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  1. What happens if someone doxes THOSE reviewers then? Are you going to send them to game reviewers, or Good Housekeeping?
  2. Here's the problem with those videos: You're at a family friendly event, and you ask people if they want to try your product. Sure. Why not. After they play it a bit, you ask them if they like it, and wouldn't mind saying it for a video. Most people are polite and aren't going to tell strangers to their face if they don't like their product. Even if they did, it's not hard to just not show those videos, is it? I mean, the Crayola event videos are basically advertisements. And unless YouTubers are willing to ask hard questions, their opinions are meaningless. I mean, the first time I heard about the Polymega was a well known YouTuber singing its praise. And how did that turn out?
  3. Why isn't this forum in an uproar over this? Seems like it would be quite the bombshell if there was never a chance this thing was going to be released this year and Intellivision knew it. I guess some conversations are more fun than others.
  4. Back in the NES days Konami/Ultra was almost always a sure bet. Get rid of Bayou Billy and give Top Gun auto pilot and they'd have a spotless record in my experience.
  5. I don't understand this. The whole blockchain concept never made sense to me. Maybe it's a generational thing.
  6. Which is ironic, because I could swear the early PR around this system is that modern games are too complicated, and what not. Seems like if the system has to be connected to the internet, the door is wide open for microtransactions, patches, and all that other stuff. Senior citizens and small children aren't going to want to fool with all this.
  7. I think the demand for this system is going to be similar to the Atari VCS. Just about everyone who wants one is going to pre-order one. Post launch sales are going to crater.
  8. I'll second this. When I play retro games, my kids laugh about me playing "boomer games." Let me be blunt, if they aren't interested in the best games of the 16-Bit era, the Amico games we've seen so far have zero chance with them. If they play one at a convention, they might say it's fun, but when they get home and it has to compete with VR or stuff like Gang Beasts, it would never get played. Kids today have grown used to a level of interactivity older games don't have. Simplicity is not considered a benefit to them.
  9. Don't flatter yourself. Your "presence" might be enough to make certain people swoon, but people who ask questions and look at the bigger picture need more convincing. The more defensive you get, the more I think there's a problem here. Instead of snarky posts, wouldn't it be better to let your product do the talking?
  10. By all accounts, the system is a pretty competent emulation device, apparently running PS and maybe even Game Cube games. There are plenty of other devices on the market that can do this, but for the money, it doesn't sound terrible.
  11. It's a shame, because even without FPGA this could have been a good product. But the price and incompetence are just too much. I find it hilarious they're talking about a digital store for this thing.
  12. Yeah. By the time the Polymega has a general release it should be easy enough to walk into a store and buy an Xbox Series X, take it home and slap in Retroarch. I like the Polymega, but like you said, they're out of time. The price is also a real problem if you want to play carts.
  13. Supposedly the processor in the unit reaches its EOL this summer. That's a real problem if true.
  14. Speaking for myself, I comment and follow the saga because I'm interested in the mess, and erratic behavior of certain backers.
  15. Uh...software is incompatible with 3rd party titles? What does this even mean? About the only bad thing I can say about the Switch is the stick drift. Considering I have to buy a new Xbox One controller every 6 - 8 months for the same reason, this doesn't seem to be a Nintendo specific issue. I get that you like the VCS. Fine, but trying to justify its..."feature gaps" by making the Switch look bad is a terrible strategy. And while I'm posting, claiming that people make posts bashing the VCS proves there isn't a lack of interest in the system is disingenuous. The drama and mental gymnastics supporters engaged in was very interesting. The actual product, not so much. Now that it's out, it begins its slow march toward obscurity. People who have it may enjoy it, and will continue to enjoy it. That's cool. But as far as hype goes, it peaked when it actually shipped. That's the reality.
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