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  1. How can I track down an internal short? The 1050 has given no indication of a problem.
  2. The fuse was blown in the one I had cut open, so I cut another one open and found another blown fuse. I have been connecting everything to a power strip/surge protector and just turning off the power strip instead of turning off each device individually. Maybe that is blowing the fuses.
  3. I have recently had a plague of 9V AC power supply failures. I had three that were working a week ago to go bad, another has dropped off to 7.2 volts and will not power anything. When I started checking several that I had in storage, several of them were bad. I have a total of 7 bad power supplies out of the 10 I had on hand. Is there an alternative power supply that will run the 1050. I don't mind splicing on the correct input plug for the Atari machines, I saved all of them. I am really puzzled by the sudden demise of so many power supplies. I took one of them apart and didn't see anything that would indicate a short or something being burned out but then I am not much of an electrical detective anyway.
  4. I checked everything except the most obvious, the monitor settings were on full bright.
  5. Yes, I have tried serveral things to insure that the UAV is getting the proper voltage. I read 4.85 with my multimeter. I have another XL that has similar symptoms that I had done a SV 2.1 mod on. I was wondering if it is early signs of GTIA failure. I haven't run the tests using the SALT cart but I don't know that it would give correct info once the system has mods applied. I wonder if it could be the color pot. I have a couple and I might just change one out to see.
  6. I just finished installing a UAV into an 800XL and the colors all look faded. I didn't have color before I installed the UAV because I am using luma/chroma so I don't know if they were faded before I installed the UAV. Is there any particular IC or set of resistors/capacitors that would cause faded colors.
  7. The second thing I do when I get an 800XL is hook up the chroma.
  8. I purchased a cheap s-video to HDMI converter and I only get black and white on my element flat screen TV. Is that because I bought a cheap converter or could it be something specific to the TV?
  9. I purchased a cheap s-video to HDMI converter and I only get black and white on my element flat screen TV. Is that because I bought a cheap converter or could it be something specific to the TV?
  10. I bought a converter that has composite and s-video inputs and converts to a VGA output. That gives me a pretty good picture on my element flat screen TV. I haven't tried it on a computer monitor yet.
  11. In my limited experience I have found that the keyboard support strips are only present on some mechanical keyboards. I have never found them on a membrane keyboard. There is a particular model of Mitsumi keyboards that has two metal bands about 1 inch wide that run the length of the keyboard to provide support. This mechanical keyboard does not have the rubber supports.
  12. I was using an old Magnavox monitor, yesterday I tried it on a newer flat screen TV and I have color. I think I will install a UAV on it.
  13. Does the UAV-D work on the PAL computers.
  14. I have bought at least two dozen 800XLs in the last two years. 75% of them were working, of those that didn't work, I have been able to repair all but two of them. Most of the non-working ones had bad RAM chips. I have not been able to fix two and I keep going back to them when I have some down time. I usually perform the SuperVideo 2.1 mod and resell them. I have modded several with 256K memory upgrades and/or UAV upgrades. When I sell them as tested and working, they have been tested for several hours on games, programming, and disk operations. If you are still in the market for a repair guy PM me.
  15. Thanks, that tells me that I can piggyback off another in in the vicinity and get the same results.
  16. The piggybacked chip is a 74LS158 with pins 8 and 16 soldered to the 4050.
  17. I hooked up the chroma circuit and I still only get black and white.
  18. I have fixed the problem with the 320K upgrade, I don't actually remember what I did. I just took it apart and redid everything and it worked with no problems. I would like to have the 320K upgrade and a UAV device but the 320K upgrade has a chip piggybacked on the 4050 chip and that is where the UAV goes also. Is there a way around this. I suspect that the 320K upgrade piggyback is just for power but I don't know for sure. Is there another way to install the 320K that doesn't involve a piggyback on the 4050 or maybe uses another chip to piggyback on.
  19. I recently bought a non-working 800XL. The non-working was caused by bad memory chips. It turned out to be a PAL version. I only get black and white on my monitor even when I use composite for chroma. I haven't hooked up the chroma line yet. Will it give me color? What differences will exist between the PAL and a NTSC computer during normal use.
  20. I have modified at least a dozen 800CAl with the SV2.1 and the video is about 95% as good as the UAV. The only time I can tell a significant difference is with the Last Word 80 column word processor.
  21. Can you use an U1B and an APE Warp on the same computer.
  22. The 130XE install is no longer a problem, I just ran the chroma wire to the DIN connector. I couldn't get chroma using the connections referred to in the instructions. It may be due to some of the other mods I have done on that computer. Why not just run Luna, chroma, and composite directly to the DIN connector?
  23. Yes to the power supply. I put in a new delay chip because the original was not pocketed and I cut it out, installed a socket and a new chip.
  24. Does anyone have pictures of their 130XE installation? I have finished mine and I get only black & white. I did connect the color wire from GTIA pin 21 to slot 6 on the UAV.
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