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  1. It would have been better to show nothing at all and keep the backers excited than have a public unveiling that hasn't even registered with the public. This is the first time the public has been able to play this system, and the response has been apathy. With all due respect to Fatal Fury 2, unveiling the system with something like Tempest 4K would have been a better idea. Unless of course, there's some reason they couldn't.
  2. Yeah, but backers justified the lack of exclusives by saying this was an inexpensive gaming PC that could be used to play games on tv. Once you factor in the hard drive and taxes, this thing will be around 500 dollars US.
  3. If it's running Windows, buyers are probably going to have to shell out more money for storage. I wonder how many of them have considered this. Suddenly the price tag for a cheap gaming PC doesn't seem so good.
  4. I can't imagine the user base size would be worth the cost.
  5. I have a hard time believing people are going to be happy seeing that Windows bar down there. Even free emulators you download on PC don't have this issue. I take it there's no version of Antstream that runs natively?
  6. Or most consoles released from the mid 90's onward?
  7. Here's a Tweet with a video of someone playing a VCS. Looks like Fatal Fury 2.
  8. Well, if you're a backer, this is incredibly good news.
  9. I'm not in the know, but I say the chances are slightly higher than zero. Even without the Kung Flu, it seemed pretty unlikely Atari would make the March release date. Now, even if Atari had a fully developed console, ready to manufacture, I don't think it gets made thanks to the situation in China.
  10. The existence of that page is a thorn in the side for people who believe Atari can do no wrong. Neither they nor Atari can censor the conversation, and that infuriates them.
  11. If I were a backer, I'd be really concerned. If Chinese companies can't fill huge orders from companies like Apple, small orders like this one almost certainly won't be on the radar.
  12. I'm not saying that at all. The Coronavirus is a legitimate issue, and it's something people in the West really aren't treating seriously enough. This thing will absolutely disrupt the flow of goods from China.
  13. Well, with the Coronavirus, Atari has just been given a blank check to delay this thing indefinitely. I'm quite sure the virus is very serious, and has probably killed a lot more people than the Chinese government has let on. I think there's a chance a lot of legitimate products will be affected by it. In the grand scheme of things, a bunch of westerners being scammed over a video game system is inconsequential compared to people losing their lives. But deep down, I wonder if Fred and co. aren't breathing a sigh of relief over the opportunity this tragedy has bought them.
  14. LOL. I'm sure Walmart is really sweating not having this thing on their shelves. And Gamestop has enough problems already without taking in another product that won't sell.
  15. Yeah, that would be so lucky to get Angry Birds or Clash of Clans. Instead they get a "Vault" of games that have been released in compilation packages on every generation, and a shoddy streaming service. Yay.
  16. "Great business move with excellent customer potential for gaming quality!" I started yesterday's gaming festivities off playing Castlevania Rondo of Blood, Valis 2, and then went on to Halo. It boggles my mind that there are people who's gaming Holy Grail is a system that will have mobile games for exclusives. Isn't that what they say about the Amico when they bash it?
  17. Damn it, Karl, shut up! You're ruining the narrative! The VCS is completely finished, and the virus in China is the only hold up!
  18. I don't understand why they're upset at The Register. Shouldn't they be mad at Atari for "exploiting" the virus? What grounds would there be for a lawsuit? And most importantly, when Andrew Werner says, "And yes, this is a trash-piece", is he referring to the Atari VCS? I have so many questions!
  19. Fortunately, out very own Loony Lucas will be there to pick up the torch! C'mon Lucas. This isn't normal behavior for an adult. Don't get mad at people who can't play the charade any longer. You don't have to join in the bashing, but to still defend this train wreck is just bizarre. Something's foul with this whole project, and it has been for some time. There's no shame in taking a new perspective.
  20. Does free entertainment count as an accomplishment? I'm genuinely curious how long they can drag this out and still have supporters.
  21. I need this in my life! I could use it to hold tacos while I play Fight For Life on my Atari VCS which is coming out next month!
  22. As Beavis and Butthead so wisely stated: "Customers suck!" Seems about par for Atari.
  23. If PC Mag and "many others" were at the showing, why didn't the "many others" write articles? Do those "many others" have names?
  24. Sounds like Atari has a revolt on their hands.
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