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  1. Are they stupid with communication or just intentionally vague? Hard to say, really. Why only 2 minutes of video? If they've got a good product, they should show it off. Unfortunately comments are turned off, because I wanted to ask if the video was recorded by a drunk using a flip phone.
  2. I've been following that thread in horror. The mods there do understand how to correctly remove someone from a group by the way, but I digress. Anyway, that thread is a real dumpster fire. Ryan Edwards isn't wrong. Atari said users would be able to purchase Jaguar roms for the system. Well, if Atari can't legally sell those roms, than that's an issue. Jaguar emulation is pretty sketchy right now, so the magical cure all know as "Sandbox Mode" is irrelevant. He's correct that Atari has again misled consumers, but the usual suspects come in to defend Atari's honor.
  3. So even die hards like Karl know it's all a charade.
  4. If the system is out by then, who cares if Atari is at E3? Is Karl saying he doesn't think backers will have their systems by June? If not...yikes.
  5. That actually looks alright. Why didn't Atari show this up and running? Looks like news is still trickling out, shame I'll be completely without internet from this Wednesday until next Monday.
  6. 11,000 or so, I guess. Can't say I see many people wanting to buy one aside from the backers.
  7. The backers were pretty happy about the PCMag UK article, but even that kinda gave it mixed reviews. I'm still seeing anyone outside of Atari who's actually played the thing. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy, but it doesn't seem like the kind of behavior you'd see from a company that is launching a system to backers in "weeks not months. "
  8. Eh....does it play "all the Atari games already"? For a lot of games like E.T., Pac Man, or Star Wars, he's probably going to need an emulator. Surprised Werner didn't set him straight on this one, but I guess it's not good to fact check when it goes against the agenda.
  9. That's what we call a blessing in disguise. Out of curiosity, what kind of work have you done in the past?
  10. Ok, for the record - I'm not bashing this guy. He says he supports a low cost entry to indie game development. That's fine. I respect that. Thing is, the X-Box One has an obscene amount of indie games. They seem to have their own division devoted to working with indie developers, and they give indie stuff a fair amount of time at E3 every year. Soooo...if people want indie games, why not just get an X-Box One? You can get one cheaper than an Atari VCS, which isn't available now (and who knows when it will be), has plenty of Atari and other retro games, has a very well done eco-system (in my opinion anyway), and is far more suitable to modern gaming and streaming than the Atari VCS. Sooooo...what's the draw? There's also the issue that as of today, we don't know of ANY company making games, indie or otherwise, for the AtariVCS. Yes, you can run PC and Steam games through Windows, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the system. The Ouya failed, in my opinion, for the same reason the Coleco Chameleon would have failed if it wasn't a scam - people aren't going to pay a premium price to play indie games. No developer is going to make games exclusively for the Atari VCS when they could just release it to Steam, and sell it to VCS owners that way. What would be the point in making it exclusive with such a limited base? So, what are VCS owners left with? A box that can play Retroarch in a round about way? Most of the people with the know how and desire to do so have already done so with their SNES/PSX/Genesis plug and play systems, and it didn't cost 300 bucks. Again, not trying to crap on this guy, I'm just trying to understand the thought process.
  11. We've been talking about this thing constantly, and all the backers do is complain about that! If, theoretically, this system ever releases, the level of confusion around it will be off the charts. If people couldn't figure out the point of the Wii-U, a system that doesn't have any games that run natively is really going to be confusing to the masses. Can't wait to see all the new VCS owners on Reddit begging for ROM sites.
  12. Atgames takes a lot of flack, but I've enjoyed the portable Genesis I got for Christmas about 4 years ago, despite the obvious flaws. My Nomad is a better system, but battery life is a problem. Atgames has done quite a bit of shady stuff, and released some crap products, but compared to Nutari, they look like the most pro-consumer company that's ever come along. Their stuff actually exists, which is also a plus.
