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  1. And now they have their own "Official" Atari VCS subreddit. I guess they need something they can censor. I don't understand why they can't see how bad this sort of thing makes them look. When you go around censoring critics, it reinforces the narrative that this is a scam.
  2. The last day of summer is next week. If the only thing we see is more recycled 5 month old social media posts, there might be a revolt. Or...more excuses.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to make a prediction, and you can write this one down: As each day passes, it's becoming obvious Atari has nothing to show. When the December deadline comes and goes, Atari will blame the Intel chip shortage. The backers will eat it up, and it technically won't be Atari's fault. Since no one can say when Intel will be caught up, Atari can use this excuse to string backers along indefinitely. Of course, no one has seen a functioning prototype, so they have no use for this chips anyway, but that's beside the point.
  4. Considering how toxic their behavior is, and how aggressively they silence anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with them, I'd say this is a valid question. I was pretty surprised at how your banning went down.
  5. Yeah...but who would want to play those games? I'll play any crap on my cell phone to kill time, but when I'm at home, the games I play on my tv are what I want to play. I think it was Review Tech USA who asked what the market was supposed to be for this system. Taking it a step further, what does mission accomplished look like for the backers? A system that can play vintage Atari games, as well as modern games? My PC or Xbox One can do that, and Borderlands 2 will play much smoother on either. Do people just want something with the Atari name and logo slapped on it? Ok, I guess. How did that work out for Nintendo fans who bought the Virtual Boy? Is "Sandbox mode" the big draw here? Because I can use whatever OS I want on my laptop. If I plug my laptop into my tv using an HDMI cable, is there a reason for the Atari VCS to coexist with it? I guess the honest question I have for whatever people who are excited about this system is this: If the system wasn't released by a company called Atari, would you even care about it?
  6. Realistically, Atari already has some canned excuses ready to unleash. Their die hard fans have believed every excuse and lie up to this point. No reason to think that will change in 4 months. Atari will say the backers get the benefit of being early testers, they will use their valuable feedback for the main launch in the spring, and everyone will be happy. That is, assuming this thing is released to backers this December. There's nothing remotely impressive about the technology here, so it should be no problem. Maybe they're too busy working on Defender Remastered to put on the Atari store for John P. to buy.
  7. That website isn't exactly promising.
  8. Considering how many people I've seen ask about shipping to other countries, you might even make a profit off it.
  9. Well, according to John Phelan, whom I genuinely feel sorry for, it's a simple matter to transfer the hardware from a PC to the Atari VCS hardware. I'm not sure what this guy is thinking, he is going to have a rough winter. At the end of the developers blog, they say they're going "overseas" to meet with the factory these things will apparently be made. I wonder if this will be the justification for the next delay. "We were all ready to go, but we want only the finest child laborers working on our un-console."
  10. I just like to see a good dumpster fire, and the Shen Mue 3 Kickstarter train wreck isn't enough to hold my interest.
  11. I knew I should have fixed that typo in the second line.🙄
  12. No, I got blocked by their Twitter page. They are calling their Walmart exclusive the "Kevlar" model. Kevlar is a trademark of Dupont, and Dupont protects this trademark very vigorously. Since this new Atari are such trademark Nazis, they should understand this concept. My response to Dupont with the @ to them was to notify them of Atari's post.
  13. Well, I got blocked by the Atarivcs Twitter account. They made a post about their "Kevlar" model, and I replied with an @ to Dupont.😏. Must be a rough Monday for the intern.
  14. Doesn't help that the moderator of the group appears to have serious issues. The guy's power tripping something fierce. If you feel so inadequate in life that you have to find validation by being a hammer fisted mod in a Facebook group of 40 people, you probably should take a sabbatical from video games and take a look inside yourself. Once again, my statement that EVERYONE who supports this system has serious issues is proven correct.
  15. The moderator there seems to have no patience for people who don't drink the koolaid. In fairness, if I was an unpaid college intern, tasked with promoting a garbage product, I'd probably be pretty cranky too. It's a bad look for Atari. The biggest and most frequent accusation is that they've showed no games. Their response is "Just wait and see" or to ban people. How about showing some if the VCS games? If they're claiming it will play Stream games, who not just upload a video of a popular PC game running on the system. Show a video of someone starting up the system, booting the game, and then 10 minutes of gameplay. That's what the makers of the Polymega did, and it showed us it was a real product. The fact "Atari" doesn't do this is why I still think this thing is vaporware.
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