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  1. I mean, what else do they have to talk about? I got a good laugh about the "downvotes are all they have" comment. The more they hype themselves up, the bigger the crash is going to be.
  2. I believe this conversation was had in the old thread. I was a huge Sega fan throughout their console years. My beef with them now is that the quality of their games really fell off the map. They can't be a functioning third party company, so yes, I would be disgusted if they tried to release the above product. @AlecRob, maybe you just had to be there to understand why this is not even close to the situation with the Jaguar and Lynx. They both at least had some interesting games worth playing. Not trying to be condescending, just saying that the circumstances are completely different.
  3. None of those consoles had real wood though. Checkmate!
  4. Agreed with all this. But it further kills the idea of the system gaining mass market acceptance. If/when the system ships to backers, and the first wave of people who want a system but didn't pre-order get one, that's it. Especially once people understand you're going to have to buy more hardware to really get the most out of the system.
  5. Everything in the post was accurate.
  6. The thread was deemed to have run its course. I don't understand why, but here we are.
  7. Yeah, I definitely enjoyed some stuff. But there were a lot of anti-consumer trends, and some companies just kept rehashing the same stuff over and over. I also didn't like the habit of releasing unfinished games.
  8. I have a confession to make: Gaming is a bit stale for me right now. The last console gen sucked, and I'm not optimistic about the next one. If someone started a Kickstarter that promised a fresh experience, I'd probably go in, guns a blazing. That being said, any functioning adult should have been able to tell the VCS part 2 or the Coleco Chameleon were going to be debacles. It's the same level of intelligence that keeps the "Cardholder Services" telephone scam and Nigerian prince email scam going. You're right, we do have a problem with companies hawking crap that is no where close to being a reality. But I'd say the bigger problem is that we have adults that are all too willing to send their money off to people who are proven liars.
  9. Because another generation needs to experience Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. None of those consoles have "real wood". Checkmate.
  10. The number doesn't seem as bad once you convert it to to US dollars, but it's still outrageous. I'm not sure why they'd even bother.
  11. What this tells me is that aside from the backers, there is virtually no one buying this console. You don't see Analogue extending "pre-sale savings" or offering installation plans. Pitiful.
  12. I've disparaged both of them in this thread. It's a long thread, and I don't expect you to remember every post. Would you like me to rehash why I think the Amico is going to be DOA? The big difference to me is that TT seems like a decent guy, and nothing about his product seems like a scam. None of that can be said about Fred and company. Which is why the VCS is such a good pinata.
  13. I'm confused. Why would we be talking about the Amico in the VCS thread?
  14. I haven't seen any reaction from them yet over this. They've ignored every other warning sign, I doubt they'll understand why they should be upset about this. I'm curious what happens in 2021 rolls around and the system still hasn't been released.
  15. LOL. I saw that comment on the supporters page. The idea that we'll buy this thing because retro collectors have to have everything because we don't want to be left out is absurd. Apparently they think we'll be so curious we need to buy one of these systems in order to keep bashing it. One of the mods says a backer who criticized Atari should get a refund, because he doesn't deserve to own one of these systems. What world are these guys living in? I'm sure a lot of backers are feeling like they don't "deserve" to own a Taco Box, and should be forced to get a refund.
  16. Some of us look down on both products. The difference is that TT is producing a product no one asked for. Atari is claiming to be producing a product no one asked for, and has been deceptive the entire time. They're both DOA, but one is clearly worse than the other.
  17. Lots of softball questions, and Artz didn't really say anything new. Looked like an infomercial as opposed to an interview.
  18. I'm not sure Atari wants people to see their box-o-crap. If the loading times are terrible, or other modern games run as bad as COD Warzone, that's a problem. Can't let the cat out of the bag while they're still begging for pre-orders.
  19. You might not be far off. It's similar to what you see with Sega fans every few years when someone trots out a petition for Dreamcast 2. Look, I love Sega, but they're a shell of what they used to be. Sega can barely function as a third party, how could they support a new console? Those days are gone. Even if this were the same people who released the Jaguar, they'd be in trouble. At least the Jaguar had some big attractions that were impressive at the time - Doom, AvP, Raiden, NBA Jam, etc. Everyone knew what Doom was, and this was a reason to consider getting a Jaguar. There's nothing like that on the VCS. Mobile games and a bad GTA clone. Anyway, nostalgia is a powerful drug. Maybe certain VCS supporters long for a time the world was simpler, and deep in their subconscious they believe a new Atari system would transport them back to that time. I've said all along that there's a lot of people on the IGG page and Supporters FB page that have obvious pronounced mental health challenges- just an absolute disconnect from reality. Maybe we're starting to narrow things down.
  20. I called Marines "high strung" once, and I got read the riot act by a leatherneck. Maybe "highly motivated and enthusiastic" would have been a better way to put it
  21. Yeah, he was a bit high strung. Not sure if it was ban hammer worthy, especially since he provided some discussion as opposed to taco talk. But, I respect the house rules. His problem is that he seems to have the same mentality as a lot of the more toxic supporters. Regardless of whether someone enjoys the final product or not, there are two things that are undeniable: 1. Atari's behavior has had an aura of impropriety the entire time. Maybe they aren't actually crooks, but are just really incompetent. Take your pick, but there's no reason to believe a thing they say. 2. This system will be deader than a doorknob upon release. Yeah, you'll get some mainstream press articles talking about "The Return of The King" or other such talk. Articles by Time or Newsweek that have no research done and will be put out for clicks. But after that, people will forget about it quicker than Shen Mue 3. The only thing that looks mildly interesting to me is Antstream. Most people have other ways to play these games, but if the service was released on Xbox and the price was right, I'd give it a shot. Everything else looks like shovelware. If someone buys the system and is happy with it, that's great. But without a killer app, this won't sell nearly enough to be considered anything more than a continuation of Atari failures.
  22. Castlevania was the game that did it for me and my brother. Man, what an epic game at the time, but alas, Konami has also fallen. Maybe when Atari opens their casinos, we can use Atari tokens to play Castlevania pachinko machines? I can only dream.
  23. I think those are the casual players Atari would like to reel in. If they're relying on brand nostalgia, they're going to be competing with themselves.
  24. My first was the 5200. I knew lots of kids with the 2600. No one I can remember had the 7800. In my little corner of the world, the Lynx and Jaguar were complete non-entities. We played Atari games at the arcade, and some home ports, but never had any reason to consider those two systems. But yeah, Atari WAS an absolute juggernaut in the early 80's. I'd say Atari was synonymous with video games, just like Nintendo was from 85 - 91. I guess we'll have to see whether nostalgia for the brand is really that strong.
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