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  1. I'd largely forgotten about the VCS until the Soulja Boy story popped. As someone who never thought this thing would see the light of day, here's my take: The people who bought it seem to be happy with it. Maybe they are fanboys who are blinded by brand loyalty, but does it matter? They are happy with their purchase. In terms of the system being dead, I'm not sure it ever had a chance to live. I don't think it was ever going to sell much beyond the pre-orders. I mean, the game library is pretty underwhelming, especially for the price. THAT BEING SAID... This might be blasphemy to some on this site, but if I had to choose between the VCS and the Amico, I'd take the VCS in a heartbeat. The Amico games shown so far are even more unappealing to me, and the VCS can be used as a fairly competent emulation device, if I needed another one of those. I never thought I'd say positive things about this system, but here we are. Strange times for the games industry.
  2. By all accounts, the system is a pretty competent emulation device, apparently running PS and maybe even Game Cube games. There are plenty of other devices on the market that can do this, but for the money, it doesn't sound terrible.
  3. It's a shame, because even without FPGA this could have been a good product. But the price and incompetence are just too much. I find it hilarious they're talking about a digital store for this thing.
  4. Yeah. By the time the Polymega has a general release it should be easy enough to walk into a store and buy an Xbox Series X, take it home and slap in Retroarch. I like the Polymega, but like you said, they're out of time. The price is also a real problem if you want to play carts.
  5. Supposedly the processor in the unit reaches its EOL this summer. That's a real problem if true.
  6. Speaking for myself, I comment and follow the saga because I'm interested in the mess, and erratic behavior of certain backers.
  7. Uh...software is incompatible with 3rd party titles? What does this even mean? About the only bad thing I can say about the Switch is the stick drift. Considering I have to buy a new Xbox One controller every 6 - 8 months for the same reason, this doesn't seem to be a Nintendo specific issue. I get that you like the VCS. Fine, but trying to justify its..."feature gaps" by making the Switch look bad is a terrible strategy. And while I'm posting, claiming that people make posts bashing the VCS proves there isn't a lack of interest in the system is disingenuous. The drama and mental gymnastics supporters engaged in was very interesting. The actual product, not so much. Now that it's out, it begins its slow march toward obscurity. People who have it may enjoy it, and will continue to enjoy it. That's cool. But as far as hype goes, it peaked when it actually shipped. That's the reality.
  8. That's too bad, because I could see this being an impulse buy for some people, especially if they knocked 100 bucks off. I've got a fair amount of Saturn and PS1 games that I'd play if I didn't have to dig the systems out. But the communication has been terrible about this thing. This system seemed amazing to me when I first heard about it. Since then, other products have come out that made this not the Holy Grail it used to be.
  9. Well, isn't the Atari Vault just a collection of roms? In any event, you should be able to run Retroarch or any emulator through Sandbox mode.
  10. Yeah, I didn't think it would ever be released either. I don't think it's anything special, and I can't see it being a commercial success, but most of the new owners seem happy with it. Of course, if I waited so long for something that people said would never come, I would certainly appear happy as well. Are the backers going through a honeymoon phase that won't last? Considering how little you can actually do with the system, and playing roms of 40 year old games isn't exactly new or exciting, I suspect so. But for now they're happy, so good.
  11. We go through the same thing every couple of years when people petition Sega to make a Dreamcast 2. Even if Sega somehow did make a new console, they're not the same company they were 20 years ago, so why bother? Nostalgia is a powerful thing, but it's not always grounded in reality.
  12. Any word on this being sold in brick and mortar stores? I'd love to get one when it comes out, but I don't want to mess with the nightmare that is present day shipping.
  13. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Look at the mini consoles. Just about everyone knows you can emulate those games for free on a PC. But that didn't stop people from losing their minds when the NES Classic was released. I would argue that for some people, it's not about the games, it's about taking a step back in time. I imagine it's something similar for the VCS fans. It's an emotional thing, and you can't put a price on that. That being said, if you don't have that attachment, this system has nothing to offer you, just like my kids make fun of my Sega Genesis Mini, calling it a "Boomer system."
  14. Isn't he the one always complaining about "entitled babies" who are tired of waiting?
  15. I still want to see the Polymega take off. It's just too pricey, and their communication is so bad it makes the Atari intern seem like a highly trained professional.
  16. If you've got a halfway decent PC, what other reason would there be?
  17. For what it's worth, the ad seems pretty good. I could see it getting some buy in from people who haven't been following this saga.
  18. I guess you can use it as a wallet for digital currency to buy stuff in games. So, it's a fancy way of saying "microtransactions." Afterall, everyone loves microtransactions, and we need more ways to spend money on content that we should have got when we purchased the game.
  19. This sums it up right here. Say what you will about the Jaguar, but if you got one, there was some good gaming to be had on it. Ditto the Lynx. Compare the Lynx to the Game Boy, and each system had its strengths and weaknesses. On the flip side, you really have to stretch the truth to come up with any strengths for the VCS. You've got brand loyalty, and a kinda cool retro joystick, that will probably be available for any USB compatible device at some point. That's it.
  20. I think it's safe to say everyone who would be lured in by Mount Fuji has already backed this thing. Remember, its been 27 or so years since Atari released anything of relevance in terms of consoles. They didn't exactly end on a stellar note like Sega did with Dreamcast. I think comparing the VCS to a budget PC is a terrible idea. A budget PC let's you do things like surf the net, create documents, and run other programs. While all of that may be possible with the VCS, why? You'd have to spend extra money on a keyboard and mouse, as well as extra storage. I'm not seeing the savings here. Most of the games Atari is touting for the VCS can be purchased on Steam or Google Play, so that's not a selling point. Also, budget PC's are actually available NOW. No need to go to Walmart's website or Gamestop. Aside from the sheer obnoxiousness of certain VCS supporters, and Atari's shady business practices, that's the biggest problem for this system. It's a solution in search of a problem.
  21. Well, I was trying to be nice. The online store is quite the paradox. If the VCS is just a PC like its supporters claim, why would anyone waste time making a VCS specific version of a game when a potential buyer could just get it from the Steam store? I'm really trying to be nice, since I know people are getting excited about this thing, and there's really not much to be excited about lately. But good grief, it's like Atari didn't think through a lot of their design decisions, and the final product is just a Frankenstein monster with bits and pieces of ideas that don't really fit together. All IMO, of course.
  22. The pessimist would say they're just stalling. Anyway, I hope it does ship soon for the sake of the backers. I'm curious how many will think it was worth the wait, especially compared to what else is out there. Sometimes we wait 3 years for the Holy Grail only to find out it was just a sippee cup. Only time will tell, but I wonder how many people would have given this system the time of day if it didn't have the Atari name attached.
  23. So why wouldn't someone just buy a PC instead? Also, why is Atari saying companies are developing games to run on their system, if the system is just a PC? Wouldn't said games also be able to run on a PC?
  24. https://www.t3.com/us/news/atari-vcs-console-and-pc-2020 Owned by a Chinese conglomerate? Did I miss something? Atari posted this article on their own Facebook page.
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