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  1. If he would put this on the open market he would make some sales.
  2. Are there any instructions anywhere for a video upgrade such as SV 2.1? Do the video components match up with the 130XE?
  3. If you want to repair the existing video output you should check out the SuperVideo 2.1 modification.
  4. I have a UAV installed, I removed it for the picture. I chose not to install the CV disable switch.
  5. In an earlier post I mentioned that I had performed the SuperVideo 2.1 upgrade to a 1200XL and it didn't work out. I did go back over my work and I even reinstalled the parts that were taken out. I did not use the old parts but installed new capacitors, resistors, etc. When I finished, I still had no video so I went back to the SV 2.1 and performed all of the steps again. NO VIDEO/NO BOOT Then I installed the UAV and everything works with the UAV just as it should. I am attaching a picture just in case someone with SV 2,1 experience might take a look to see if there is anything obvious such as wrong part removed and/or replaced.
  6. Two weeks ago I attempted the SV 2.1 upgrade on a 1200XL and when I finished, I could not get any video, no luma, no composite, no chroma. I checked all my work for solder bridges, missed components etc and found nothing so I installed a UAV. This week I started on another 1200XL and I went component by component and checked the video after every component. Initially, I lost video when I removed CR20 so I replaced it. I lost video again when I replaced R23 (180 OHM) with a 75 OHM resistor. (The mod calls for a 120 OHM piggyback but the result of that would be 72 OHM) I thought maybe if I finished the mod, the video would come back but it never did. I then removed the 75 OHM and replaced it with a 200 (I don't have any 180s) and I got video back. It is lousy video. I am going to recheck my components to make sure that I didn't use an incorrect resistor somewhere. Is anyone aware of any mistakes that were made in the written instructions. I have successfully done this mod before but it has been several years.
  7. I bought one several months ago on ebay and it didn't work until I peeled off the mylar and cleaned everything with alcohol. Then it worked perfectly.
  8. Ambery makes good stuff. I bought an Ambery converter to convert S-Video or composite to HDMI.
  9. The UAV worked out great. I guess prefer the component by component method for the same reasons a person would choose to make a cake from scratch instead of using a mix. Another reason is that I usually buy these computers on eBay, refurbish, modify, repair, and upgrade them for resale. The cost of the components is probably less than $5 and I can resell them for less and still make enough profit to indulge my hobby.
  10. I recently attempted the SV 2.1 on a 1200XL and somehow managed to botch it up. I couldn't get a video signal at all so I inserted a UAV to sweep my errors under the rug. I have another that I plan to try once more to perform the mod correctly. When I do that I will remove the RF and use that hole for the Composite cut-off switch and use the channel switch to allow for a two OS (XL and Omniview) configuration.
  11. I found that I was using two different sets of instructions. When I adjusted everything to fit the instructions in this thread everything worked as it was intended. Everything is now good.
  12. I did copy a set of instructions that had 9, 11, and 12. I also saw a version that said to cut a trace on the MB.
  13. I can't tell you how many times I read 11, 12, and 13 and didn't see that I had 9, 11, and 12. Thanks.
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