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  1. That seems to sum up the last few days of the IGG page. I wonder if there's a way for Atari to make the comments visible to backers only? It's really degraded into a disaster since the showing in NYC.
  2. Well, Nintendo actually has a product on the market, so that alone separates them. I think the people who have low expectations about this system- such as having an Atari themed box they can use to play emulators on their tv, those people have a chance at being happy with their purchase. But the idea that anyone feels threatened by Atari is pretty ridiculous. With Sony getting arrogant (again), and Microsoft failing to understand what makes a successful console, I think the market is ripe for a new challenger. But Atari has no chance of filling that void.
  3. What do you even say to this? If the VCS was better than the game systems I already own, I would buy it. When the Genesis/Mega Drive started to threaten Nintendo's world domination, you saw third party companies start to drift toward it. If the VCS had a chance in hell of making a splash, you'd see companies announce products for it. I'm sure the Big Three are really concerned about a system that sold 11,000 units, and doesn't have a single exclusive title.
  4. They keep making all these press releases, and the usual suspects make posts on IGG or social media about what great news it is. But this stuff NEVER amounts to anything tangible to backers. The news in the press release is actually pretty bad when you think about it. They said they would have at least 11,000 consoles shipped by the end of March. Now, they might have 500 made by that time. The rest? Who knows. The rest of the release is just jibberish. I hope no one really believes this bunch has the ability to produce and manage a cryptocurrency.
  5. Its the exact opposite for the millenials I deal with. They ask a lot of questions and want constant updates. I guess us old people just aren't as curious. A little bit of curiosity would have been a good thing for the backers before they gave Atari their money. I guess you're never too old to learn a hard lesson.
  6. Here's the thing: 1) By their own admission, they're not ready to produce consoles. Atari has stated on that very same account that what they showed in New York was just a prototype. It stands to reason that for the grand unveiling they'd bring the most up to date model of the system they have. But what they've produced is apparently buggy and no where close to being ready to ship. That's not something they can blame on the Coronavirus. That's Atari not knowing how to develop a console. 2) Even under optimal conditions, unless Atari has already started manufacturing consoles, they won't have them to backers in 28 days or less. So, just answer the question. If consoles aren't being made right now, or haven't already been made, they're not going to make the March 31 release date. It's that simple. This is the exact same type of thing that causes people not to trust Atari. I'd almost have a degree of respect for Atari if they just came out and laid everything on the table. Give a long winded explanation of what the product started out as, the detours they faced, the mistakes they made (that's a big thing to do if you want to establish credibility), and just give an honest, no B.S. assessment of where the project stands at this moment. Atari doesn't need to "monitor the uncertain situation". They know they're not going to make the March 31 date. We all know that. What we don't know is how far they're going to miss it by, but I'm sure Atari has a better idea. If it's 6 months, just say it. If you have no idea, might as well come out and say that too. And blaming Power-A is a jerk move also. When you buy an X-Box One controller, you generally see two brands on shelves- Microsoft and Power-A. Microsoft ones cost twice as much as Power-A, but unless you're strapped for cash, you don't think twice about getting the Microsoft one. The reason? Because Power-A sucks. Period. If Werner was blown away by the Power-A controller he should try an X-Box Elite controller. It will have him reconsidering everything he thought he knew about the universe. So Atari went with the lowest bidder, and now whines that Power-A can't get parts on can't produce a controller that works with Pong? There's a shocker. That's like buying an LJN game for the NES and finding out its rubbish. There are certain unwritten rules actual gamers know.
  7. They posted a video of the system running Rocket League today. The quality of the video isn't the greatest (as usual), but as best I could tell, the game was running smoothly. Seems odd that it could run such a modern game that has pretty decent graphics, but they can't get vintage games to run correctly.
  8. I think they're SOL no matter what. I was a devoted Sega fanboy throughout the 90's. I consider myself an expert in recognizing SOL hardware producers who can't figure out what kind of product they want to make.
  9. I guess the 3 million dollar question is whether they have enough money to get those consoles paid for. The problem is they aren't going to bring in any new revenue for shipping consoles to backers. They already have that money, and probably wasted it. One solution, and one that's bound to infuriate backers is to make a small batch of consoles and ship them to retailers. Then use the profit from those consoles to pay for consoles to send backers.
  10. I think they've pretty much given up on having exclusive games. They're probably going to go full bore "PC for your tv" at this point. Honestly, if you made me president of Atari and told me to salvage this turd, that's what I would do. They don't have big IP's of their own to draw mainstream audiences. AAA Third party developers aren't going to develop exclusives for a system that has 11,000 users. What's ironic, is that we've been complaining that Atari hasn't let anyone play the VCS. This weekend they did that, and that may have been a fatal mistake. As a reminder, the Atari VCS prototype can't even play Pong. Pong, for crying out loud!
  11. So you can't even play Pong on it? Stuart Varney is not going to be happy!
  12. I'm sure he's a real person, if that's what you're implying. If Atari was going to make a sock puppet account to spew propaganda, I'd think they'd give it a less toxic personality.
  13. Well, everyone can relax. The reason those 35 year old games didn't run right is because the Atari VCS is no where close to being finished. Ummm...yay?
  14. Maybe they're taking a page out of Capcom's playbook. Atari Mega Vault Hyper Fighting has a nice ring to it.
  15. See, I told you guys this was a GREAT value!
  16. So it can't properly emulate 35 year old games? I've never had high expectations for this system (obviously), but this is more pathetic than I thought.
  17. It would have been better to show nothing at all and keep the backers excited than have a public unveiling that hasn't even registered with the public. This is the first time the public has been able to play this system, and the response has been apathy. With all due respect to Fatal Fury 2, unveiling the system with something like Tempest 4K would have been a better idea. Unless of course, there's some reason they couldn't.
  18. Yeah, but backers justified the lack of exclusives by saying this was an inexpensive gaming PC that could be used to play games on tv. Once you factor in the hard drive and taxes, this thing will be around 500 dollars US.
  19. If it's running Windows, buyers are probably going to have to shell out more money for storage. I wonder how many of them have considered this. Suddenly the price tag for a cheap gaming PC doesn't seem so good.
  20. I can't imagine the user base size would be worth the cost.
  21. I have a hard time believing people are going to be happy seeing that Windows bar down there. Even free emulators you download on PC don't have this issue. I take it there's no version of Antstream that runs natively?
  22. Or most consoles released from the mid 90's onward?
  23. Here's a Tweet with a video of someone playing a VCS. Looks like Fatal Fury 2.
  24. Well, if you're a backer, this is incredibly good news.
  25. I'm not in the know, but I say the chances are slightly higher than zero. Even without the Kung Flu, it seemed pretty unlikely Atari would make the March release date. Now, even if Atari had a fully developed console, ready to manufacture, I don't think it gets made thanks to the situation in China.
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