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  1. Oops, just realized I had a 9v DC supply on it instead of 9v AC.
  2. I should have investigated the output first, true. But I was wanting to install the upgrade so I got ahead of myself. It turned out to be the cable anyway. I said beater since I have a 99% 1200XL still in the box. This was a "used for parts" one I got years ago. Turns out they didn't test it at all. I love the 1200 and wanted a modded one but didn't want to use the really nice one. My first computer was a 800XL bought on clearance from Sears back in 1982. I eventually made a detached keyboard, internal modem and new case for it. Sadly, it's long one now.
  3. I think I got this cable from Amazon quite some time ago. I took it apart and I think the luma signal was on the composite pin....I changed it and now it looks better. Not as better as some of the images I have seen but lots better than before.
  4. I ran the the Luma to the underside due to the pad lifting off. I have checked them again and removed the extra ground and no change. Puzzling. I have been soldering on retro stuff since the early 80s so it's not like I haven't done it. Last year I recapped my Mega. It does look overdriven with color ghosting left and right of the image.
  5. I reflowed a couple of the connections and had to bodge one of wires after screwing up the trace. Still looks the same. (edit: I'm using a Atari monitor cable with the composit yellow wire connected to a Dell multisync monitor that does the right refresh rate. It works fine with my Mega STE.)
  6. I have an old "beater" 1200XL which I have decided to upgrade with various things. It does seem to work. When I fired it up after years of storage, the Atari rainbow logo came up but was weak and the color was washed out. I had purchased a UAV before and installed it last night, double checking the joints, etc. So now I have a stronger signal but still somewhat dim and the color is poor and fuzzy. Any ideas?
  7. I pm'd you. I can deal with the mylar. If I have to I'll buy a replacement. Thank you. John
  8. They are slightly off-white. It's the V key and plunger I need.
  9. Are the keys and plungers on the 1200 the same as the 800XL? I have one with one missing key and broken plunger.
  10. I ordered a new blaster and this one is actually branded Altera and worked. So now I'm running core 41. Thanks guys.
  11. I'm trying to update the firmware in my EclaireXL. The Blaster I have is the one included with it. I've installed Quartus and have tried using those drivers, the system crashes. I've tried a few from the web, no good. Who has or knows of a good driver?
  12. The driver for the USB blaster is crashing my computer. I've searched around for the correct driver and so far no luck. It may be that this USB Blaster is not compatable with the drivers. It's strange as others have used it. The Quartus drivers don't work nor do the ones that Windows 10 wants to use. So I never get the Start button to become active.
  13. OK, I'm having trouble with Quartus. I have the USB blaster installed, driver updated, Eclaire turned on, cables hooked up but Quartus won't let me start the flash. BTW, should I be using atari800core_eclairexlv3.jic with a older style purple V3.0 (not a mini). Help!
  14. To be safe I guess I'll just download in the Intel stuff and delete it when I am finished. Thanks!
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