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  1. Yeah...THQ was like a reincarnated version of LJN. A veritable crap factory. People seemed to like their pro wrestling games on the N64, but that was it. True that. The closer this thing gets to release, the more entertaining it's going to be. I'm sure the system will be made with the highest quality components, and the warranty department will be very helpful if anyone has issues.
  2. Looks like part 2 is a free to play mobile game from 2012. While I'm suffering through Halo Infinite this winter, lucky VCS owners will be immersed in this true classic. So jealous!
  3. So, there's this. I'd never even heard of the Payback games until now. Google shows it's apparently some sort of GTA knockoff.
  4. Thanks, and thanks to RacerX for the clarification.
  5. So, the 400 model has 8 GB of ram. For those of us who aren't tech savy, how does that compare to the base XBox One and PS4 models?
  6. Might be low effort, but it's dead on.
  7. I have 4 kids who play games. I've made it pretty clear to them what the rules are. If Nintendo releases some horrific Leisure Suit Larry/Splatterhouse crossover, and my kids get a hold of it, the failure is mine. Besides all that, I think TT is really shooting the system in the foot with this approach. If they're relying on the brand name, they have a very narrow market of people in their 40's and 50's. People much younger than that aren't going to be interested in spending money to play these games.
  8. Yeah, I'm a Christian, and not even remotely interested in Amico.
  9. What was the bashing of Nintendo? I missed that.
  10. The ghost of Michael Kennedy lives on!
  11. Early adopter prices? You mean they actually plan to charge more for this dumpster fire?
  12. It's been a long day, let me see if I can process this: 1) Unspecified release date of the system, 4 months away. I seem to think we've seen this before. 2) Piece of software was unannounced that the original developer may or may not actually be aware of (Tempest 4K anyone), and isn't what most people would call a killer app? Yeah, it's the beginning of a new quarter alright. Time to remind people you have a product, you know, in case anyone wants to buy your company (hint, hint). No disrespect to the makers of the Missile Command game. I can't make a video game, and maybe this one is quite fun. If I'm buying a new console, this wouldn't be a justification. Supporters are happy, and I guess they're getting closer to the finish line. But I have to imagine most aren't going to think the race was worth the prize.
  13. How many units did Dreamcast sell? 10 million? And was still considered a commercial failure.
  14. Kind of taboo to say on this page, but I agree. Doesn't appear to be a scam, but uh...hmmm. Not really sure I agree with TT about the niche it's supposed to fill.
  15. I think most of the anger will be directed at us. As though us internet poop throwers somehow have the power to derail the comeback of a video game pioneer with memes and snide posting. Occam's Razor would suggest that this project never had a chance in hell from the beginning due to the history of shady behavior held by Atari's current owners, and the fact there really isn't widespread interest in a product like this. But forget common sense. It was definitely the memes and trolling that killed the Atari VCS.
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