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  1. Just wanted to thank sixerfan105 once again I purchased a Samsung Nuon player from him the other day. The unit was in great shape and even had the OEM controller. Always a great interaction with all of the purchases from him. Thanks again will do business again
  2. Such a nice setup I had one of these systems in the day must resist …
  3. Thanks all , I have located a keyboard
  4. Hello All, I just pickup up a super clean Commodore 128D from my local video game store crazy cheap, but no cables and keyboard. I have all of the correct cables but of course the keyboard is a very hard get. I just finished tests with my Ultimate II cart and joysticks the best I could It appears to be a fulling working system minus the keyboard. I am willing to pay fair value knowing this is a very rare item. It you have one you are willing to sell please let me know. Also I am not particular on looks not being picky.
  5. I live in the US and specifically went for a PAL Amiga A1200 for the most compatibility with the most amount of games and software since it was way more popular in the UK then in the US. I have no issues hooking it up since RGB does not care about PAL or NTSC. I can only speak for my 1200 but hard drives they are easy to setup. But I am not as familiar with the 500 on HD compatibility. I am sure others will have good incites on this side of things. Good luck and getting into Amiga is very fun but expensive lol.
  6. @ParanoidLittleMan Thanks got your version works perfect
  7. Hello All, Question is there a version or a way to get Star Command working on TOS versions 1.04 or latter. I know it will work on TOS 1.02 but it has issues on latter versions. Thanks
  8. I sent a pm about 6 hours ago inquiring about three items
  9. Its a rolling issue. I will do some probing in the cable to see how its wired.
  10. Hello All, I am hoping to get some help to figure this out. I have a Commodore 1084s D1 DB9 RGB connector The RGB cable I have states that is is for d2 only and with that cable I cannot get vertical sync on my Amiga 1200 The monitor checks out with all other inputs so I don't believe its the monitor. Is there a difference between the DB9 cables and could someone suggest where to get the proper cable or make another recommendation. Thanks for your time
  11. I just got a Toshiba SD-2300 from @sixersfan105 works perfectly. I was able to get all retail games working perfectly on DVD-R using my my 2010 MAC PRO superdrive to burn them with "burn" They load instantly on my machine with very little motor noise, so I don't believe the DVD player is struggling to read them. This will be a good stand-in until I can get some retail copies at a good price. Now to just get a controller at a good price...
  12. Sorry we have been talking through email. I had the issue with my first one with no power( I blame USPS they are so rough with packages) the second one worked perfectly.
  13. Vote submitted Eastern (PA), Walnut edition complete bundle bought from Microcenter in St. David’s PA the first day they were available for purchase retail.
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