  13. Backers are ecstatic though. I guess when expectations are this low, it's not hard to make your supporters happy.
  14. I agree. I don't think the footage is fake either. I wouldn't put it past Atari to do something like that, but it's a big risk. And besides, it's not like what they've shown would actually be that difficult to program. I really never thought the thing would come out in the first place. Eh...looks like I might be eating crow on that one. I still think it's a ridiculously bad product, and agree with you that once people buy everything they need to get the most out of it, it's a very poor product for the price, but I guess that's on the backers. If they like it, then that's good.
  15. It's called "social" media, because it's hard. Or something like that.
  16. For crying out loud, just answer the guy's question.
  17. Interesting, thanks. I didn't remember the time line for the E3 CNET article. I wonder if there's some reason behind that.
  18. Well, Wednesday is over, and no revelations from CES. Not even a CNET fluff piece like E3. Is this one of those "No news is good news." things? Has Atari said when they're going to make their presentation to whoever they invited to their hotel room?
  19. And on that note: No, I'm sure Sony won't put Windows 10 on PS5, nor Microsoft for their console. I don't think there's really a huge demand for it. This backer actually seems to dismiss the criticism that VCS needs games to compete because instead the system gives you "control"? "I don't care about the new Halo or Uncharted games. I want a Linux box that lets me do my budget on Excel using a CX40 style joystick. " My friend, I have just the console for you.
  20. Sega always seemed to think hardware was the answer, while Nintendo just worked wonders with their software. I really think Nintendo squeezed every drop of life they could out of the SNES. Sega's infatuation with being first with hardware was a pain. They got a CD drive, but most of the games sucked. Nobody wanted that FMV garbage. They completely killed off the Genesis to focus on the Saturn, which was a mistake, because Genesis sales were still pretty good in 1995. They put all their eggs in one basket, and then dropped it. On a positive note, Sega and Arcade 1Up are partnering up to bring a cabinet that includes Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder. That might be worth a pick up.
  21. I've been watching the Facebook page where us haters can't post. It's interesting that there are a few backers who actually understand how precarious the situation is. You had Karl questioning whether Atari was actually at CES, and you had the usual white knight come to the rescue, that clearly Atari was at CES...despite all the evidence to believe otherwise. On a certain level, I get it. I was a huge Sega fan throughout the 90's. When Saturn was crashing and burning in the US, I still expected Sega would stick with it, despite the obvious. When Dreamcast came out, I bought it on launch day, and was a staunch supporter. Truthfully, I don't regret it. It was a great system. On the Usenet there was this troll who constantly posted about how Sega was a dead man walking, and as soon as PS2 came out, it was lights out for Sega. We pulled out out troll repellent, and white knighted for Sega. But deep down, despite our love of the company, we, knew he was right. Sega's chickens were coming home to roost, and the die was cast. I think it's probably the same way for most VCS supporters. They got super excited about the resurrection of a brand they loved, and invested time, money, and emotions into it. I'd venture to say though, that despite all of the internet posturing, most of them know something's horribly wrong with this system. It's CES, and no real announcements or people getting to play a system that comes out it weeks? C'mon. It's the same pattern of behavior from the backers: 1. "X is coming! Certainly there will be a huge announcement!" 2. X passes and nothing happens. 3. "Well, there was no reason to expect Atari to make an announcement here. E3/CES/Fill in the blank isn't a big deal anyway. " And so forth. For crying out loud, they are amped up over a loading sequence we're seen before, and a menu. Even if by chance, they do manage to let a journalist play an Atari VCS, if it's nothing more than an Atari Vault game, so what? The thing is dead on impact without good exclusives. People aren't going to buy a $300 box with the promise that if enough systems are sold, exclusives will come. That's not how this works.
  22. C'mon Karl. We went over this several pages ago.
  23. If so, that's a new extreme for Atari to deceive people. The old "for illustration purposes only" excuse won't fly this time.
  24. How I imagine every VCS supporter is acting right now:
  25. Maybe they're still shopping around for the buy out.
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