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  1. The box is gorgeous ! Is there any chance to have a PAL version of the cart in the near future?
  2. I buyed some original 820pf poly caps from Best Electronics. https://www.best-electronics-ca.com/2600_Tech_Tips.htm (search for "820pf" on the page to find it) I took the opportunity to buy some others spares (4th gen CX40 Gold PCBs, original PAL TIAs and RIOT Chips, switches, sockets amongst other things...) in order to make shipping costs profitable (i'm European too). I know ... Best Electronics web site can be a little disturbing, but with the help of google you will find any original spare you want. After all, Bradley's site is way newer than ours good old VCS consoles
  3. This is the biggest and most ridiculous retailer/distributor sticker i've seen on a console box ! That said, thanks for the pics ! 👍
  4. I use a Sony KV-X2583B 25'' CRT TV with my PAL light 6er (svideo/composite modded) and Atari 2600 Junior PAL (original model with composite output on scart, right out of the box).
  5. I just looked at your linked page and read on it that there was a 64K educational cart released in Brazil , for a clone 2600 console I guess ... I was unaware of that !
  6. But !!! Why the hell did they stick the price tag on the front label ?
  7. French Atari 2600 owner here French Atari 2600 owner here I confirm. My woody CX-2600 S was built in Sunnyvale too. That's not the case of later Secam models like CX-2600 AS (Ireland) and CX-2600 GP (Taiwan).
  8. Considering your nice avatar picture, i'm surprised you did'nt mention Streets of Rage 😉
  9. Home made horror, poor little joystick
  10. Look at the TIA Chip : CO104444D : NTSC CO11903 : PAL
  11. Here is a good overview : https://atariage.com/system_labels.php?SystemID=2600
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