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    Was slightly alarmed when I walked away after kicking off the update. Came back and saw the asterisks (*) overflow the screen, then came back here and re-read. All is good!
  2. There are certain titles on cartridge that will not work on XL/XE/XEGS but will on 400. One that I am aware of and own is IMAGIC Demon Attack. The disk version can play on XL/XE/XEGS as long as you load the translator disk first.
  3. Almost there. 4 more to go. Once the stay at home order is over, I'll see what other sizes were, but think these were the smallest.
  4. That's for PC's and Macs not the Retron77 or am I missing something??
  5. I would assume so, but I wasn't the creator. Just passing along what I saw on Facebook AtariAge forum post. Try it out and let everyone know if it works. I have the Retron77 so I went with that...
  6. ...and... It works on the Retron77!!! (Stella 6.1.0-rc1)
  7. Saw this on Facebook AtariAge forum Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OORhVE1S0tJyAaIoYFJU2-gEQqjkOKxC/view
  8. Going to get some foam spacers to space the three rows apart and fill entire opening for cleaner look.
  9. Yup, just stopped at the local Dollar Tree and saw these. Had to try them. Bought 6 @ $1 a piece. Will fit two abreast on my shelf too. Also, so close to finally finishing my 7800 collection. So close. So, so close...
  10. Depends on which Apple charger you speak of. The earlier iPhone chargers I have from kids phones provide 5V but only @ 1A. Newer iPhones use much higher voltage from what I understand. MUCH HIGHER. (I am an Android user so I could be wrong) Atari XL's and XE's need at least a 5V 1.5A psu with the exception of the XEGS and 65XE. They came with 5V 1A PSU's. The 400, 800 and 1200XL came with a 9V 3.4A
  11. ---Bump 3 more down, 5 more to go.
  12. For reference "FIRST EVER" VGA rated link: 🙄 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pete-Rose-Baseball-ATARI-2600-1988-VGA-85-Brand-New-Sealed/274308296013 This one is a bit more realistic with his signature, but still not worth $1500. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pete-Rose-Baseball-ATARI-2600-1988-Autographed-PSA-Brand-New-Sealed/274308297904
  13. This is some serious craziness... ...VGA grading is destroying the retro community. One of these is not like the other. Oh really? Glad I got my new, never opened, sealed copy. I might retire early...
  14. You could just play the real thing on a Windows PC. 😜 Took a little bit to configure it after reading including doc, but it works and is pretty dang cool. Downloaded from www.softpaz.com/games/ VID_20200317_151307989.mp4
  15. Cartridge version of this game has been readily available from B&C ComputerVisions (myatari.com) for quite some time now. Only thing is you have to get it off ebay from them (seller: myatari) since their website has still not been updated/fixed.
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