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  1. Here is a good overview : https://atariage.com/system_labels.php?SystemID=2600
  2. Impressive ! Is this chocolate ? Hmmmm ... Eatable paddles
  3. Yes indeed SECAM was a good system. But look at the poor Atari VCS Secam system implementation ! The Atari 2600 games were so colorfull, but i played them during my childhood only with 8 (bad) colors ... 8 Colors vs 106 on PAL VCS !!! 😢 Atari VCS and games sales would have been better here in France with a good implementation of SECAM. Today I play only with good German PAL 2600 consoles
  4. Hi guys, Is there a fixed version of the Skeleton + PAL ROM ?
  5. Hi, This is a v5.00 RAR archive. It seems that only version 5.00 of Winrar (or higher) is able to create such files. Z-Zip is one of the few tools able to (only) uncompress v5 RAR archives
  6. Only 5 entries ... this is difficult, but here is my choice : 1) Yars' Revenge 2) Berzerk 3) Laser Gates 4) Centipede 5) Marauder
  7. Velcro on a cartridge ? seriously ? This is not a solution. This is a problem.
  8. You can still try Archive.org : https://web.archive.org/web/20011203083756/http://www.khryssun.cjb.net:80/
  9. Wico The Boss is one of them. Far from being the best, but really unbreakable.
  10. I think that it's a combination of many things. 1) It depends on people behaviour with game peripherals, on how much force they apply to the joystick during play. Some people are real brutes. They handle the CX40 like it was an arcade joystick. Other people are aware that this is not a matter of strengh, play with the CX40 with more "care", and restrain to apply to much force, which mades the joystick last longer. 2) It depends on what game type is played too. Games like Decathlon are Joystick killers. 3) Not all CX40 joysticks have the same build quality. So, if you're a brute, who plays only Decathlon with a poor build quality CX40, the joystick won't last 10 minutes If you're a "cautious" guy, who doesn't play Decathlon and use a good quality CX40, it will last for a lifetime (with may be some spare parts replacements for optimal and pleasant use)
  11. Thanks for the link. But it seems Hyperkin doesn't ship outside US
  12. Hey guys, I just receveid a mail notification from Hyperkin Labs announcing that : You can preorder the RetroN 77 NOW at Hyperkin Lab. Click HERE to visit the store page! But the orange words aren't hypertext links ! That's lame That said, i saw in the top banner of the Hyperkin (not lab) site that the console will be available 7/7/18. Clicking on the banner's ad only leads to another Preorder notification list signup : https://hyperkinlab.com/retron-77-premium-retro-gaming-console-for-2600/ Andrew !? Where is the preorder Link ? Please, take my money !!!!
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