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  1. Everything was sold. A family member recently passed and so i inherited a ton of computer equipment... It has been sitting on a desk untouched for around 30 years since it was last used. I'm looking to sell it all together, though it doesn't matter to me too much. I'm perhaps looking for around 150$ for everything. Considering i can't promise it will work, and some of it is as it was left on the desk (Printer cover is heavily coated in dust, Games are still in Multi-Pak interface), i think this is a reasonable price. The two mini computers are in exceptional condition though, and the Micro Color Computer MC-10 is still in the plastic (Don't know if it was used, and i haven't tested it, but its in extremely good condition aesthetically and it has extra modules in their boxes still.) There is a slight yellowing on the computer equipment (besides the graphic printer), though I've heard that can be cleaned up. I am willing to ship the items, though it will have to be worked out according to location... There is alot of items. (So far shipping to NC, TN, and Pittsburgh, PA cost around 150-200$ for UPS shipping, USPS doesn't have a big enough box for the monitor in height and says it could cost 100$ for each package. ) (the box of magazines weights 60 pounds, i could perhaps let you choose a few magazines and put them in with the computer to cut shipping costs) if you are in PA i'd be willing to meet halfway and exchange it at a police station. I live in the US, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Items: MAGNAVOX Color Monitor 40 TRS-80 94K Color Computer 2 (With dust cover) TRS-80 Micro Color Computer MC-10 (In box, 16K Ram, Manual) Timex Sinclair 1000 (In Box, Manual) Color Graphic Printer (With Cover) TRS-80 Printer (With Cover, Extremely dusty (Wasn't dusted like everything else) (there is extra paper and ink, and there was a couple of files printed that contained a adventure game written in basic) Deluxe Joystick Color Mouse (I believe i also grabbed the mouse pad and threw it in a box along with some cassettes on the bottom, not positive on that though, and the mouse pad does have yellowing) TRS-80 Touch Pad Multi-Pak Interface for Color Computer Books & Magazines on Basic Programming and Electrical Engineering (Not sure how many books are in with it, its mostly magazines) (Fills up a 2 foot long and 1 foot high box, and weights 60 pounds) 16k Ram module, Games, Direct Connect Modem Pak, Speech-Sound Pak Card, Color Scripsit, Speculator, Cassetes, (25* cassettes (4-5 with programs written, most of them still wrapped in plastic and sitting in the container), 4 games (most likely more burried in one of the boxes) (Tandy Tetris, Super Logo, Edtasm+, Tandy Silpheed) (Some of the magazines are damaged, such as pages torn or the covers ripped off, they where lying on the ground under the desk in a unorganized pile) Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer (No box, Manual is a bit dusty (Fully put together)... Underside of it in the area where the speaker is has a cobweb hanging off it, but otherwise no damage) (there is a few pieces of paper with assembly code hand-written, i hear that the trainer didn't have memory, so the programs had to be written down and put in.) I can send photos if you ask. List of magazines (And the few books that are mixed in):
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