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  1. After I received mine, I had seller contact Hyperkin about the missing adapter. That was an error in the description. They did not include the adapter with any of the units. No idea if they plan to release the adapter or not either. The description also stated works with Flashback's but not the Flashback 9. Appears that part of the description was correct.
  2. I received mine this week. After watching Immortal Hancock's review of the controller and his comment about the multi-player adapter not being included in his version I ran across the same issue. The controller does NOT come with the adapter to connect two Rangers to one port for multi-player games as Hyperkin initially reported. The box content mentions nothing of the adapter but the online description of the controller stated: I contacted the seller, who contacted Hyperkin and the response was that it was an error in the description and no adapter is shipped with controller. It would be nice if Hyperkin releases the adapter so that 2 to 4 can play.
  3. After sifting thru my hoard of screws all over the house, I was able to locate everything I needed. Four matching screws for the case and two matching screws for the cartridge slot. All together now...
  4. What size screws is everyone using for the EclaireXL cases? The main screws that hold the case together as well as the smaller screws that hold down the board and the cartridge slot. I'm having a heck of a time finding the right screws.
  5. Either REMOVE the +5V connection to SIO or put a switch in line to turn it off when using the USB power. Then connect SIO to computer and try it. As stated above, it sounds like the 8-bit is not providing the full required power needed via SIO. You can only power via one of the three options. You can't have the SIO +5V connected and power the unit via USB at same time. This is probably causing the white screen issues.
  6. Only thought is you can not power from USB and SIO. You either wire up +5V from the SIO OR power by USB. If you plan to power by USB the +5V from SIO is not connected. I do not see a switch inline, so I can not tell what direction you took for power. Removing the SIO plug and powering by USB tells me you are attempting to run both SIO +5V and USB at same time.
  7. Not sure I agree with this statement either. "they put the exact display traindriver69 is trying to use ". The link that tutorial sends you to to purchase the screen (in question) shows a different version of the mcufriend screen. Notice placement of chips, different circuitry layout and an "extra" chip on the board. https://electropeak.com/2-4-tft-lcd-display-shield If it can be identified which mcufriend screens actually do work, then we can avoid purchasing the incorrect version.
  8. I stated this from personal experience with the two I have as well as the other responses through all of the SDM posts on this forum. They appear to be the higher percentage of failed, not working, half working screens across the many that have been used successfully. So, yes as much as you refer to my statement as a blanket statement, I made that statement based on all the issues individuals have endured attempting to get these to work "properly" with the SDM. If I posted that statement on it's own, maybe like a Facebook post with no context behind my comment then I would agree it is a blanket statement, but I posted it within a topic specifically related to a project. The SDrive-Max. I am glad that you have a working version and I am sure that the majority of the individuals that tried to use these and failed ended up with faulty versions of this screen from mcufriend. At the moment, I do not believe anyone has determined a way to identify the actual issue, but it does exist at a higher rate then any of the other screens (at the moment).
  9. Silly question, is that vertical line from the clear safety tape that is still on it? I see you did not pull it off yet. (Just curious)
  10. That's not the same LCD. The one the OP posted an image of has the "Palm Pilot" stylus buttons on the screen. The one you linked to does not.
  11. Those mcufriend screens seem to cause more trouble then it's worth. I have two that are worthless and not usable with any of the drivers. Ended up with two ILI9341's and they work flawlessly.
  12. Not sure if this matters or helps you, but I am using a monitor that had DVI only. I was using HDMI to DVI adapter and could not get the monitor to work. I had to connect to a HDMI TV, go into settings and change to DVI. After that, the monitor detects my Eclaire (newest version board). Your comment regarding S-Video might be correct. It is stored in the flash as S-Video now and will not detect HDMI. Maybe attempt to connect to S-Video and see if it comes up, then switch to HDMI in settings and save? Just food for thought.
  13. So, I was trying to find pictures of the one I had before I sold it. I actually took apart the entire 400 to clean it up and check for any issues before selling and had pictures saved off somewhere. Anyhow, here is info the keyboard that you see in the two Magnum PI episodes (or maybe the same episode). one with Magnum and the other with Rick and the kid. Same Atari 400 with same gawd awful keyboard. https://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue34/133_1_NEWS_PRODUCTS_KEYBOARD_FOR_THE_ATARI_400.php It's a horrible design the way you just stick it on the top of the unit with double sided tape, but the keys were excellent.
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