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  1. Oh yeah. Imagine being on the edge of your seat, waiting for imminent news of a product shipping that you've already paid for a few years ago, only to see this abomination. It has to be driving them crazy, even if they won't admit it.
  2. LOL. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.
  3. I suppose they'd just tell people to mail them back the console, and then Atari would ship them a replacement. The delay is odd. We did see a functioning unit at that show in New York. The UI is a matter of taste, I guess. If the thing works, ship it. Send the retro controllers later. The system is beyond a joke at this point, but missing another holiday season is going to be a really difficult pill to swallow.
  4. All it means is that Atari will never be able to hide from this failure now. "Ataribox" would have eventually been buried. "Atarivcs", not so easily.
  5. The argument is that it doesn't need exclusive games since it's a set top POS PC. Which begs the question - why not just plug a PC into your tv? In terms of Walmart, our optimistic friend. PDubs believes this is because the units are all sold out. Wow! Must be quite the hot ticket item for Christmas. Looks like I'll have to buy one from an Ebay scalper. Anyway, the claim is that Atari didn't promise backers would have their systems in October, only that shipping would begin in October. Putting systems in boxes counts as a start, right?
  6. As every day goes by, it seems more likely Atari is using the controller issue as an excuse to withhold the system. Is it really a controller issue, or is Atari using that as cover to stall for time? Deceptive conduct isn't exactly out of Atari's wheelhouse. If the modern style controllers are ready, just ship the consoles to backers now and sent the retro ones later. I get the cost issue, but this is just sad.
  7. Reddit has some interesting Walmart reviews of the system. This is precisely why I only look at negative reviews for stuff I'm interested in:
  8. There definitely does seem to be a controller shortage going on, and has been for a couple of months at least. None of the stores in my area had Xbox One or PS4 controllers in stock. Ironically, I ended up getting a Power A controller. And...I have to say I like it. No complainants whatsoever.
  9. I don't understand the whole Hyperscan thing. Yes, I'm aware of the system, but how is any of that relevant to this system?
  10. Looks like its not on IGG. It's a partnership with Ultra, a company that deals in Blockchain.
  11. So, that's Atari's monthly update, as is required by IGG. Pathetic. You know what would have been a GOOD update? Announcing a ship date for the product that is supposed to release next month. If backers are supposed to get their system next month, is it safe to say this is the last monthly update? Unless of course, we've got a few more weeks, not months to go.
  12. Can't wait to see a certain fanatical backer call people "entitled" because they have the audacity to expect to receive a product they paid for, when they were told they would receive it.
  13. Some of those comments just leave you scratching your head. It's possible Atari is well into the shipping process, we just don't know about it. But the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. My money is on another delay.
  14. Imagine being wound that tight about a video game system. That post isn't going to age very well when November gets here.
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