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  1. I have almost done a successful SV2.1 on a 600XL. I say almost because I have luma and chroma but no composite. My composite appears to be about the same as chroma only. It appears that there is a trace for composite to the monitor jack. I am wondering if this is not actually the case and If I need to run a wire from somewhere to the composite connector post on the monitor jack and eliminate the aforementioned trace.
  2. OK thanks, I was under the impression that the UAV created it's own signal independent of the video circuit of the computer.
  3. I have been working on a PAL 600XL. It came with the monitor jack and all of the extra video circuits were populated. I am only getting black & white output and I was informed on another thread that this is normal for PAL machines. Will a UAV output color even on a PAL machine. I remember working on an 800XL and getting color output but I don't remember if I did a UAV on the 800XL or not.
  4. Thanks for all the info. I installed sockets for the ICs I had removed and with a working SALLY the computer is partially working. I cannot get chroma. I ran the wires to the monitor jack according to the instructions for the SuperVideo 2.1 modification. I cut the trace that grounded chroma. The Luma is very sharp. Is there another point besides the junction of resistors 123 and 124 that would give me a good chroma hook-up. Is the problem possibly because of using a PAL computer on a CRT monitor.
  5. I would like to know more about this.
  6. There are pictures of the PCB, I have already started taking out components so that I can add sockets as I trouble shoot the problem. the only socketed chip was that weird one that fits in a 14 pin socket but only has I pins. I had taken out the OS ROM and BASIC. I added a socket for the OS ROM. I will get some more work done tomorrow. Update: I may have found the problem, the 14806 is bad. I need to solder in sockets for the ICs I removed and retest. If the computer works I don't know if I will continue to add sockets or not.
  7. I just acquired a PAL 600XL and it has the video monitor jack and it appears to have most or all of the video components installed. Is this normal for a PAL or has someone modified this machine? The machine is currently not working and it is totally unsocketed so I will have to do some work to.
  8. 130XE with UAV-D running Pole Position and BASIC.
  9. I have an Ambery with HDMI output that give a great picture on my element flat screen TV. I bought two other cheap converters and neither of them will produce a color picture. Is that a common problem with cheaper converters.
  10. Will this work on the atari computers.
  11. I did the Deoxit thing and the problem seems to have been eliminated, good call. Thanks.
  12. I have a 130XE that changes screen colors. This is not the color change that comes with a long period of screen idleness. The shades of color change just a little every few seconds. The opening blue screen may take on a slight purple hue and then turn to a dark blue. I haven't timed it out but it seems to be about the same time interval on each shade. I wonder if it could be the color resistor. I have searched the forums and haven't found anywhere that anyone else has written about a similar problem.
  13. I am glad I found this.
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