show. I even have a basic as heck Logitech that cost maybe $8 from Amazon and it won;t work. but again doesnt say PS/2 compatible. It sounds safe to bet that its the mouse itself, so I'll order a USB and PS/2 compatible mouse and then use it with that adapter from my original post and see if it works. I had been worried that perhaps there is special wiring in the adapter itself that makes it so it works with the Amiga since the adapter I got it a basic USb to DB9 adapter but doesnt specifically say for an Amiga.
  12. I was going to post and link for pboland but he already did it above. I bought 2 sets from him and everything looks great!
  13. Does it sound like the mouse is the issue or the adapter I bought? I wasn't sure if there was any special wiring or whatever in the adapter chip he makes that goes from usb to db9. Or if the one I showed above would be fine and just need a mouse that can handle the ps/2 protocol
  14. Hell yeah Hero Turtles here I come! If it'll allow holding 0 on boot from the skunk that is!
  15. So I'm guessing this adapter isn't the issue then right it's that my mouse probably doesn't support the ps2 protocol right? On the clock wheel thing I definitely just need it for the double hold down thing to swap to NTSC. My crt won't recognize PAL, but my plasma has an AV to HDMI adapter that I tried with the CD32 that will boot it to NTSC so things work in color except for some games that show black and white only (Alien Breed, Roadkill, KID Chaos, Super Stardust) which I'm assuming noatter what I do won't work in color in NTSC
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