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  1. I usually have a hard time noticing framerate drops, but that's impossible to miss. Some weird stuff going on with the backgrounds at times also. The COD Warzone video was embarrassing. Again, framerate is a joke. Reminds me of the Xbox One version of PUBG. Other than that, it seems to be running in very low detail mode. Why would Atari show this and think it would help their case?
  2. That seems like a pretty likely scenario. It's hard to tell what's going on in their minds, but it seems like releasing a low tech video game console would be a lot simpler than introducing a new cryptocurrency, or any of their other wacky ventures. Something's clearly wrong here, but most of us figured that out a few years ago. But hey, if Atari hasn't said they've scamming us, I guess it's all good.
  3. I don't understand how the supporters aren't calling for blood right now. Apparently the virus hasn't brought EVERYTHING to a screeching halt. Anyone still inside the FB group who can explain their feelings on this? Lucas, maybe?
  4. The fact Atari gave the green light for this thing, knowing it would interest the same group of people the VCS is targeting seems to be more evidence the VCS is no where near completion. Afterall, it wouldn't make sense to sell a 99 dollar model when you supposedly are going to release a 300 dollar model that is only marginally better. It kinda reminds me of the 32X debacle, except in reverse.
  5. If they had 500 systems to send out to developers, I'd say it was pretty darn close to completion. I'll grant it may not have been 100 percent, but there shouldn't have been much left to finish if they had systems to send to third parties. Certain electronic devices, like Xbox One controllers are in short supply, so I don't have an issue with the actual hardware being AWOL, but if people can work from home, it stands to reason they would have SOME kind of progress to show on the software side since the hardware is all but finished. Does anyone else think it's strange we don't know who those developers are? Usually when a new console is announced, the creator is all about letting everyone know who's on board. If Atari was sending out 500 systems to developers, that means they should have at least 50 third party companies on board, right? And we don't know a single one? That's not something there would be any reason for secrecy. But, oh well.
  6. Honestly, this is what the VCS should have been in the first place. This would have sold fairly decently, especially if they found a way to package a couple classic controllers with it. No one wanted an Atari box that could play PC games in low detail mode, or watch Netflix. This would have filled the nostalgia thirst nicely. This might interest some people, but for most, Atari has burned all their good will.
  7. It sounds like it's the same update except now they're treating as a bigger deal than last time. Atari's post above really tells us all we need to know about how close this is to release - Atari has absolutely no idea.
  8. If anyone still cares, there was an exciting update today to get backers' hopes up unnecessarily. MASS PRODUCTION (of 500 units) IS UNDERWAY! Notice, it says the Indiegogo header page has been updated to show the system is officially in the production stage. Excellent! Let's take a look! (Sad trombone noises)
  9. LOL. Werner's making a list, and checking it twice! For those of you not on his scumbag list, what's your excuse? But yeah, I'll double down on my scum baggery. In spite of COVID 19, Polymega is shipping units to beta testers. The virus is absolutely a very convenient excuse to cover Atari's incompetence. They've been stalling for time since the get go, and this pandemic gives them a blank check to drag it out indefinitely.
  10. It's gone, which means Atari is monitoring the page. But they didn't respond to Scroggins' post, so clearly that means production is starting soon.
  11. https://youtu.be/9uNb2up5iYk I concur with Grimlock.
  12. I don't mind a little wine for Easter, but Mr. Scroggins took it a bit overboard. Not the whole bottle, bud!
  13. He's definitely one of the feistier supporters. I get it that they want info, but at some point you have to accept you got played. This system being released this year was a long shot as it was. With the disruption to the economy and supply chain, they might as well forget it. If they EVER release this system, I'll be shocked.
  14. Hopefully he learns a good life lesson from all this. Although I'm sure history will be rewritten that the VCS was mere weeks from being released until COVID 19 came around.
  15. Yeah, they over-hyped people early on, for sure. But even what they came up still SEEMS like it might be decent. For some reason, they just can't get their act together.
  16. Polymega is a frustrating one for sure. It seems like they have an actual product, but they keep setting deadlines that come and go with no explanation as to what happened.
  17. The general consensus is that they were looking for a buyout by bragging about this great new product they had. The new owners of Atari would get stuck making the thing. No one took the bait, so now Atari is on the hook for making the system. They haven't been able to deliver anything except delays, excuses, and a hilariously bad social media presence.
  18. Hopefully he's just reading this thread and playing along with the joke. Heck, maybe it's even some subtle trolling on his part. Well done, if so.
  19. Oh goody, an update for more EXCELLENT gamming goodness! https://medium.com/sandbox-game/partnership-announcement-the-sandbox-ft-atari-c0a828ed32c5 Some pics:
  20. So yesterday, President Trump said he wants the US up and running in "weeks, not months." Without getting political, if he uses the Atari definition of the phrase, does that mean we are looking at an indefinite shutdown?
  21. Not so fast. I need the entertainment, which is all this saga has ever been to me. Atari has been preying on people who should have known better, but for whatever reason, didn't do any critical thinking on the matter. Atari is just holding out like a buyout. They're like a military unit that is completely surrounded, and hoping against hope the cavalry is coming. It's not. But it's pretty interesting to see how long functioning adults (the backers) can make excuses for the same people who ripped them off.
  22. Didn't Atari claim that since the VCS ran on Linux, developers wouldn't need a console or SDK to make games for it?
  23. Which is pretty much why I don't feel sorry for them getting ripped off. They've been toxic towards skeptics from the beginning.
  24. Well, people wanted Atari to show the product, but no one expected it to suck THAT bad, not even me. Even the staunchest supporters of this system understand that it sucks, regardless of what they post. I'm not really sure where Atari goes from here with it.
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