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  1. Just be prepared to cuss some more. I actually had to de-solder the RX line, bend the #2 pin back and re-insert into socket because mine would not work with other devices OR by itself. I now have just the 4 wires connected directly to back of board with a 1N4148 diode on the TX line. 5V USB powered. I've had no immediate issues so far. I honestly believe that there are so many boards out there, each and every single one can and will perform differently to each mod and/or connection. Good luck
  2. Especially if there is a way to rotate TFT output to Landscape mode
  3. Truth! I am not that familiar with Github. Thanks to both of you for the assistance/direction.
  4. I have that SAME TV still! Works just as good as it did when new (well maybe). Was my first color TV. Had my 800XL, 1050 drive and 1200 baud modem set-up then.
  5. When I connect to TheBasementBBS at 2400, it states 9600 connection as well. Not sure that's true. When I connected at 300 on initial set-up, it said 9600, but definitely was not. I saw huge improvement on speed between 300 and 2400, so I assume the BBS you are connecting to will allow up to 9600, not that you are truly connected at that baud. Just my thought...
  6. I can't seem to find the proper Github link to the beta. Thought this was it... https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max What am I missing?
  7. This guy is a real piece of work. How many different stories can one person come up with for the SAME [email protected] cartridge. Apparently his cartridge time traveled back 10 years (where the end label was destroyed) between the last auction that he ended and his current auction... ...his daughter AGAIN is to blame. His current auction has Q/A at the bottom...
  8. Didn't he use his daughter last time too trying to justify it?
  9. Oops... You got me. Delay in responses on my phone.
  10. He relisted it and appears he "damaged" the end label now. To make it look authentic... WTH???? What kinda BS is that?! Unbelievable...
  11. Great news! I might have to give it a test run for my extra TFT screen and R3 board.
  12. They state they are a dealer, so they have no claim to making these products. Would make the assumption that they have a deal with Lotharek which I think is a great partnership for those in the USA. Cuts on shipping costs.
  13. I've taken apart 4 or more XE's and oddly enough, each one of them were different. Some had springs on all, some had them randomly placed on only 1 or 2 buttons, and the sizes were also random. Could be wrong, but I honestly think the springs were used on units as a quick fix during production where tolerances with the switches were not met. Instead of replacing the switches, they add springs.
  14. Actually, as of recent, all of the 400/800/XE/XL cartridges seem to be rapidly rising in price. Not sure I understand why. Disappointing. I have what I consider to be a large selection of carts because I love the physical carts, but with these prices I think I'll just stick with my SIO2PC, UNO Cart, AVG Cart, SDrive-Max, etc. units to play.
  15. I actually mentioned this in the other SD-Max thread asking about the MCUFRIEND screens. Since this was brought up (I have same issue with non-responsive screen), this might be the reason why you were having issues. The TFT screen I am mentioning below is a MCUFRIEND branded screen. Current available SD-Max hex files are not configured with the "D" driver. My post from other thread: Out of curiosity, how difficult is it to add more screens (drivers) to the compatibility list for the SDrive-Max? I have a brand new Himax HX8347-D TFT ID:4747 TFT screen in my parts bins and was able to get the atmega328-hx8347g hex files to load , but the touch is not responding. So I just wondered if this is something that can be easily done. Give me reason to build another SD-M It appears to be a 2.8" screen and has the Palm Pilot style lower section with icons that reference [home] [mail] [docs] [phone] [music].
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