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  1. I use a Sony KV-X2583B 25'' CRT TV with my PAL light 6er (svideo/composite modded) and Atari 2600 Junior PAL (original model with composite output on scart, right out of the box).
  2. I just looked at your linked page and read on it that there was a 64K educational cart released in Brazil , for a clone 2600 console I guess ... I was unaware of that !
  3. But !!! Why the hell did they stick the price tag on the front label ?
  4. Jolie finition / Nice Finish
  5. French Atari 2600 owner here French Atari 2600 owner here I confirm. My woody CX-2600 S was built in Sunnyvale too. That's not the case of later Secam models like CX-2600 AS (Ireland) and CX-2600 GP (Taiwan).
  6. Considering your nice avatar picture, i'm surprised you did'nt mention Streets of Rage 😉
  7. Home made horror, poor little joystick
  8. Look at the TIA Chip : CO104444D : NTSC CO11903 : PAL
  9. Here is a good overview : https://atariage.com/system_labels.php?SystemID=2600
  10. Impressive ! Is this chocolate ? Hmmmm ... Eatable paddles
  11. Yes indeed SECAM was a good system. But look at the poor Atari VCS Secam system implementation ! The Atari 2600 games were so colorfull, but i played them during my childhood only with 8 (bad) colors ... 8 Colors vs 106 on PAL VCS !!! 😢 Atari VCS and games sales would have been better here in France with a good implementation of SECAM. Today I play only with good German PAL 2600 consoles
  12. Hi guys, Is there a fixed version of the Skeleton + PAL ROM ?
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