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  1. What is needed to get composite only video on the 600XL?
  2. I have performed this mod 3 times and it fail to produce video every time so I always gave up and went with a UAV. At least now I know it wasn't entirely my fault.
  3. What are the names/models of some good monitors to go with the sophia 2?
  4. Today I installed a UAV in my backup 130XE, it had jailbars until I connected the ground to the right half grounding pad. On a side note, I thought I had a bad UAV but a close inspection revealed a jumper pin that had not ben soldered in. Just a touch and it was good to go.
  5. I discovered the problem. I found that the SALLY was bad so I set it aside. Then I checked the PIA. The PIA was good but when I replaced it, I accidentally replaced it with the bad SALLY. When I started looking for broken traces etc. I noticed that I had two SALLYs. All is now good.
  6. If each wire was marked with a different color this would be the best set of instructions available.
  7. NEW PROBLEM--I have an 800XL that doesn't boot. When I turn it on I hear a click like it is going to boot but nothing else happens. I have swapped out every IC, it will not boot with Star Raiders and I get no video using SYSCHECK. When I was swapping out ICs the ROM was bad and 1 RAM IC was bad. I also believe someone had tried to work on it before because most of the capacitors did not have the same voltages as my stock test machine.
  8. My 130XE with the UAV had the vertical bands (when viewed on my Dell monitor) and yesterday I decided to connect a ground from the split pad on the board to the DIN ground and the vertical bands went away.
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