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  1. He apparently does that stuff to make the others pigeons happy. His admirer, Miguel praised him for his act of bravery and later posted that he didn't have the guts to do it. Ermm....
  2. I remember that. I'm guessing you made "The List".
  3. It's honestly painful to even sift through. More of the same...
  4. For those who want to watch a real time meltdown on the supporters page, someone is in the process of committing suicide by mod. We have a nonbeliever saying the Atari VCS is little more than an Atari 2600 Mini. The "Sandbox" mode does nothing to dissuade him, since the other mini systems are hackable as well. This guy's been a long time supporter of the project, but Lucas and Werner aren't having it.
  5. Ok. Which one of you wise guys is Joseph Arturo?😅
  6. I've been a cop almost 18 years, and I can vouch for this. I'd like to think that having people lie to my face constantly on a daily basis has tuned my b.s. meter pretty well. Once I catch someone in their first lie, I have a hard time buying the rest of the story. Atari told way too many whoppers early on to be credible. Showing pictures faking people playing the system and later backtracking and saying it was "For illustrative purposes" is about as credible as someone saying "These aren't my pants" when you find 20 grams of crack in their pocket.
  7. The question wasn't aimed at me, but I'll give my opinion where it wasn't asked for. They're supporting it because they've already spent so much time, money, and emotional energy to walk away. Also, I suspect, to admit they were wrong would be to admit we were right, and some of those guys really hate tacos. I think irrational, blind fanboyism is involved also.
  8. As said in the sci-fi classic Independence Day, "Checkmate? How is that checkmate?" Assuming this thing launches this year, and does everything it promises, it's still no where close to checkmate, or being anything praiseworthy. The idea that I'll be playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order this December while watching with envy as John Phelan streams a video of himself playing Double Dragon on his Atahi VCS is pretty laughable. I mean, if this thing launches, and people are happy with it, good. But seriously. The fact Atari has some kind of a board and signed an agreement with a company I never heard of before today in no way justifies the last almost 2 years of shady business practices. Joseph might want to tone down his trash talking until the system actually ships.
  9. Thanks. The social media intern didn't put much thought into that one. I wonder what Antstream thinks of their partner saying how unnecessary their service is.
  10. Well, it's a board with an Atari logo on it. That's something I guess. It's not a video of the system plugged into a monitor with someone playing games, which would actually be evidence this thing has a pulse. I guess when you're constantly disappointed by someone, your expectations of them are lower.
  11. Meanwhile, in Indiegogo land, Brandon Harris is hosting hosting an "I don't Care-athon", and salivating over a remake of a classic Atari game that was created using RPG Maker.
  12. If I remember correctly, it was on the Supporters Facebook page that Atari said the Atari Dude thing isn't real. I can find mention of the post, but can't find the actual post.
  13. Well, Atari says its a hoax, which is the first time I've believed anything they've said.
  14. If I were Fred, I'd purchase about 10,000 Raspberry Pi units, slap them inside VCS cases, and call it a success. Judging from the responses to "Atari Dude's" well done hoax, most of the supporters would be perfectly fine with it.
  15. Honest question. Why not just buy a PC? The much vaulted "Sandbox Mode" is just the ability to play games on Linux or Windows. The only way people are going to be able to play Star Wars on the Atari VCS, assuming it comes out, is to install an emulator and rom. Not exactly official and legal, but it is what it is. I'm not condoning that course of action, but if you're going to do it, why not just do it on your PC. If you want to play the games on your HD tv, get an HDMI cable and connect it to your computer. Is it the nostalgia of buying a product with the Atari name on it that is the stumbling block?
  16. Doesn't he also make that sweet puzzle game? There's nothing more I'd like to play than a game where you put together pieces of a puzzle to form a screenshot of Doom on the Jaguar. I can't imagine what kind of licensing voodoo is necessary to make this game happen legally.
  17. And...comments for that thread are now disabled. There was some concern about whether backers would get their systems this year, and you can't have skepticism. They don't want negative posts, but what is there to post about, other than their infatuation with us "trolls"? Certainly nothing positive. Heck, even John Phelan released a video on YouTube today saying if the system isn't out by April, he's going to boycott Atari. Looks like the dam is starting to break.
  18. If he's a paid shill, he's terrible at his job. He should be buttering people up and sweet talking them into buying a VCS, not getting nasty with people asking simple questions. When he bans people, he prances around, boasting like he won an Academy Award. Who does that? I still maintain my contention that nearly everyone supporting this thing has some kind of mental health challenge. In the case of the Werner Brothers, I'm guessing they don't have anything in real life where they feel respected or valued, so now they can use an internet forum to force people to play by their rules, for fear of getting banned. Kinda sad, really. In terms of *NAMES REMOVED*, maybe some development issues in their brain. I admire their child like blind faith, but they're going to be very disappointed at some point. I feel bad for those two. The Werner Brothers, along with Lucas and Andy, frankly deserve to learn the lesson Atari is going to teach them.
  19. Almost time for Atari's daily Facebook post. Any bets on which 5 month old post they'll recycle today?
  20. You mean they actually pay someone to review and approve the crap they've been blasting out on social media?
  21. That guy has truly elevated trolling to an art form. It's an obvious fake, but it's a sliver of hope for the loyalists to grab on to. Maybe Atari would just be better off throwing a Raspberry Pi into the VCS shell and shipping it?
  22. The supporters Facebook page started dialing back expectations a few days ago. The thought is that as long as Atari backs the December ship date, that's what matters. I can't really argue with that line of thinking. But when Atari keeps missing deadlines, doesn't a prudent person have to wonder why the December ship date will somehow be the one they make?
  23. Oh, don't worry. The first day of fall is coming. When Atari fails to deliver their big announcement, it will be raining tacos.
  24. People are getting excited that Chesnais had a meeting with a company that makes mobile games. That's some serious desperation right there.
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